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Rajon Rondo Out For Remainder of Season With Torn ACL

Just terrible, terrible news out of Boston: Rajon Rondo has torn his ACL and will be forced to sit out the remainder of the ’12-13 season. The Celtics point guard was averaging 13.7 points per game and 11.1 assists per game this year.

Via Yahoo! Sports:

Celtics superstar Rajon Rondo tore the ACL in his right knee and will be lost for the season.

It is possible that Rondo could return for the start of the 2013-’14 season, but a timetable for his return won’t be clear until after his surgery.

Rondo injured the knee in Friday’s double-overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks, where he had delivered his second consecutive triple-double. He was scratched from the Celtics-Heat game on Sunday with what the team termed a “hyperextended right knee.” MRI results Sunday afternoon confirmed the Celtics’ worst fears.

Here’s to a safe and speedy recovery.

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  • z

    Lorne broke this on TPU Slam, jeez. I hate the C’s but I’m sorry to here this about Rondo. The Celts aren’t making the playoffs.

  • Max

    Who’s making the allstar game instead?

  • i_ball

    No playoffs in LA and Boston this year. I bet that doesn’t happen often.

  • danpowers

    im not a friend of the celtics since their last game at msg but this is f*cked up. i hope he gets well soon

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    And the Celtics season is officially over.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    David Stern needs to give this all star spot to Steph Curry I don’t care

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I’m paraphrasing this quote but…
    “When you tear your ACL all you can do is shoot. Shot after shot after shot. He’s gonna come back with a hell of a shot.” Tim Hardaway in reference to Derrick Rose.

    Let’s hope this applies to Rodno as well

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    Boston probably will still make the playoffs…who is gonna take their spot, the Sixers, Pistons, Raptors?….maybe Sixers…

  • BurgerKing

    Rondo tore his ACL from carrying the Celtics all season

  • http://twitter.com/thursti_tyht Thurstian Tsui

    Boston is 4 games ahead of my pistons, I’d like to see them try to hold onto that lead without Rondo. Sixers are even close two games away so no I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs.

  • zogs19994


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    maybe if Andre Drummond actually gets minutes

  • Slick ric

    Never been a rondo fan but you just hate see any player go down like this. Wish him a speedy recovery.

  • Bravo

    Looks like Kyrie Irving will get to start @ the all star game now

  • JML-G

    damn.. i still think Celtics will remain 8th in the east tho. Josh Smith or someone from Nets better get a spot in the allstar game now, but im sure someone will think its a good idea to award another loser team player instead

  • Ctk

    Clippers use D.Jordan/Bledsoe to get KG ….Celtics will blow it up for that deal

  • JML-G

    Clippers need DJordan more than they need KG plus Garnett has no-trade clause too

  • Redd

    Who replaces him in the starting lineup? Kyrie?

  • The Philosopher

    Terry, Bradley, and Barbosa can do this. Proven players.
    It is not over. They can open things up for Garnett, now.

  • The Philosopher

    And Glenn Rivers is at his best during adversity.

  • http://twitter.com/thursti_tyht Thurstian Tsui

    Oh man so true, Frank is trying to work him into starting but he’s doing a bad job managing rotations. Drummond has great chemistry with the second unit though and probably is better playing with an up tempo guard like Bynum and Stuckey.

  • Ctk

    Kg lives in La off season …D.Jordan do nothing rt now better than kg but jump higher

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    All star spot is open…who do u guys got making the team as an injury replacement?

  • M Cho

    So the big question is…does Danny Ainge blow up the roster? And if so, how?

  • Caboose

    Playoffs for ORLANDO?!?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    btw, shudnt Boston consider a return for Delonte to boston at this point?

  • robb

    I hate it when this kind of stuff happens.

  • tgm

    The sixers when Bynum returns have the best shot at that

  • Tgm

    Time to start rebuilding…

  • dsafdadf

    BurgerKing•an hour ago


    Flag as inappropriate

    Rondo tore his ACL from carrying the Celtics all season

    Carrying them to a 21-23 record. anyone who says rondo is better than rose is delusional. The guy couldnt carry them past the 8th seed. Get real boston fans, your boy Rondo is not worth the hype.

  • Hart26

    East weaker…..

  • Caboose

    You’re a STRONG contender for the worst comment of the month! I will inform you when the awards are announced.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    I think you’re right…all i’m saying is that it is ridiculous to write off the Celtics from making the playoffs when they have KG, Pierce, Terry…they are still a dangerous team.

