Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 4:00 pm  |  19 responses

Zach Randolph Says the Memphis Grizzlies are Better Without Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay’s trade from Memphis to Toronto was an unpopular decision within the Grizzlies’ locker room when it went down. Now that everyone has had a chance to digest the fact that Rudy is a Raptor, veteran forward Zach Randolph seems to think his team will be better off sans Rudy. Per the Commercial Appeal: “Seemingly everywhere he went Friday, Zach Randolph heard a variation of a question on one topic: the Grizzlies’ recent trades. [...] Randolph was asked if he agreed with team chairman Robert Pera, who this week said his new-look Grizzlies are better equipped for playoff success after a trade that sent Rudy Gay to Toronto. ‘I definitely do,’ Randolph said. ‘I think once we get our identity together and continue to play, get some more games under our belt as a unit and come together, I think we can surprise a lot of people.’”

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  • KevinJohnsonFan

    ….As long as they don’t play a team with a star/superstar wingplayer, sure. But if they play Durant, they can’t win that series. Rudy Gay is capable of at least trying to match Durant in scoring. Randolph and Gasol aren’t enough.

  • Nope

    yeah until they need a game winning shot. rudy has a penchant for those. wait until the buzzer goes and they push you to the perimeter. better hope conley is ready for that.

  • pposse

    he doesnt mean that

  • Johansonberg

    Gay missed way more buzzer beaters than he made. And the grizz took the thumder to 7 games in the playoffs two yrs ago with marc and zach while rudy was on the bench

  • SirGrey

    Almost everyone in history has missed more than they made. Plus, you can’t dismiss the fact that 2 years ago was a completely different team (Greivis, OJ, Sam Young). Matter of fact, the whole world was shocked Zach could even play that well, I don’t see that stuff happening again.

  • TV63

    Suprised he said that and so quickly. Was there bad blood between them?

  • dannyb

    The context of this really depends on the way that the question was asked. If you look at exactly what Zebo said, he didn’t say anything about Gay, he just said the Griz are ready for the playoffs.

  • Macoboo

    Do you guys ever actually watch the Grizzlies play? Rudy is a nice guy but inconsistent and not the leader he should have grown into. He cannot dribble and take a defender whe he would dribble more than 2 times 64% of the time he would turn the ball over or pull up and miss the shot. We are a better inside out team and will do better plus he was a max contract and with that gone we can re-sign Tony Allen. So watch the team before you declare Rudy a great player. Bottom line ZBo was right!

  • gusisit

    i actually thinks hes right, rudy wasnt quite a fit, but tayshaun is, a defender who can shoot the 3, dont get me wrong rudy is a great player just not as good a fit as tayshaun is

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Nick Tha Quick

    Mama, there goes Slam again, misquoting someone and starting something where there was nothing. Like Craig Sager.

  • Axel

    Go grizz grr

  • deafballer

    …. raps are 6-2 with him including 2 game winners! so us raps fans are in a twilight zone for awhile, you can hate but we gonna love him until he starts missing everything

  • The Philosopher

    Called it…

  • Ryan

    Somebody is trying not to get their ass traded.

  • The Seed

    Zach is wrong. If you were going to trade away Gay, they should have kept Mayo. Gay can play, Zach is like the black hole, one the ball goes to him, it stays. Grizzlies are easier to defend now and Prince is a nice piece, but this is not 2004-2007. Memphis has no star now and will be a first round exit. BOOK IT!!!

  • dwhite22

    That’s messed up they took what zach said and twisted it

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    Hell no he doesn’t lol

  • TripleDouble

    Zac never said that or even insinuated it… I listened to him in his Grantland interview and dude said same thing – basically, that once they can get used to new players and get their chemistry back, they can do some damage… This headline is a 100% lie. It ain’t cool.

  • Justice Bolden

    So now that the Grizzlies have exposed Rudy Gay and this trade myth with a seven game winning streak, what’s next? Tayshaun Prince shut down Rudy Gay when they matched up. Grizz may miss Mayo, but they don’t miss Gay. Paul George deserves Gay’s contract.