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Byron Scott’s Job Reportedly in Trouble

The Cleveland Cavaliers (22-50) are one of the NBA’s worst teams, and if they don’t turn it around dramatically next season, head coach Byron Scott could be fired. Per the News-Herald: “Once again, there will be major turnover among NBA head coaches after the 2012-13 season. The jury is out in Cleveland, where the Cavaliers are once again limping toward the finish line. They have a chance to do something no other Cavs’ team has ever done: Finish last in their division for three consecutive years. Coach Byron Scott’s critics are becoming more vocal as the season wears on. It was once viewed that his return next season was almost a lock. After all, the Cavs picked up the option year on his contract next year worth an estimated $4.5 million. [...] The defense is one of the worst in the NBA. It struggles on some nights, and it is non-existent on others. That’s a major concern to Cavs majority owner Dan Gilbert, and ultimately a hunch Scott could be on shaky ground. Scott’s offense is largely ineffective. Often times, he hands the ball to Kyrie Irving in crunch time and asks him to make something happen. Break down your man, penetrate into the key and take a shot. Without him, there’s nowhere to turn. Shaun Livingston, who now has the ball with the game on the line, doesn’t have Irving’s kind of ability. That leaves the offense in the lurch. For the most part, Scott is able to get the players to play hard. Right now, there is not enough legitimate talent, which isn’t the coach’s fault. [...] In all likelihood, Scott will be brought back for the start of next season and be on a short leash. They need to make the playoffs next year.”

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  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    What? Scott’s an excellent coach, the team needs to get better players. The best player is a joke on defence, he has literally 2 players on that team with any form of offensive game that isn’t entirely one dimensional, and the best big man they have has been out nearly the entire season… what does management want from the guy? If anything, he should leave and try and coach the Wizards, John Walls game will explode with a coach like Scott.

  • http://twitter.com/NYCKING BIG ED

    Scott took job thinking that LBJ was going to resign but bounce. I don’t understand why NBA teams keep going to retreads as coaches. Follow NFL lead hire the hot assistant coach.

  • roscoe

    B.scott is a hard @ss…

    young teams need a motherly-coach not a “winner” like Scott.

  • RayJr

    When is it not?

  • LP

    they’re gonna Mike Brown him quick in first 15 games of the year…..tank…… and then hope for WIGGINS….book it.

  • Perry the PlatyPteranodon

    Young teams don’t need a “motherly” coach, they need a coach who can develop them, and Scott knows how to develop point guards. Motherly coaches don’t win games, they just stand by like glorified AAU coaches imo, like Scott Brooks or Vinny do.

  • roscoe

    u can define “motherly” anyway u want & I ain’t goin to argue a definition.

    but i think your point of a “develop”-ing type coach is the crux of the issue.

    name me a few nba coaches that are proven team “develop”-ers.

    the L has changed PtPP… you know this.

    But in the same breath it is hard to argue scott doesn’t develop pg’s considering his resume, but the entire team could be a different story, imo.

    to give a solution i’d say taking a recent player w/ minimum coaching experience is in vogue.

  • Mackenzie

    How can you blame B. Scott when Varejao’s missed most of the season, you’ve got a rookie center holding down the paint and Kyrie’s been in and out of the line-up a lot as well? Not to mention they give major minutes to Alonzo Gee

  • Bigbird

    to young, to many injury’s to judge anyone we take away injury’s much better record. Can’t blame anyone

  • JimBob

    april fools????

  • roscoe

    why don’t u worry about romny?

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.callihan1 Chris Callihan

    Was about to post pretty much the same comment lol

  • Bongstradamus

    Pop doesnt mother anyone. Jerry Sloan didnt either. Most of the rooks that went through those programs became real players…many became coaches. Some of the greatest legends were taught by the hardest coaches.

    Truth is, the harder the coach, the better the team. What you need though is a coach who doesnt lose his players and has the unwavering support of the Organization. In Utah, Sloan was God. In SA, Pop is God. In Miami, Riley rules the roost and what he says goes. Next Town Brown is notoriously difficult on rookies, but turns guys like Allen Iverson into indomitable forces and Chauncey Billups into capable floor generals. Skiles is great for a team for 2 years, but he lacks the people skills to maintain his staying power. SVG is a brilliant coach, funny and self deprecating, but he’s too manic and obsessive and doesnt know how to let some things go. He nags way too much.

    Phil Jackson isnt even really a coach. How many times does he micro manage clock and rotations? Like never. He coaches through philosophy. He puts players on a journey to find themselves. And there were a lot of rooks with great potential who fell through the cracks even though he won 11 rings.

    Coach K…he’s a softy. And so are Dukies that get to the NBA. Outside of Elton Brand for 8 years, has there ever been a Duke product that actually lived up to their hype?

  • Caboose

    I like a lot of this post but, ahem, Kyrie?

  • Bongstradamus

    Definitely impressed with Kyrie. Let’s hope he doesnt buy a motorcycle in the offseason.