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Seattle Sonics Announce Ticket Waitlist

The city of Seattle hasn’t gotten its NBA team back yet—though it seems inevitable that they will—but fans can already start putting money down on game tickets starting this Thursday. Chris Hansen launched the idea, which is similar to an initiative that Sacramento Kings fans came up with to keep their squad. Per the Seattle Times and Sac Bee: “Hansen said in the statement on the site that the list will help him understand and prioritize ticket demand and that registering for the list would demonstrate to the NBA Seattle’s passion for the game. Hansen said that ‘no inference should be drawn between our establishment of the Priority Ticket Waitlist and our efforts to close our acquisition of the Sacramento Kings. We are in the midst of working through the approval and relocation process with the NBA, and we would expect a determination to be made at the Board of Governors meeting (in April).’ [...] Sacramento launched its own season ticket pledge drive in January in an attempt to show the NBA a robust level of support for basketball exists here. As of 5:30 p.m. today, 5,561 fans had pledged to buy season tickets for a new arena in downtown Sacramento – including 14 in the first half-hour after Hansen made his announcement.”

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  • roscoe

    you think SEA group got nervous when…

    dStern said, “we have two great cities and fanbases to choose from.”

    this is such a USED CAR SALESMAN ploy its laughable.

    where’s my warranty and carfax?!

  • MikeC.

    Stern also said that Sac’s plan and financial backing was far below what the Seattle group had, and the Sac group would need to step it up.

  • roscoe

    stern also busted out the harlem shake behind his curtain with…

    the soon to be commish, david aldridge, and the rest of his posse.