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New Orleans Hornets Slashing Prices on More Than 80 Percent of Tickets Next Season

Hornets fans probably haven’t been too pleased with their favorite squad’s play as of late, but maybe this will help cheer ‘em up: Next season, the franchise will be slashing the prices of tickets for 81 percent of the seats in New Orleans Arena. Via The Times-Picayune: “Bucking a global trend of rising prices and diminished value for a dollar, particularly in the sports industry, the New Orleans Hornets next season will reduce ticket prices across 81 percent of New Orleans Arena, a move aimed at increasing ticket sales and product satisfaction. Team president Dennis Lauscha said the team has listened to the desires of its current and former ticket buyers and responded to what surveys indicated was fans’ primary motivation behind purchasing tickets: value. To that end, 13,598 of the seats in the arena, which currently has a capacity of 16,769, will go down in price for the 2013-14 season, the first with the new nickname of Pelicans, as the team continues to re-brand all aspects of the operation. … In an effort to have long-term sustainability in ticket sales, the Hornets/Pelicans next season will introduce pricing plans that will vary within sections, with season price reductions ranging from a high of $2,124 – a discount of 44 percent from the current price – to a low of $50. Additionally, 3,748 seats will be reduced by 20 percent or more and there will be 2,162 seats available in the arena at $10 or less per game.”

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  • Name

    Didn’t they raise the prices right after drafting The Brow?

  • The Charlotte Hornet

    Wish the Bobcats would do this. Man if you wanted to take your girl to a Bobcats game and sit in the lower level, have something to eat (even a snack) and a drink??? Shhhhh that’s like $200 at best. 1 game, 2 people, lower level food and a drink = $200.00. For the worst team in the league. But the guys playing for THE WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE are all multi-millionaires. Something, somewhere along the lines, just isn’t right about that. 30 NBA teams…this is what you get. 20 of which never have a chance of really winning anything.

  • zogs19994






  • spit hot fiyah

    wierd headline, made me belive they were lowering the price by 80%. but they are actually lowering the price on 80% of the tickets. big difference

  • Phillip Paragraphs






  • KipSmithers

    * KNOCK* *KNOCK*

    Who’s there?


    Madam who?

    Madam foot’s stuck in the door! Open up!

  • Vin

    How about LARGER FONTS SLAM?! GOTDAMN! You guys got me squinting to read!
    -_- >.<

  • Revoltew

    Must suck being as stupid as you. It’s 5 sentences which is a paragraph idiot.

  • zogs19994



    …YO MAMA

  • candlewood jay

    first of all, it is spelled as weird.
    second, the headline said more than 80 of tickets. not 80 percent on ticket prices.
    and i’m not even going to say anything on how you spelled believe.
    man, america’s public school system is really detoriating.

  • D_browntown

    Start sentences with capital letters son. Don’t start a sentence with and. *America, I’m etc..
    Man, America’s public school system is really deteriorating..

  • spit hot fiyah

    Ctrl + scroll down

  • spit hot fiyah

    Is this an English grammar blog? Also, why do u assume that i’m american?

  • Word

    how about lowering ticket prices by 81% instead of 81% of the seats.

  • roscoe

    that’s hiliarious.