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Doug Collins is Fed Up With the Philadelphia Sixers

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

The Philadelphia Sixers lost at home last night to the Orlando Magic, 98-84. It was their sixth consecutive loss, and head coach Doug Collins blasted his players when chatting with reporters following the game.

The season’s mounting frustrations—Andrew Bynum’s injury, the losing which has the Sixers five games out of a Playoff spot, the team’s perceived lack of effort, fan anger and criticism, etc.—led to Collins’ complete meltdown.

Per NBA.com:

First, he called the game “mind-numbing.” Then, he used a Pat Summit story to say that a coach can’t control energy and effort, and gave the reporters in the room a look that said, “See what I’m saying here?” Collins also brought up his own effort as a Sixers player for comparison. “I gave my body to this franchise,” he said. “I was never booed as a player. Never. I ran through my sneakers.”

And there were more obvious criticisms of his players … “I did not think our guys prepared themselves during the [All-Star] break to come back to play.” More of the I’m-doing-everything-I-can talk … “If everybody looked inside themselves as much as I did, this world would be a CAT scan. OK? Believe me, there’s not two days go by that I don’t go to Rod [Thorn], I don’t go to Tony [DiLeo], ‘What can I do? Can I do anything different? How can I be a better coach? How can I be a better leader? How can I help these guys?’ “Sometimes, you’ve got to help yourself, you know? Sometimes you’ve got to help yourself. Youth is a very blaming thing. My job is to not put that kind of product on the floor. I’m incredibly hard on myself. I love it when the fans start yelling at me. I’m not playing. You didn’t yell at me when I played. Why are you yelling at me when I’m coaching?”

You really should watch the whole thing; it’s fascinating, depressing and totally Doug Collins-esque.

The Philadelphia Sixers (22-33) were supposed to be a much better team than we have seen, but injuries, inept play and poor coaching have derailed their season.

With 27 games to go, their bench boss appears to have already thrown in the towel while throwing everyone under the bus. Not a good sign.

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  • Fat Lever

    Sixer fans are fed up with Doug. A short list of grievances:

    - His rotations are terrible

    - He refuses to play Moultrie to get him game experience even though Spencer Hawes is somehow logging 25 mins a game.

    - His risk averse offensive philosophy leads us to leading the league in taking the most inefficient shot on the court(long 2′s). This risk aversion also leads us to being one of the 2 worst FT taking teams in the league, which is also the easiest shot to make.

    - He thought it was a good idea to sign Hawes and Kwame Brown to not just one year deals each, but 2(!) year deals, with a PLAYER option for year 2 for Kwame.

    - His mis-handling of ET his first 2 years in the league has led Evan to be a more bi-polar player than Carrie Mathieson.

    In short, we(Sixer fans) have had enough of Doug’s grip on this franchise as a decision maker. Let him coach the rest of the season, since it appears to help our draft position, then let him go.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    and he essentially said the Andrew Bynum trade was a total disaster. which i feel was the most important aspect of this.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Evan Turner wasn’t mishandled. Andre Iguodala was in the way. Along with Thaddeus Young. They had/have a lot of wingplayers. Only so many minutes available.

  • Redd


  • spit hot fiyah

    since he hasn’t played they basically gave away an all star and a promising rookie for nothing.

  • The Philosopher

    Collins is “that kind of guy”. Always has been the grating type. Players tend to tune him out. We saw what a quagmire it had become when he was in Detroit. And now, he’s throwing this group of guys under the bus…
    And I always thought Bill Laimbeer was the right fit for this position, anyway.

  • Fat Lever

    He was mishandled. I’ve watched a ton of games from his rookie year on. ET would have a good game in years 1 and 2, and then in the next game would get like 12 mins.

    Going off of trends, as ET has become more comfortable at each level(HS, college), his game has taken leaps. You drafted him #2, you have to at least give him meaningful, consistent playing time to see if he’s a foundation of your franchise, or not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    He’s just fed up with Bynum’s unpredictable hair grooming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    He’s just fed up with Bynum’s unpredictable hair grooming.

  • spit hot fiyah

    and i even forgot about vucevic

  • Raheem Shabazz

    Living in Philly I can say people here are fed up with the Sixers too. Something is missing with this team. It just seems like a bunch of parts were thrown together and many of them don’t seem to fit together.

  • bike

    And the upcoming draft is projected to be one of the weakest in recent history. Bleak in Philly for foreseeable future.

  • #13

    I don’t blame him they suck

  • LakeShow

    You liked him last year didn’t you?

  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    Players always quit on Doug Collins eventually. This should be noted.

  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    You know he did the same thing to Kwame right. People don’t remember this, but there was a time when Kwame used to post 20 and 20 on occasion. I remember.

  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    Exactly. Doug consistently undercuts player’s confidence. He jerks their minutes, while the players he likes get steady minutes regardless of output. This is a pattern, and it’s not an uncommon one. George Karl does the same thing. While coaching is a win now business you have to understand how to consider the long term.

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    What’s the over/under that Dougie gets the boot when the regular season wraps up?

  • LakeShow

    You talking about his eye sight right? That’s the only 20-20 I see him ever posting.

