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Celtics, Clippers Reportedly Talking Kevin Garnett Trade (UPDATE)

UPDATE: KG, who had previously he wants to retire a Celtic, reaffirmed on Saturday that he has no plans to swap uniforms this season:

Sources tell Yahoo! that the Celtics and Clippers have been discussing a deal to trade Kevin Garnett for Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan. Obviously, plenty of barriers are in the way of getting this deal done. The Clippers’ front office is reportedly “totally against the move,” and KG would have to waive his no-trade clause. But, as Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears point out, such a trade would help L.A.’s Championship hopes this season as well as Boston’s long-term rebuilding efforts: “The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers have been discussing a deal to trade forward Kevin Garnett for guard Eric Bledsoe and center DeAndre Jordan, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. There are differing factions within the Celtics and Clippers on the prudence of the deal, but the two teams have been in regular contact about the possibility, sources said. Nevertheless, the biggest hurdle could ultimately center on Garnett’s willingness to waive his no-trade clause and accept a deal to the Clippers. Because of his home in Malibu, and a close relationship with Clippers guard Chauncey Billups, there’s hope that Garnett, a 15-time All-Star, could be coaxed into accepting a trade if an agreement is reached, sources said. The Clippers had expressed reluctance to several teams about parting with Bledsoe until they were certain that Chris Paul would re-sign this summer to a long-term deal, sources said. The organization has become increasingly confident that Paul will stay, but every franchise decision is made within the context of how it will impact Paul, and how he feels about it. There’s strong sentiment within parts of the organization that Garnett gives the Clippers a chance to compete for a championship this season. He could spread the floor for the Clippers and open up the lane for Blake Griffin. In the short term, the re-emergence of Billups could cut into Bledsoe’s minutes the rest of this season.”

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  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange believes too many of these teams are in “deal heat.” The Clippers should keep the team they have. However, “They’re still the Clippers.”

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    DJ & Bledsoe for KG?… F*ck no!!!!

  • JML-G

    pretty sure this isnt happening

  • zogs19994


  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    So…if the Clippers front office is “totally against this move” what are the chances of it happening….and why even report it…?

  • RKJ92

    Even if this trade went through they wouldn’t win a championship with KG 100% he’s a great player, but he’s just wayyyyy too old now, I mean KG is my fav player of all time but your getting rid of 2 SOLID players which are a big part of that Clipper team for a guy who has already considered retirement! lmao

  • spit hot fiyah

    for the clippers it actually makes a lot of sense. if they give paul the max, bledsoe will basically be impossible to keep and they will lose him for nothing. deandre is good and improving but is also making 10 mil a year and is a non factor in any close game because he has to sit on the bench because he can’t shoot free throws. garnett could give them a legit shot at the title for the next two years, and if Boston really wan to start over, bledsoe and jordan are two nice pieces

  • Redd

    Clippers are idiots…KG just announced his retirement. Why would u do that..Celtics are playing you.

  • http://twitter.com/AjpDos Allen Powell

    KG can replace DeAndre for two years. Anyone who disputes this is silly. Bledsoe is great but he is going to walk soon. Good trade.

  • Holiday

    Man the two biggest assholes in the L on the same team (Griffin, and Garnett) wow. Hope it don’t happen, besides I think they can do better for Jordan and Bledsoe. I mean as far as long term goes!

  • The Philosopher

    Billups has to hold up, though.

  • theDankerNuggets

    don’t know if the Clippers will risk it, but this deal does make so much sense for them. Now that Billups and Paul are back Bledsoe’s minutes are gonna be down so much, and Garnett’s bread and butter 15 footer will be a perfect complement to Griffin, giving him so much room to take it to the hoop

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    They can talk all they want. KG isn’t going anywhere. He wants to retire as a Celtic and he will after this season or next season.

  • Name

    This would work to the Spurs` favor… Spurs usually have a lot of trouble containing DeAndre and Bledsoe because of their athleticism, something San Antonio lacks. Garnett, on the other hand, has been pretty tame the past few games with Tiago on him

  • Ugh

    I think a bad trade, actually. Garnett has a lot of minutes on his already shaky legs and probably won’t last two years at his current form (remember how fast Drexler and Worthy declined in their last two years, for example?). If they trade Jordan and Bledsoe for Garnett now, they’re gambling that someone will join the team to replace Garnett and Billups when they retire or drastically decline in the next two years. If the team doesn’t meet with immediate success from this trade that gamble may not pay off, and the Clips are going to have a hard time beating the Thunder, Spurs and Heat no matter who’s playing for them.
    If they keep Jordan and Bledsoe, they have two players who can be on the team with ten years experience in ten years time. If they trade them they have to find more pieces to the puzzle in two years.

