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Dwight Howard on Pressure from Kobe Bryant to Play: ‘He’s Not a Doctor’

After getting publicly pressured to fight through his shoulder and back injuries by Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard fired back when confronted by the media in Boston today. Howard — who took part in the morning shootaround, and is considered a gametime decision for tonight — says that Kobe is not a doctor, and that he won’t take unnecessary risks with his basketball career (and future earnings) at stake. Per ESPN: “That’s his opinion, that’s it. He’s not a doctor, I’m not a doctor. That’s his opinion.’ [...] ‘I want to play,’ Howard said. ‘I mean, why wouldn’t I want to play? But, at the same time, this is my career, this is my future, this is my life. I can’t leave that up to anybody else because nobody else is going to take care of me. So, if people are pissed off that I don’t play or if I do play, whatever it may be, so what? This is my career. If I go down, then what? Everybody’s life is going to go on. I don’t want to have another summer where I’m rehabbing and trying to get healthy again. I want to come back and have another great year. That’s what I want to do.’”

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  • Happy

    He actually makes a lot of sense.

  • koloradokobe

    This team needs to hire a f–king marriage counsellor or therapist or something. Talking to the media instead of each other…smh.

  • Max

    Dwight is right on this one.
    What’s the point of putting your carreer on the line to TRY and make the playoffs?
    Because they’re not getting past the first round this year.

  • danpowers

    hmmm i think so too. it took howard an eternity to miss a game with an injury. so i bet he played through many nagging “minor stuff”. when a guy like that sits out games it means its something serious. kobe sat out a higher % of games with injuries than howard anyway. this criticism aint appropiate

  • Rodney

    Howard is a female dog

  • MATT


  • shockexchange

    Horry Jr is no “politician” either. He’s tryna throw Rent-A-Center under the bus just like he did with Bynum and the Gimp. If he understood politics, Horry Jr would have waited until Rent-A-Center signed a long-term contract before he tried to talk smack.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Glad Dwight is standing up to Kobe. Maybe he’s not as much of a kid as people think he still is. He has to look out for himself. 27 years old. Max contract coming his way whether it’s in LA or elsewhere. Kobe also has to look out for himself. 34 years old. Not getting younger. Time is running out. It’s a problem.

  • Max

    Idiot No. 1.

  • Max

    Idiot No. 2.

  • Max

    And this guy.

  • shockexchange

    It’s called “leverage.” Rent-A-Center and Horry Jr are “in the game,” but Rent-A-Center hasn’t put a ring on it yet, so he has all the power. When or if he ever signs that long-term deal, then the relationship changes and Horry Jr has the carte blanche to talk all the smack he wants. You don’t believe the Shock Exchange? Just ask Pau Gasol / Andrew Bynum at the same ____ time … Thrown under the bus by Horry Jr at the same ____ time.

  • thetruth

    They had one….. his name was Phil Jackson

  • Happy

    Apparently, this is what Kobe responded to Dwight’s comment:

    “If you are a man, say it to my face. You say all this stuff to the media but when I ask you in person you want to deny and skip over it? It’s time for Dwight to grow up this aint high school no more.”

    I sure hope this is a direct quote. I love seeing this team implode!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.


    He said the following: Not even a little bit,” Bryant said in a quiet moment after the team’s morning shoot-around, adding that he was surprised at the tone of the ESPN story. “In this case, it’s not legitimate. I was shocked.”


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Junior-Taylor/100003121138419 Junior Taylor

    If this is true then just exactly what has Kobe been doing the past few weeks but complaining to the media about Howard. Pot calling the kettle black

  • TBRK

    Dwight sure wishes he was back in Orlando…

  • Omar

    Kobe handled this wrong, on his typical hyper-masculine BS. He should have said the team needs him and they want him back ASAP instead of challenging his manhood. Kobe wants to be “the man” more than he wants to win.

  • Happy

    Someone on ESPN’s board posted it. I never said I knew for sure if it was a direct quote, hence my last sentence.

    Your article is nothing more than Kobe saying he didn’t know his comments about Dwight playing through injury would come off the way it did that way. He never denied making the comments that apparently ticked Dwight off. All he did was blame ESPN for the tone of his comments. You’re a Kobe fan, so I’m sure you believe the backtrack, but I don’t. Especially because he ended it basically saying he doesn’t expect everyone else to be like him.

  • Happy

    Yup. But Kobe can do no wrong…in his own head.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    d12 can like it or not but mamba has 5 rings played with busted fingers, conussion last year, bone on bone in knee..back is one thing..shoulder.kb played thru it back in 2003! he has 5 rings…dhoward 0….need i say more!

  • roscoe

    it’s okay for teammates to expect that playing through injuries is protocol.

    it’s not okay to use the media as a way to communicate w/ dh12, bc he is sensitive.

    just like bron bron denounced chalmers’ claims of being a top ten pg, its okay for kd to call out westbrook’s TOs, and its okay for kb24 to tell his teammates to man up, just like coaches such as pop or pjax or sloan have done to get results.

    good managers get results… sometimes bad leaders do too.

    but maybe dh12 needs some cookies and milk with a blankee.

  • roscoe

    Are you the President of the National Center Association or

    You’re never objective w/ centers. You’re record of lobbying
    for crummy under-performing centers is quite clear and faulty.

    You need reform SE.

  • Happy

    Kobe is a jump shooter, not a post player banging down low with 6-11/7ft dudes 270lbs and up. He can’t tell another player to risk his whole career, especially when he can’t relate. On top of that, he does it through the media. Nah, not even the biggest Kobe fan should defend that.

