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Royce White Has Left the Houston Rockets’ NBDL Team

Royce White’s very brief stint in the NBA Development League appears to have come to an end. The rookie’s NBA career, meanwhile, remains very much up in the air. Per the Houston Chronicle: “White announced via Twitter that he was leaving the Rio Grande Valley Vipers to be in Houston for the remainder of the season at the advice of the team physician. He did not offer any explanation, but later said he was returning to Houston, not the Rockets. Rockets officials, however, would not comment, potentially indicating that they were not a part of the decision. Even less clear is whether the agreement that White considered necessary to report to the D-League in February will protect him should the Rockets wish to suspend him again. White had been initially assigned to the D-League on Dec. 29 and was suspended Jan. 6 for failing to provide services required by his NBA contract when he refused to report to the Vipers. After reaching an agreement on issues related to the treatment of his anxiety disorder, White was reinstated Jan. 26 and given time to train before reporting Feb. 11. In 12 games with the Vipers, White averaged 9.6 points and 5.6 rebounds, making 41.6 percent of his shots and 62 percent of his free throws.”

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  • LLC#12

    I want to be sympathetic for this guy but, he makes it hard. How much does he expect the team to do for him?

  • robb

  • Ses

    Am I the only one that is sick of this guy!??!

  • roscoe

    Good luck RW.

  • darkknight

    This guy is the worst he’ll never have a career in the league, he should give up and go coach HS ball, Oppps I forgot they travel on that level too!

  • Stroshow

    He wasn’t even doing well in the D-league. I don’t want to ever hear this scrubs name again.

  • ItzPlayz

    yeah im over this story

  • Coyboo

    He may have an ocd disorder, but peep this: a number of us have no such disorder yey crave for the opportunity given you royce. Think thrice homie

    - from an ordinary guy with no hoop skills yet a fan still

  • Max


  • Max

    Cmon dude.

  • Coyboo

    World hunger is much worse than fear of flying. Just a thought that can be of help.

  • ktbishop222

    It’s one thing to need help with an anxiety disorder. It’s a whole different ‘nother thing to be a prima donna about it.

  • ayochaser

    I think I’m in the minority of people giving white the benefit of the doubt. His issue must be pretty serious if he and the team has gone through this much to make him happy. I’ll admit its way too damn much but like I sad I’m willing to bet it’s more serious than any of us knows. Hopefully he can parlay these roadblocks into a solid career

  • https://twitter.com/Wayne__o BuenoWayno1

    I wanna be on his side because I also have a anxiety disorder…..but this guy is just full of himself

  • Ugh

    When you have “no hoop skills” you do a thing called “practice” and “training” and you slowly develop those skills – because this process of conditioning the status quo for a human being they follow an “order”, as it were. A “disorder” does not respond in any ordinary, predictable fashion to practice and training. It’s a “dis-oder”. Get it?

    So when you have “no hoop skills” merely trying to develop them allows to become good at the game and you are awarded opportunities, like playing professionally, they aren’t ‘given’ to you. When you have a “disorder”, the results from repetitive conditioning behaviour are erratic and unpredictable, meaning your opportunities are non-uniform and irregular.

    What this means is that Royce White doesn’t get to do things you take for granted every day because he has an extremely difficult to treat condition. Your condition, being ‘ordinary’ and having ‘no hoop skills’ is easily curable and had you bothered to develop it (i.e were a lazy, over-entitled dumba$$ who thinks being a basketball player is about ‘opportunity’ and not ‘work’) you’d have the pro basketball opportunities he has. But instead you criticise somebody whose issues you demonstratably have not even the slightest understanding of for not playing a game you can’t play yourself.

    I guess being lazy and over-entitled also explains why when you open your mouth (and, in this case, type) you expect the words to be right despite not having thought about anything or researched what you’re talking about. Remarkable, complete circle, really.

  • playa

    Soooo he’s as good as gone,right?RIGHT?

  • KingBenjamin

    What a coward. That’s all I have to say about Royce White, the guy takes playing in the NBA for granted. Millions of basketball players and athletes would love to be in his shoes and would do anything to make their dream of playing in the NBA a reality. But no Royce White doesn’t care he wants the Rockets to accommodate his traveling like he is some basketball “God”. If his anxiety is this bad he should have never declared for the draft and just stayed home in Iowa finished his degree and got a regular job that doesn’t require traveling. Other people with the same anxiety disorder who have jobs and have to travel take their medicine and they travel, why? Because IT’S THEIR JOB! I understand he has an anxiety disorder and has fears of flying but that’s in the job description, and oh yeah he’s getting paid millions of dollars to do it, money that regular hardworking people can only dream about making.

    Get this lunatic out of the NBA he doesn’t understand how much of a privilege it is to not only make it to the NBA but play in it.