  • Redd

    KG is retiring..this is a shady move if it happens.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Nah. Chris Paul is expiring. Bledsoe can get you something better long term around the draft if CP does resign. I wouldn’t do this. Garnett doesn’t win you a title this year. I don’t think so at least.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    No he isn’t. He just said he’s not gonna play in anymore all star games. And then he later explained that it was taken out of context to mean he’s retiring when he meant he just doesn’t know if he’ll be at an all star level anymore

  • Redd

    I know, I read it, his explanation wasn’t consistent throughout..I don’t believe it.

  • Armando

    You mean the Clyde Drexler who averaged 18, 4 and 6 with 2 spg over his last two seasons on 36mpg at age 35-36?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    If he, Kevin Garnett has a chance to compete for a title (and isn’t injured). He won’t retire. I would bet my house on it.

  • Redd

    You were wrong about the trade clause & I feel you’ll be wrong about this because his team can’t compete.

  • phil

    This would be a horrible move for the clips! This article doesn’t make any sense either, if the clips front office is against it are you saying the owner is overriding them?

  • phil

    Bledsoe will walk but why trade him for a 37 year old player about to retire? How bout I don’t know maybe somebody in there 20′s or maybe get more talent back instead of one 37 year old.

  • phil

    The clippers wanna give up youth and athleticism to get older and slower??? That worked out well for lakers with malone & payton or rockets with barkley & pippen.

  • borges

    ah really, and when did “youth and athleticism” win championships in this league?

  • Ugh

    Drexler ran out of gas faster than anyone I’ve ever seen. He averaged over 50% when he was traded to Houston, but in his last 3 seasons he shot .43, .44 and .42. He only shot over 50% in five or six games of the last half of his final season, and he had more games under 20%FG than over 50%. In his two final playoff games he went 3-24 and his *best* playoff game was 8-18. The only reason he made his points at all was he was still converting from the line.

    Worthy’s decline was similar – he went from being a .52-.55 FG shooter to going .44, .44 and .40 in his last three seasons, and he dropped 5ppg each of his final two seasons.

    My point is that trading for a player KG’s age doesn’t usually lead to a Kobe or Duncan-esque maintaining of per-minute averages or surprising slight improvements. Those guys are exceptions, and teams need to realise they can’t expect Duncan or Kobe results from aging players. It usually leads to a steady decline, especially if the player has played huge minutes, like the above mentioned guys and KG.

  • clydesays

    Don’t see it happening. As a C’s fan, it would be a steal for Ainge, but tough to see KG go… Can’t see the Clips dealing away young talent like that. With Del Negro on the bench, they need as much natural playmaking as they can get.

    As for KG, he took the C’s to 2 Finals, won 1 and probably could have picked up another if the injury bug didn’t bite them year after year… Definitely has left his mark on the franchise no matter what happens this season or next….2

  • roscoe

    bledsoe’s game has holes. to start his outside shooting is not good enough to be a pg on a contender, imho.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bobbybowden Bobby RobertoRaymon Bowden

    It’s funny how the Clippers have ALWAYS somehow ended up with an
    abundance of talent… (while they were there at least). Ron Harper, Dany Manning, Darius Miles,
    Corey Magette, Elton Brand, Shaun Livingston, Baron Davis, crazy ass Ricky Davis, Chris Kaman, Chris Wilcox, Q Rich, Eric Gordon, Odom (the first time), Cat Mobley, Marko Jaric, I think Andre Miller
    was there too… this organization has always found a way to lose and waste
    talent for some reason. Lots of guys have left and signed big contracts
    elsewhere. Why did it never come together in ClipperLand?? lol

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    What are you talking about the trade clause? I know he has a no trade clause. What is there to be wrong about?

  • Comment_System

    he already showed during that stretch without cp that he isnt ready yet.

  • Redd

    You mentioned that you think he’d waive it.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Oh he definitely would

  • Redd

    Really? you think its just playing the good guy role?

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    yep. especially after he hung on with Minnesota too long.

  • Redd

    that Dwight Howard syndrome ain’t no joke.