  • http://twitter.com/thursti_tyht Thurstian Tsui

    Well same thing happened in Phoenix, Lindsey Hunter stepped in Kendall Marshall gets off the bench

  • Caboose

    While I agree, the easy counterpoint to you is Hasheem Thabeet

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donte-Machiavelli-Hudson/100000723951750 Donte Machiavelli Hudson

    If the boy ain’t taking the kind of shots doug wants, I’d sit Evan too… I agree while heartedly with the coach. And secondly, what kind of person w/a reasonable I.Q. Blames the coach for the “long” 2′s being taken? Thats on the players, this isn’t a video game. Damn. I’m on the coach side. F___ the sixers fans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donte-Machiavelli-Hudson/100000723951750 Donte Machiavelli Hudson

    My friend, no its not.

  • Fat Lever

    It is Doug’s fault for long 2′s. His offense is primarily dribble handoffs or jrue getting a pick from Hawes and the jrue popping it back to Hawes for a j.

    Also, Doug’s offensive philosophy is to not create turnovers. How do you accomplish that? By pulling the reigns back on your team and telling them to settle for jumpers rather than drive to the hole.

    But it’s not like the stats back up my statement or anything.

  • Fat Lever

    I thought he did an admirable job last year, but I’ve always questioned his personnel decisions and the way he has handled players like Turner.

    The breaking point for me was this year when against the Bucks we were down 2 with less than 10 seconds left and he thought the best offensive line up to get a bucket involved Royal Ivey, who earlier in the game air balled a 3 while Dorrell wright(who Doug apparently has a gripe with) sat on the bench.

  • roscoe

    maybe PHI will be CHI 2.0 when D.Collins left?

  • LakeShow

    It sucks that he can’t figure out the way to mentally help struggling players. We all know he can coach the game of basketball. It’s the nuances he can’t master.

  • Caboose

    Of course he is. Thabeet was #2. The Grizz didn’t need to give him meaningful pt to know he wasn’t part of their future. That’s the point I was refuting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aamir.khuller Aamir Khuller

    I think you mean when hew as in HS bro…like @disqus_j65FuvcSML:disqus said, Kwame’s only 20-20 is his eyesight, so…

  • The Philosopher

    Wonder what’s up with the lady, Cheryl…
    She had good commentary.

  • http://twitter.com/NYCKING BIG ED

    DC is wearing out his welcome. Same thing happened in Chicago, Washington, and now Philly. When will these teams learn don’t hire a retread coach. Take a page from NFL hire the hot assistant coach.

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    I didn’t know Doug Collins was the GM too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mike-Gilbert/100001749589586 Mike Gilbert

    don’t be silly, Bynum is way better than Jordan

  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    March 17 2004. Kwame Brown gets 30 points and 19 rebounds in his third year out of high school playing against the knicks. all you have to do is check hte game logs on Basketball Reference to see Kwame had talent. A ton of his issues were in his mind.
    That year he had several games with 20 and 10 as well.

  • LakeShow

    That’s what I was thinking when he started talking about Dougie fresh re-upping contracts.

  • LakeShow

    Sorry, forgot about that night from 9 years and 11 months ago. My bad.

    Naw, he had talent for real, we don’t doubt that. But…
    Eddy Curry has more talent…

    We shouldn’t blame anyone but ourselves for not maximizing our talent.

  • roscoe

    so how many? 7,8,9?

  • alex80

    The Answer????

  • Fat Lever

    He essentially is. That’s why Tony DiLeo is the gm by title, but he won’t stand up to Doug if Doug is set on a personnel decision.

    Doug holds a ton of power in this organization, no doubt about it.

  • add

    collins is not a bad coach that statement about poor coaching should be retracted

  • TV63

    Stand in line Collins. Many coaches in this NBA go through the same thing. Much more.

  • Uncle Spew

    Andrew Bynum is missing! They gave up talent for talent that hasn’t played for them yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    Whats crazy to me is that he pointed Vucevic out, and how well he’s been playing(or played against the MAgic). This is the guy that played Vucevic a total of 3 minutes in 7 games against the Celtics in the playoffs. Give me a break, Doug.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rainman1991 Saleem Rainman

    Thats kinda different. Lindsey stepped in, Suns are in tank mode. What better way to tank than to give an inexperienced PG who cant shoot, or do much else other than pass some minutes, so that he can get some experience?

  • http://twitter.com/thursti_tyht Thurstian Tsui

    That’s true but Lindsey has also always said that he likes Kendal Marshall so that was also a reason why he suddenly went from dnp-cd to playing 20 minutes a night

  • Zabbah

    I remember that game. It was against the Kings. But what else has he done? Where is this streak of 20-20 games you’re talking about? I would definitely remember that, too.

  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    I said on occasion.
    Actually, unless I read the game log wrong, it was against the Knicks. And if you check that year, which was his first year without Collins, he put up decent stats in several games. Then it went downhill

  • http://twitter.com/apowellAdvocate Allen Powell II

    That is a ridiculously naive statement. Many people are placed with amazing innate talent but are forced into situation that make maximizing that talent a true miracle.

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