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David Stern: Sacramento Bid Must Increase For Kings

The Commissioner said Friday night that the Sacramento counteroffer has a chance, but it must improve financially to go before the NBA Board of Governors. The BOG will take a vote on the sale and relocation of the Kings franchise April 18 in New York City. Per the AP: “NBA Commissioner David Stern said Friday night that the counteroffer to keep the Sacramento Kings from moving to Seattle needs to be increased financially before the league’s owners would even consider the bid. Speaking to reporters before the Golden State Warriors hosted the Houston Rockets, Stern said the Sacramento group’s offer has some ‘very strong financial people behind it but it is not quite there in terms of a comparison to the Seattle bid.’ He added that ‘unless it increases, it doesn’t get to the state of consideration.’ The league has scheduled a meeting April 3 in New York to avoid rushing debate on the issue. Representatives from Sacramento and Seattle will have a chance to present their case at that meeting, Stern said. The NBA Board of Governors will convene April 18, when a vote is expected to take place on the sale and relocation of the Kings franchise. A sale of a franchise requires a three-fourths majority approval of owners, while relocation requires just a simple majority. Stern said he is still hopeful that the Sacramento bid, led by 24 Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov and billionaire grocery tycoon Ron Burkle, will be comparable to the Seattle offer by the time owners have to make a decision. ‘I think right now it is fair to say that the offers are not comparable,’ Stern said.”

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  • Richard Vert

    Sacramento is going to have a rough go at it after all the flaky moves the Maloofs pulled. Though they were not the bad guys it will still stick to them some. I’m in Seattle but I’m a Seahawks fan. The NBA and MLB can pretty much take a flyin’ leap for what I care. And I know a lot of folks that feel the same. The same teams win every year in both leagues because there’s little to no effort by the leagues to keep it competitive. They could both learn a lot from the NFL.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    this story/drama/saga is stupid

  • w mitbrodt

    In the MLB, eight different teams have won the title in the past nine years.)

    Continuing with the championship discussion, consider this: The Super Bowl has been held since 1967 and has had ONLY 18 different winners.

  • majic

    the bid will be increased, i have no doubt, burkle aint sitting on his hands. We’re going hard Sacto

  • anon

    If you don’t care about the NBA, get the f—k off this site. Ain’t nobody gonna give a crap about the uninformed opinions of someone who doesn’t have any interest in NBA ball.

  • roscoe

    SO… You’re saying…

    Sacramento has a chance…


  • Irishway’s

    Seattle reach deep in to your pockets and bring the Sonics home…. Kings fans yeah that sucks but u got three other teams to follow… Rainman out

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    i agree with ya. idk why this fool is on here

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    stern wants a team back in seattle it is that simple!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    while i somewhat agree with you. i am from north jersey/nyc so i have a very different perspective. i am not really a baseball fan but as a north jersey (15 min) from nyc we are very spoiled. the yanks even if they do not win are competitive every year. mets sux but spend a ton of money! as per hoops. stern has a simple plan that is the polar opposite of football and parity. major market and marquee stars..the rest of the league is the washington generals for all he cares. nyk, celts, bulls, the thunder have 2 stars! sas are the exception to the rule. boring team but they win! heat and the lakers are the draws! bron/wade and mamba are the draws and money makers that promote the league and tv/ratings!

  • ab40

    This bad team is going to get sold for over 800 million dollars to that Seatle group. Because the owners are losing money…