  • Mike From Spain

    This sucks bigtime, Rondo is one of my favourite players. I hope he gets back soon in good shape. Good luck RR

  • tgm

    On paper yes…But they are bad at rebounding, bad on D , now they dont have a proper Pg (barbosa , Lee , Terry , Bradley i belive are more Sg and none of them have good ball handeling or a pass first mentality) And they are still suffering really bad at the C position and Wilcox will not make such a big differnce. They should play a few games to hype up Lee ,Green maybe even Bass and try to trade for a C and maybe a decent PG( I would like to see Dragic and Gortat but i dont now if they can make it work)

  • Redd

    Still can’t help but feel the karma from Celtics fans making fun of Rose.

  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    Sad but true. They have to blow it up.

  • http://twitter.com/stand_him_up Grahame Goodman

    Aren’t the raptors shopping Lowry? Could they find a deal there?

  • theDankerNuggets

    do you think they should trade KG and Pierce?

  • KipSmithers

    Well, this sucks. Get well, Rondo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    Playoffs for the Raptors !

  • The Seed

    He is a great competitor, sorry to see him go down.

  • gWuz

    you got alot to learn about basketball.

    i got a question for you- who has done more in cleveland? irving or lebron?

    youre wrong. cause afterall basketball is a team sport, different team needs different roles. a player who satisfy what the team needs/wants is a good player. its a shame that the defensive players in the league never gets the spotlights i.e shane battier

    to my point-
    celtic needs a facilitator- thus rondo. but when they need a scoring guard, they also point to rondo, PGs should be the most flexible in terms of changing it’s needs,
    bulls needs a scorer- thus rose.

    in the end, you cant say this guy is better than the other guy cause their team has different needs.

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    When exactly did he hurt this knee, because he played the whole game. Rondo gotta be a cyborg or something.

  • danpowers

    and a little nod at kgs direction as well for acting like a mofo lol

  • pposse


  • ByAnyMeansNecessary

    If anyone is going to be traded, it will have to be one of those two or both. I can’t imagine why a team would really want any other player on their roster.

  • BeantownBaller

    Delonte West should be signed by the Celtics or they should consider trading for a pure point or a decent point guard. Celtics do not have to start the rebuild yet. However a blockbuster trade to get a core player to play with rondo would not be a bad idea.

  • pposse

    DAMN smh

  • RunNGun

    Last year was Rubio and Rose. This year, Rondo.

  • theDankerNuggets

    Very true. I bet a lot of teams would like Green or Bradley but if they are smart they will keep them over Pierce and KG for the future

  • JL

    Doubt it. The Celt’s would love it, but they don’t have assets to trade.

  • JL

    Short term it works for both teams, but Deandre is so young that he can contribute for much longer than KG will (going forward). Plus Bledsoe is very valuable as well. Hard to see the clips giving up two young developing pieces for a solid verteran star.

  • JL

    If you’ve actually spent time watching Rondo play, you’ll know he is a true difference makers and competitor. Like Rose he spends time working on his weakness. His shooting has gotten better slowly throughout his career. Rose is a better scorer, but Rondo is a way better distributor and defender. You might not like Rondo, but you should respect his game and what he brings to his team. Not too many guys like him around (and not just cuz he looks like an alien from some angles).

  • MasterSplinter

    and Paul Pierce faking that knee energy a few years ago against the Lakers….getting wheeled out in a wheel chair, and then skipping back out…smh

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1522964237 Francis Sule

    Allen Iverson

  • clydesays

    That’s a blow, but the C’s can still make the playoffs. As a fan, I doubt they can make any kind of deep run w/o him. We’ll see. Ainge is going to get offers for KG & Pierce before the deadline…

  • Anthony Dixon

    who will replace him in the ASG?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    Get well soon my ninja.

  • ErnieD

    What is lost on everybody else is the fact that The Celtics beat the champs without Rondo. They also had no problem finding ways to win without him when he was either injured or suspended. Bradley, Terry, Barbosa and Courtney Lee are not better players, but all have shown the ability to score when their role was increased. Pierce returns to Point Forward, and the offense will be fine. If Pierce or KG goes down, then it’s all over. Otherwise, they probably hang on to the 8th seed, but I doubt they get past the first round.