Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 12:30 pm  |  38 responses

Kobe Bryant Says ‘it Doesn’t Matter’ if Dwight Howard is Traded

The Los Angeles Lakers have promised their embattled, superstar center that he won’t be dealt this season. According to teammate Kobe Bryant, it really doesn’t matter if Dwight Howard is shopped or not. Yikes. Per the LA Times: “Howard said Friday that Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak had told him he would remain with the team through Thursday’s trade deadline. On Sunday, Bryant said ‘it doesn’t matter’ what his team does with the six-time All-Star. ‘I don’t know what they are going to do,’ Bryant said Sunday at Toyota Center after helping the West defeat the East, 143-138, in the All-Star game. ‘But at this point …, it doesn’t matter. what matters to us is what we do on Wednesday [against the Boston Celtics] and go from there. That’s the most important thing. That’s my message to the team is that you can’t worry about the future, you can’t worry about the past, you just have to focus on the present and we really have to maximize every single game.’”

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  • robb

    Kobe’s just saying play hard and stop worrying about things you can’t control, ignore the media buzz and focus on the next task. That’s it.

  • roscoe

    winners think differently than losers.

  • mp7three

    But remember how much Kobe tells us how they shouldnt trade Gasol & how the team misses him? Kobe, Nash & some in the organization want Dwight gone!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    by “it doesn’t matter” Kobe was saying we just need to focus on games.
    he is NOT saying, “it doesn’t matter if Dwight is traded”
    way to be misleading tho.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Almost like Dwight wasn’t even there. His biggest highlights were a 3 point shot and Blake Griffin interrupting his interview with Aldridge. Bigger story than this is the tweet Kobe sent out with a picture of one of his daughters and CP3′s son. “The NBA can’t veto this”

  • chumpy

    WTF? Way to quote a few words to try and make a story.

    Slam, where click whoring happens (daily).

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    In other words: F*ck this ni66a.

    play off state of mind.

  • Misleading BS needs to stop on this site…

  • shockexchange

    Good thing it doesn’t matter cause there’s 5 reasons for him to leave and only one reason for him to stay … http://www.clicky.me/rentacenter

  • http://www.facebook.com/matthewsergent Matty Serg

    If you smell what Kobe is cooking

  • yourdribbleizcookiez

    kobe’s like damn we should got vucevic’s ass instead of dwight

  • Bigbeats23

    This was an awful season for the lakers if they can make it to the off season keep dwight get pau back healthy maybe sign a younger wing to guard the durants, and lebrons. The lakers have had their whole line up healthy for 4 games this season, Nash missed 20+ games gasol is gone, Jordan hill was a big loss for the season, Dwights missed games Blake missed 30+ games, the lakers are old and caught the injury bug and NEED to lose Dantoni in the off season

  • robb

    Slam loves to do that. Clicks = Money so…

  • hawk910

    is it slam magazine or tmz magazine ? stop hyping every story magazine is falling off miss the days of scoop Jackson.

  • anotheretc

    Wooooow slam.. This article is a scam!!!

  • house

    Agreed, the SLAM of old wouldn’t stoop to this sensationalist type garbage. It reported it without needlessly embellishing it. Bring back Scoop!

  • ATL dynamite
  • MIA631

    Take lebron and put him on the lakers and take out Kobe. I bet LBJ will lead them to the finals with the squad they have now. Lebron makes everyone around him better. That is why LBJ is in a category of his own when it comes to the greats.

  • Niqqa

    Any player who goes on the lakers suck, cuz they got no teamwork, confidence, and have way too high expectations. Ps the big apple hates u Antoni

  • zel

    It’s not that serious. Calm the f down. It isn’t a scam and your @ss never paid for sh!t. It’s just shock reporting for the sake of clicks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    when did slam become tmz?? as long as we win on wednesday and i think kb should go into beast mode!!

  • Skylerhxc

    I say trade Howard and peace too the Knicks for stoudimire and smith

  • Smuckin Fart

    Made a name just to congratulate you on an awesome comment. Bravo good sir.

  • bike

    Mamba speaks with forked tongue. At this stage of the game, he probably really doesn’t care if they get rid of the big guy.

  • Bunk

    Slam is so stupid. Trying to mess with Kobe’s words. All he’s saying is focus at the task at hand.

  • Ugh

    Right, because Scoop never ran with a sensationalist byline, did he?

    “I’m racist. It’s plain and simple…”

  • Ugh

    He should be.
    “It doesn’t matter if Dwight gets traded tomorrow. We won’t make the playoffs with him, and we won’t make them without him…”
    They should trade D’Antoni for Scott Skiles. That’d get these goons out of their doldrums.

  • The Philosopher

    SLAM can do whatever it wants to do.
    It is the greatest site on the internet. And the greatest site of all times.

  • Dave R

    Dantoni is the best thing for the Lakrrs. Be patient. Can you be patient and thoughtful?

  • AndyK415

    C’mon SLAM! Really?

  • http://twitter.com/DTtravelinman Derrol A. Turner

    Hurry, Trade his cry baby self to someone else who can try and put up with him! He will never be happy, just like a spoiled kid, he is!

  • Lakersdynasty

    Yes I agree nbk….that’s media for you! They like to fuel the fire……..It’s true what Kobe says,”Focuse on the now” I know that several pro athelets would never read or listen to the media during the season just so they can focuse at the task at hand.

    I think Kobe needs to keep leading the team and the team mates have to beleive in each other, the coach and the organization or my Lakers are not going to go any where!

    They need to build on themselves and trust one another.

    Some nights they look like a “Championship Team” but they can’t hold down 48 minutes.

    It is too bad they are an old team but being the top athalets they are they should be putting together more wins then they have this season!

  • mel

    r u an idiot

  • http://www.facebook.com/helen.favaron Helen Kane Favaron

    Kobe thinks that he is the only thing that matters. The Lakers should get rid of him and keep the rest. But then no other team would put up with his crap. He is not the “Greatest Player of All Time!” like HE THINKS HE IS!!!


    You can tell by Dwight’s body language that he doesn’t want to be a laker and if that’s the case I say ship his butt out of town give me brook Lopez ill take him all day he can play with anyone dosnt cry about touches and can make free throws when needed also he would be a better fit for the lakers because he can stretch the floor which Dwight cannot do all an all give the cry baby what he wants and let him be a net! He’s young and dumb and dosnt realize that when kobe says something it’s to teach him not to put him down kobe has five chips Dwight you have none maybe you should listen pay attention and be opened minded and maybe your hand will have a little bling on it for a change!

  • chris

    F*ck kobe he dnt even wat best for himn what’s here to help him out

  • james

    The media are obsessed over anything dwight or kobe says, he was clearly stating that he’s not focused on all the noise, just focused on team play, Journalist these days spin everything out of control

  • Nbafan14

    Kobe’s head getting bigger, no need 2prub 2any1, he’s already at d top..he’s 2personal to lebron during d allstar game..its an allstargame! 5 top’s 1 but give him time nd hu knows..stay humble man bcz nothing last.