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Kevin Love Hopes to Play in 15-20 Games This Season

Minnesota Timberwolves star forward Kevin Love hopes to return in mid-to-late March from a fractured right hand (which he broke twice), which would allow him to play in the season’s final 15-20 games. Per the Star Tribune: “Love said his hand feels better at the same point of rehab than it did the first time. Indeed, he said, he probably should have had surgery the first time around. ‘In hindsight, yes,’ he said. ‘But the doctor said I didn’t necessarily need it. This time it was a clean break.’ But his range of motion is better, as is the hand’s strength, compared with the first time. He is lifting weights and working on range of motion. There is still some swelling in his hand, as well as scar tissue he said needs to be worked out. But he expects to comeback better this time, he said, especially when it comes to his shot, which was a problem in his first return from the injury. ‘It’s progressively getting stronger,’ Love said. ‘With the weights and with everything I’m doing to improve range of motion. Hopefully I’ll shoot the ball better this time.’ As for his return? He doesn’t have a specific date yet. He’ll know more after he sees the doctor. But he did say it was very important for him to play as much as he can this season, both for himself at the team. Both Love and forward Chase Budinger, who is coming back from knee surgery, are expected back in March.”

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  • LeroyShonuff

    So before the season he rips the wolves. Then he breaks his hand. Then he breaks his hand again. Yet no reports of this guy being involved with the wolves and when he is at the home games he is aloft for the most part, yet this guy is a franchise player. Any other player exhibits his habits would be ripped continually yet this guy gets a pass. Amazing, absolutely amazing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sajjatam Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    Just please stop doing knuckle push-ups. PLEASE.


    Yesss!! Your coming back just in time so we can miss the playoffs again.

  • roscoe

    i think it has something to do with the rumor that Minnesota is filled w/ nice ppl…

    i agree… he wud of been buried by the media in the major markets.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    this man is a DIVA and a PUNK. never will the soul or heart of a leader