  • shockexchange

    “Crummy, under-performing centers?” Sco Sco, it’s funny how Horry Jr is always tryna to align himself with one or two at the same ____ time. How else could he win a chip?

  • justin05

    No he doesn’t. He wishes he was healthy so he could play basketball and make even more $ cash money $

  • The Philosopher

    I’ve tried to give Howard the benefit of the doubt throughout his career. But clearly, in my opinion, Howard doesn’t have a clue…
    Why in the hell would he go out there to play with Kobe Bryant, anyway? Even IF for one season.
    Kobe TOLD Howard a LONG time ago , in the PRESS that, L.A. is Kobe’s house, and that, he isn’t going to get the ball over there. Now, Bryant is questioning Howard’s manhood, publicly. And Howard has the audacity to get upset.
    Howard has no reason to be p!ssed, in my estimation. He asked for this. AFTER he was warned about coming out there. By the man, himself.
    What a clown.

  • chyea

    Howard is not re-signing with the Lakers

  • Slick Ric


  • Chukaz

    Being that it’s a shoulder injury, i’d disagree. I agree with the premise tho. I’d argue that if he doesn’t play, all he’s showing is that he’s getting to the point of his career where he’s injury prone which in turn would limit his earning potential. Doctors have already told him that he’s as hurt as he’s gonna get. It can’t get worse than what it already is. A shoulder injury doesn’t jeopardize your career the same way an ankle, foot, or knee injury would.

  • Happy

    1. All injuries aren’t created equal, even if it’s the same body part.
    2. His back is still ailing. It makes zero sense to struggle with two injuries if he can wait until at least one is tolerable.
    3. It is asinine to assume that a tear cannot tear further. Sorry, that just sounds ridiculous. Saying it’s unlikely is not the same as saying it’s impossible. We’re still talking about the human body here.
    4. He’s getting max dollars no matter what at the end of this season. He can risk it becoming a chronic nagging pain for the rest of his career, or he can rest a bit.

  • Max


  • CalTexan

    Jeez…Kobe has to be one of the worst “team leaders” in the history of basketball. Every time he opens his mouth he seems to insert foot. Kobe’s macho BS about his own toughness, is wearing very thin. He had no business making assumptions about another player’s injury status. Now he says he had no intention of asking Dwight to play through an injury. Well…if words have any meaning at all, then that’s exactly what he was asking Dwight to do. Kobe–are you asking everybody to not pay attention to the words out of your mouth? And of course he insinuated that his teammate is soft and needs to suck it up and play. Great job derailing the focus of the team with pure crap discussed through the media like that instead of person to person. Now, no matter how much he MAY want to backtrack his statement, the unfortunate damage is already done. Is Kobe trying to drive Dwight out of LA? How bizarre, if not just downright stupid.

  • GBtha G

    Yes indeed kobe aint no damn doctor.Simple.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez


  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    Kobe’s a champ. dwights a baby. thats all

  • roscoe

    um… check that kb24 is not a post player… more than a dozen highly qualified basketball minds at national media outlets confirm regularly his post game is amongst the best in the league.

    i agree w/ u that if dh12 is in danger of harming his career he should sit, but getting to the top of the mountain ain’t easy.

    championship players are tough as nails, not soft like squishy pillows.

    u underestimate the motivation that can be created w/ the media… this is chess not checkers, but i understand your point and you stated well.

  • roscoe

    Classic form SE… shift the attention away from the issue at hand in order to poorly protect your argument. A filibuster would have gotten you a vote, but political maneuvering does not. boo.

    “How else could he win a chip?”

    (i) kb24 could “take his talents somewhere” but that isn’t vogue (bron).

    (ii) kb24 could have recruited, but that is forbidden by the CBA (wade).

    (iii) kb24 could join an all-star cast in another city (allen).

    (iv) kb24 could join a foreign league and dominate.

  • Happy

    He’s not guarding centers and power forwards full time, and they aren’t guarding him. That’s what I’m saying. He isn’t a full time post player by position.

    l just feel Kobe’s media battles with his teammates always end up dividing the team. Plus he said the same thing Dwight said a few years ago about Shaq, when Shaq commented on him needing to come back from injury. He’s a hypocrite.

  • Chukaz

    Well, the doctors told him he couldn’t tear it any further. The worst case scenario’s that he loses some bicep strength while he’s injured. It’s not a permanent injury by any means. As for him getting max money, say him and the lakers sour on each other, so the team that can give him the most money’s out of the picture. Nobody knows what dallas is thinking (Caban may have gone crazy. He’ll probably look to pass on Howard thinking he can get lebron the next summer. Reality check, Cubes, nobody wants to pay in Dallas. It may be somewhat of a big market, but that’s not where you go get ur endorsements). Atlanta probably gives him max money, but that roster’s terrible. Plus i’m sure he didn’t force his way out of Orlando only to end up in Atlanta. Its LA, NY or bust for him. Houston has the cap space, but would they use it on him? At this point, Howard’s like a slightly better offensively, nowhere near as good on D version of Asik. Plus that’s harden’s team. Howard’s gonna want to win his way, but If you’re houston, don’t you just say f*ck it Harden’s a better player?

  • shockexchange

    (v) Or maybe Horr Jr could do what he’s always done – align himself with teams with “exceptionally more talent than the rest of the L” so he can win a chip.