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Deron Williams Expects to Get Booed By Dallas Mavericks Fans

Gearing up for his first visit to Dallas this season, Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams isn’t anticipating a warm reception from the folks back in his hometown. Per the NY Daily News: “The three-time All Star will play the Mavericks on Wednesday in Dallas for the first time since he snubbed his hometown team in order to re-sign with the Nets in July as a free agent. It was an important signing for the Nets, who needed a franchise player as they moved into Barclays Center. But it was also a somewhat contentious transition for Williams, with the player and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban sharing some bad blood in public. Williams referred to the bitterness following his team’s 119-82 thumping of the lowly Pistons Monday at the Palace of Auburn Hills in which he continued his recent renaissance with 31 points. ‘Usually I get cheers. Now I’ll probably get booed,’ Williams said of what he expected in Dallas. ‘I don’t know why,’ he added as he walked out of the locker room to board the team bus for the second leg of the Nets’ eight-game, 17-day road trip. ‘It’s not like I was ever on the team,’ he said, his voice trailing off. Williams’ decision to stay with the Nets was made in part because of the absence of Cuban during the Mavs’ meeting with the star point guard in July. Cuban couldn’t make it, citing a scheduling conflict. He was in Los Angeles to tape an episode of the reality show “Shark Tank,” and Williams admitted that Cuban’s nonappearance affected his decision. Williams eventually chose to re-sign with the Nets, lending his signature to a five-year, $99 million deal instead of $75 million over four years with Dallas. Cuban followed that move by saying he liked what his team did in free agency, picking up Elton Brand and O.J. Mayo, among other players and that Williams shouldn’t have made such a big deal of his absence.”

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  • Pedestrian Nightmare

    no-one cares about you, Deron…

  • Anthony Dixon

    dallas fan?

  • roscoe

    Actually, DAL fans might cheer for him.

    they could have ended up with him, but are grateful they didn’t.

    next year they may boo when he is healthy though.

  • The Mauve Avenger

    I’m tired of these wack WWE storylines in the NBA.

  • roscoe

    they exist, just like global warming, and shaving polar bears.

  • MikeC.

    Mavs fans have bigger things to worry about than an overpaid underperformer. That contract will be an albatross in BK.

  • http://www.facebook.com/starkpwnsyou Joshua Maria Peter Bautista

    Most people were Dallas fans in 2011.