  • Blackice87

    uhh benig afforded opportunity is actually a key cog to the success of any profession.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    I’m sure its serious, but the team has done a lot to help him as best they can (while still having to swallow that they took a failed gamble), and Royce has done absolutely nothing to show for it. And I don’t mean on the court, I mean by his actions and his words towards the organization off the court.

    He wants to be a martyr, someone who stands up against the “man”, but has done absolutely sh*t but run his mouth badly about the NBA and the team that drafted him. It boggles my mind that the Rockets don’t just release this guy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.

    This guy has all the signs of a drama queen. Check this recent interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CHWmeuTDO3k

    The interviewer asked him THREE TIMES what the Rockets didn’t provide him, and he hems and haws to an answer on the third try by saying they’re not providing “recognition”. Even admits his demands are “out there”, or something to that effect.

    What the hell is wrong with this guy? He has a lot of nerve for someone who hasn’t done sh*t in his career. Not surprisingly, his reason for leaving the Vipers is that he couldn’t handle living in hotels….then why the f*ck did you aspire to be an NBA player?? Living in hotels is part of the job description. There’s only so much accommodation an organization can do.

    The Rockets need to cut this guy ASAP, and the rest of the NBA needs to make an example out of him by blackballing him out of the league. Then, and only them, will this moron realized that he wasted (literally) a 1 in a million opportunity.

  • robb

    yeah, I mean, I understand his anxiety disorder and all that, but to me he’s just using it as an excuse to make demands without proving anything. That’s just not right. The team’s treating this situation carefully and with good reason, because this guy could very easily go out and say the Rockets are discriminating him because of his medical condition, but enough is enough.

  • ayochaser

    I actually wonder why they haven’t released him yet either because to be honest it looks like both sides(he and the organization) are too stubborn to work with the others demands and Houston seems like they want him to either retire or play. They haven’t exactly done a great job at accomodating him. He supposedly has an extreme fear of flying, so using the team bus more often wouldn’t kill them would it? They have to make a better effort to help him adjust because throwing someone with an anxiety disorder “in the fire” so to speak sounds like a terrible idea to me. They knew there were risks with him when they drafted him so they kinda should have seen this coming. I’m not saying the rockets are in the wrong but mental disorders can be serious and often times those of us without them, me included, try to dumb down how hard it can be on the people with them. Anxiety doesn’t sound like a big deal to me but I’m sure it sucks for Royce White. The guy had the work ethic and enough talent to be a 1st round pick in the NBA, I doubt he’s just being a rebel because this is something he’s worked hard for his entire life unfortunately this is holding him back.

  • Matt

    I really want to be on his side, but it seems that he has handled this situation too selfishly. Without any mental disablities myself (any that I know of anyhow), I cannot possibly fully understand White’s distress right now. What I do understand is that, according to the media, he has not made any consessions regarding his contract. Daryl Morey has consistently said that the team has been reaching out to White and trying to accommodate his demands but White thusfar has remained difficult to deal with. Royce White, I wish you great luck in whatever you do from here on out, but I cannot say that you handled this especially well.

  • Matt

    Daryl Morey has agreed to Royce White’s terms that he said were needed to be included in his contract for him to play.

  • http://www.facebook.com/harrison.carnaby Harrison Carnaby

    I hate this guy now. I’m just sick of the bu|l$hit. he should just be upfront with what he thinks the rockets aren’t doing right and maybe act like a man when it comes to dealing with the situation. I’d fine him and cut him. he’s just not worth it

  • JL

    So he doesn’t want to and can’t play, and he is complaining at the same time about the team not giving him the right opportunity and the right accommodations? Seriously. Dude needs a slap upside his head. There’s nobody around him to tell him he’s being an idiot?

  • Chukaz

    I would pay good money to hear Daryl Morey go “hey guys, I know that the flight from here to LA would take like 4 hrs, but you’ll be traveling 20+ hrs by bus instead. Royce is afraid of flying and he won’t go unless it’s by bus. We need him to be there in case we either win or lose by 40 so he can play.”

    All kidding aside, the Rockets allow Royce to trade to most games by bus. Royce bought and RV and the Rockets were gonna get him a driver til he decided he wouldn’t play unless the entire NBA launched a battle against mental disorders.

  • Do Work

    It’s been one thing after another with this kid ever since high school, the only difference now is he is dealing with a professional institution instead of a bunch of people who will do deals under the table for him to get his way. he just wants the fame of being an nba player but won’t put in the work anymore.

  • Mike From Spain

    You have to work hard to make opportunity show itself.

  • Mike From Spain

    Royce White wanted to be a spokesman for anxiety disorders. He’s made his impact in the hoops world: No one will ever want to draft someone with his condition.

  • jayyCelt

    ahhh quit bitchin already Royce. thats all hes done thus far. what a waste of talent -_-