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Kevin Durant Says He Must ‘Shut Up’ to Avoid Technical Fouls

Somewhat unbelievably, Kevin Durant leads the NBA in technical fouls (he’s tied with a few others in this dubious category.) KD says this needs to change immediately. Per the Oklahoman: “For the second time this season, Thunder forward Kevin Durant said he needs to watch his mouth and cool it on the technical fouls. ‘I just got to shut up,’ Durant said after picking up his ninth this season Monday night. ‘I’m racking ‘em up, man. Sometimes I get too excited and voice my opinion when I shouldn’t. I just got to shut up and play the game.’ Durant is now tied for the league’s lead in technical fouls. He’s joined by Carmelo Anthony, Matt Barnes, Kobe Bryant, DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin. It’s unclear what Durant said or did to receive Monday’s technical. Immediately after the official called it, Durant pleaded his case to no avail. Depending on what he said, and to whom he actually said it, there is a possibility Durant gets the technical foul rescinded by the league office, although he hasn’t had one rescinded all season. After the game, Durant took responsibility for his actions but did not provide details into what exactly he said. ‘I shouldn’t have got a tech,’ Durant said. ‘I just went up and talked to him and he got me one. But that goes back to the ones I’ve gotten before. I guess they watch and they’re looking for them now. I just got to shut up and play my game and just fight through it.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    shutting up in order to avoid techs would be benificial to most players, maybe they need to start having meetings, kd, cousins, kobe, barnes sothey can talk about their problems

  • Omar

    Everyone except Cousins will be fine because that boy has no sense.

  • Max

    Barnes is just as crazy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.callihan1 Chris Callihan

    And Cousins’s defenders get away with more physical play against him than any other player in the league, maybe other than d12