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Knee Surgery for Andrew Bynum ‘Certainly an Option’

According to Philadelphia Sixers GM Tony DiLeo, fears that Andrew Bynum won’t play at all this season are well-founded. The big fella could even end up under the knife for his injury-plagued knees. The Sixers, says DiLeo, still intend to lock up Bynum for the long-term. Per the Delco Times and Philly Daily News: “Sixers general manager Tony DiLeo said surgery for Andrew Bynum is ‘certainly an option,’ though the organization is trying to determine the appropriate next step for their injured center and his balky knees. [...] Friday, Bynum said there are no surgical procedures to fix the cartilage issue he’s battling in both his left and right knees. However, DiLeo did not dismiss the notion that going under the knife was a possibility for Bynum. ‘(Bynum) probably knows as much as anyone. He’s seen all the doctors,’ DiLeo said Sunday. ‘Now he has to make a decision, the doctors have to make a (decision) – what’s the next, best step? Is it continuing to rehab? Or go in and do arthroscopic (surgery)? Or is there some other alternative? That’s where we’re at right now.’ [...] ‘[Bynum] is Plan A,’ DiLeo said. ‘Until we get the answers, until we make a decision, it’s a calculated decision or a risk-management decision, that’s something we’ll have to make at the end of the year, going into free agency … [Bynum] is unrestricted,’ said DiLeo, who added that he believes Bynum likes being in the Sixers organization. ‘He can go anywhere he wants and it’s his career. He’s only 25 years old. That’s just something we’ll have to see. We just don’t have all the information now.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    he will probably get the max this offseason smh

  • i_ball

    Who would be that dumb?

  • Mac

    If any GM offers him a Max deal (and I’d be willing to bet one will) then they’re a fool.

  • bike

    So is retirement.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.brodes Jay Brodes

    he is not playing this year. can you say sam bowie? another greg oden..well at least he had a couple of decent years..i could have told you this in january..good luck sixers. i would dump him asap!

  • TV63

    Where the hell is he getting medical advice from? Dr. Seuss? If the experts say surgery; then get it over with than dragging this all out another year. It just seems the medical advice was lacking or HE just dismissed what they said to do. It’s a damn shame either way for him and the sixers.

  • MikeC.

    Is Isiah still employed in the NBA? He’d try to give Bynum two max contracts.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    dr seuss? lol

  • pposse


  • i_ball

    Now that I think about it maybe if Phoenix offers him a max deal that won’t be so ridiculous

  • roscoe

    read a book sanchez… now!

  • roscoe

    It’ll be interesting to see who dares to take drew on w/ a max deal…

    there is one team in d’northwest who seems 2 find knee problems more than others