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Carmelo Anthony Downplays Right Knee Injury

Midway through the second quarter of the New York Knicks’ 102-97 win in Cleveland, Carmelo Anthony got his feet tangled up and collapsed to the floor. Melo says the right knee injury—which caused him to miss the rest of the game—is a minor one. Per Newsday: “Anthony said he had an MRI a few days ago that was clean and added that the Knicks’ doctors don’t think ‘it’s too serious.’ But he said he feels tightness in the back of his knee and that it hasn’t been established why. He will be re-evaluated in Detroit Tuesday and could miss Wednesday night’s game against the Pistons, at the very least. The Knicks play Thursday night against Oklahoma City. ‘[It's] just sore,’ he said. ‘No pain. Just sore, stiffness. But it’s been going on for a while now.’ [...] ‘Before the game, I felt like I was like dragging my right leg,’ he said. ‘And maybe that one particular possession, I didn’t really have the control that I wanted of that leg and kind of tripped over my other leg.’ [...] ‘Some days you wake up and you don’t really feel right,’ Anthony said. ‘I came and I tried to warm up in warmups, and it still didn’t feel right. I thought it was going to loosen up before the game. Some of the things that I was doing, it felt like I was dragging my leg, and then that one particular play as well.’ With the Knicks’ brutal schedule this month, they likely will be extra-cautious with Anthony. They play 15 more games in March, including five sets of back-to-backs.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    tore my minuscus a week and a half ago, hurt like s#!t. knee injuries are no joke

  • http://twitter.com/_DFrance DFrance

    Hmmm, you’re 1-5 and down 20 to the Cavs on the road. You then proceed to trip over your own ugly Jordan clad feet right at half court in front of thousands. Sounds like the perfect time to get “injured” and hit the showers. Lol

  • pposse

    i think i just tore my ACL yesterday, my knee is the size of a softball right now! this officially sucks!!

  • danpowers

    ehw f*ck that. get well soon man

  • thetruth

    I played basketball all the way to the end of college…. 6 months out of College blow my ACL and Meniscus out…. then have to have an additional Microfracture surgery….. 2 years later and I’m still rehabing….not fun…

  • danpowers

    that really sucks. i just sprained it which left enough damage so that i have to do knee exercises since two years now. anytime i get sloppy at that and dont do it, i cant even shoot jumpshots coz my knees hurt too much. evolution really f*cked up by constructing our knees that fragile

  • Reedo

    when I saw it last night i thought He was going o pull a Paul Pierce and need to be carried out the arena then come back and hit a couple treys Lol

  • spit hot fiyah

    wow, get well soon bro