Thursday, February 21st, 2013 at 5:50 pm  |  10 responses

Grizzlies Acquire Dexter Pittman From Heat

The Heat traded Dexter Pittman and a second-round draft pick to the Grizzlies. The trade opens up a roster spot for the Heat, who also received a trade exception in the deal.

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  • roscoe

    i know riles said “MIA doesn’t need another big” at the beginning of the season…

    …but getting rid of your bench-big for a 2nd rounder sounds more like the MIA owner has some non team expenses to deal with.

    which ones you ask?

    i. how about the the Italian “no-hands” ship captain who parties like a proper booze cruise.


    ii. the poop crusie ship that was stranded in the gulf for a week.

  • adam


  • Dymez

    And the Knicks signed Kenyon Martin to a 10-day; I’m sure that’s what Miami was trying to do. NYK has been strategically taking all solid bigs from the Heat this year.

  • #13

    No value in this trade for the grizz

  • stro show

    they got a player and a draft pick for a trade exception (basically nothing for a team already undercap) and draft rights to a player that might never come over to the nba

  • RKJ92

    A) Miami’s backup big is Joel Anthony.
    B) They had to get rid of Pittman to make a run at Greg Oden. It was said near the beggining of the year that in order for them to sign him they would need to clear one roster spot so eventually they had to dump somebody and this was him. I know I heard commitment to the Cavs from Oden but I’m still not counting Riley out on signing him.

  • Pete Bumpy and CL Stone

    Dexter Pitman…about 2 years away from reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyy wishing he had more than 1 year of college. The NBA has as many “star” players now as ever, but there are also more people who are in the NBA that don’t “belong”. I hate to use that term, but the skill level has to be at an all-time low for players 8-12 or whatever. I mean, they have Willie Cauley-Stein going 10th overall on some mock drafts. 10th!! Look at these rosters and almost every one has 1 or 2 players (some have like 5) that you think, “he is a PROFESSIONAL basketball player???”. We all know why and I am not knocking the kids entirely (but it is on them ultimately), but dang.

  • roscoe

    “they had to dump” – yep.

  • RKJ92

    so insightful.

  • Smokeweed

    THe nba dont give a flying fuuuck about the product. They are screwing there game over and more importantly to me, my college game is in the dumps.