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Dwight Howard Aiming to Get Back into ‘Superman Shape’

The Los Angeles Lakers have stumbled through much of this season, and in addition to the team’s health (or lack thereof), Dwight Howard’s conditioning has been one of the biggest culprits. According to the big fella — who has admitted that his lack of conditioning has cost the Lakers wins — he’s nowhere near where he wants to be physically, but continues to believe he’ll get back there. Per the LA Times: “Dwight Howard ran sprints after practice Wednesday to improve his conditioning and said he had also cut back on candy and undergone acupuncture treatments. ‘I’m in good shape for a basketball player,’ the Lakers center said, ‘but I’m not in Superman shape. I want to get in Superman shape.’ How far away is he, given that it’s been 10 months since he underwent surgery to repair a herniated disk in his back? ‘It’s awhile,’ he said, ‘but I’m going to give it everything I can.’ [...] Howard suggested that his struggles during a season in which he has failed to meet expectations will ultimately help him. ‘This has been a good year for me in spite of all the situations and all the adversity, so I’m happy that I’m going through a lot of this stuff,’ Howard said. ‘I think it’s going to make me better in the long run. So I’m looking at all of this as a gift instead of a curse.’”

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  • danpowers

    oh really? the former incarnated athleticism istelf wants to get back in shape? i thought he was working to get a beer-belly and a chicken chest. great journalism here lol

  • http://SLAMonline.com/ Ryne Nelson

    Dwight said it himself: He’s in a good shape for a basketball player. Now let’s play.

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Professional athlete wants to get back into shape after recovering from injury? Nooo sh*t.

  • spit hot fiyah

    remember Shawn kemp?

  • Max

    With Shaq being superman, this is not a good sign is it?

  • Caboose

    Asking Dwight to forget about off court issues and stop whining is like asking me to lead the Magic to a championship. It’ll never happen, no matter how much we want it to.

  • shutup

    Part of me hope he never fully recovers, then lets see how good of a basketball player he is. Larry Johnson had a long career after losing his athleticism.

  • bike

    He’s cutting back on candy(?)….uh, okay Dwight keep up the hard work big guy.

  • Conor

    Even as a Lakers fan… if he has lost the majority of his leaping/lateral agility, I would love to see him actually develop a post game. He’d be a better player than he ever was before.

  • 80

    Larry Johnson even injured was a guy who could play bball, and his skill and technical prowess is 1000x better then what Dwight was ever displaying.

  • shutup

    But the post game was developed after the back injury, as well as the three point shot. I have fond memories of him throwing up the L after the four point play.

  • danpowers

    sure, but dwight howards mind is at the level of a 4th grade middleclass kid. they dont really tend to do cocaine and drink alcohol lol

  • Caboose

    ….Dude has been whining about being out of shape for months and just NOW he’s cutting out candy?

  • AndyK415

    Seriously Dwight, you ARE NOT superman! You can’t copy another player, especially a player who is one of the most dominant in history. Go eat some more candy you third grade class clown baby.

  • playa

    ….and was terrible player, sad shadow of his former all-star self, that’s not exactly my wishes for dwight or any other good/star player in fact

  • shutup

    Yeah his role diminished and his stats dropped, but to call him terrible is a gross exaggeration. He still averaged double digits all but his last year in NYC. As for the “sad shadow” that is completely off, he changed his game and reinvented himself and actually stepped out from his own “shadow” if you will.

  • danpowers

    in terms of conditioning howard is way better than oneals conditioning was and howard was also way more durable so far than oneal was throughout his carreer. the difference is just, shaq was bigger and naturally stronger and quicker but first and foremost: shaq had game.

  • danpowers

    was he ever known for being a smarta*s? lol

  • AndyK415

    He still stole Shaq’s nickname out of the blue.