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Dwyane Wade Says He Needs Three Championship Rings

The Miami Heat begin their title defense this weekend, and Dwyane Wade is thinking about his legacy. For Wade to be truly satisfied with his NBA career, he says that he needs a third title. Per the AP: “He’s rich, which he says he always wanted. He’s famous, which he says he never wanted. His on-court legacy is secure. Al that’s left, he said, is winning more titles. And the quest for the player who wears No. 3 to win ring No. 3 starts this weekend, when the Heat will open an Eastern Conference first-round series at home against the Milwaukee Bucks. ‘I feel like I need three rings. After that, I’m playing with church’s money,’ Wade said. ‘I’ve always said that if I can end my career with at least three rings … I’ve already had a special career, but it would put me in that special group that only a few can say that they’re in. It would mean a lot. It would mean a lot. It would mean a lot.’ In a year where some say things like his scoring numbers — 21.2 points per game, his lowest since his rookie season but still eighth-best in the NBA — were proof that his skills are vanishing, Wade is shooting better than 50 percent for the first time. And only four NBA players are averaging at least 20 points, five rebounds and five assists per game this season, that group including Russell Westbrook, Kobe Bryant, James and Wade. [...] ‘I mean, let’s talk about the obvious,’ Wade said. ‘Guys get older. That’s obvious. Yes, I’ve gotten older. Yes, my game has changed. But let’s talk production. I’m a productive player. My numbers show it. I buy into the efficiency numbers — more than I should and it drives me crazy that I buy into it. I look around the league and see guys shooting 41 percent and they’re getting patted on the back. I’m shooting 52 percent and I’m on the decline?’”

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  • Nlightened

    Dwyanes the man bu 3 rings is settling


    don’t worry dwade, the protege you brought a couple years ago will bring you a third for sure and maybe a 4th and a 5th

  • Mo

    He said “at least” 3 rings.

  • B-Easy

    What he means with ” After that, I’m playing with church’s money” ?

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    It means it doesn’t really matter whether he wins more or not after that because 3 rings (1 as the best player, 2 as the 2nd best player who stepped aside while he was still great to give the team to LeBron) qualifies him as an easy Hall of Famer and a top 50 all-time player without question. Not winning more won’t really hurt him. And if he does win more, then it will just add to his legacy.

  • http://twitter.com/LuisBrownish Luis Moreno

    He should already have a third if the protege didn’t disappear against Dallas. Wade almost won LeBrons first ring for him.

  • Caboose

    How on earth was Darko Milicic drafted ahead of this guy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003246310246 Jason Carter

    Dont worry, stern got u.

  • Tcarter

    You haven’t declined but if you still there next year you will 4sho have 4 rings


    i thought we passed this faze with lbj luis. even though that 2011 finals baffled me (biggest nba drop off from regular season compare to finals in points) now it can be viewed as a learning path. lets hope for another heat vs thunder finals, that weather series would be amazing

  • Tcarter

    @Luis Moreno d wade want eva get another ring without the KING

  • JML-G

    Darko won championship b4 him, so Detroit made the smartest possible move #TRU

  • Caboose

    Yup, that’s why Horry is better than Jordan.

  • LakeShow

    Not 1, not 2, not 3… Wait… Yeah actually 3 is cool.

  • Max

    And that’s a #FACT.

  • Caboose

    Yeah, HashSwagOBVSLY

  • Caboose

    lol, that was good

  • spit hot fiyah


  • spit hot fiyah

    master p?

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    Wade almost won LeBron’s first ring for him? Did you not watch the playoffs including the Finals? Where were you when LeBron was getting Wade going in Game 4 in Indiana while also getting 40, 18 and 9 himself? After Wade’s knee had him playing terribly in that series. Where were you when LeBron went off in Game 6 in Boston? Where were you when LeBron averaged close to a triple double in the Finals?

  • Hatershateme

    Are you a female?

  • LakeShow

    Are you a misogynist?

  • Maxx

    he was talking about in 2011 against the Mavs when LeBron disappeared and Bosh was the teams 2nd leading scorer.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    3 rings?! thats it?!

  • monkeyball

    Best 2-guards of my lifetime:

    1) MJ
    2) Kobe
    3) DWade
    4) Clyde the Glide
    5) Ray Allen

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    I don’t consider losing a series 4-2 almost winning it. If that’s what he meant, that’s a pretty wild thing to say.

  • pposse

    yeah cause when the Heat were up in game 2 by 15 pts with 5:00 mins left, they weren’t close to putting the screws in real early in the series. The Heat jagged so hard that series. That was theirs for the taking, they choked (lebron specifically) and then lost.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    lol, good answer. It’s so facking lame how female is supposed to be an insult.

  • makoface

    agree with that- except i put joe dumars and reggie ahead of ray allen. pity T-Mac got injured- he up there too even though he a 3.

  • Hatershateme

    It wasnt a insult you damn Bitches. it was a simple question

  • Ugh

    Looks like you have a suitor, LakeShow.

  • http://twitter.com/iskolares Edcel Ceniza

    Man, I can only give you 1 upvote for this comment I wanted to give 1000 :D

  • BayArea

    5 Greatest Shooting Guards Of All-Time:

    3.Allen Iverson
    4.Dwayne Wade
    5.Clyde Drexler

  • danpowers

    allen iverson over wade and drexler? no jerry west at all? come on…

  • danpowers


  • danpowers

    nah, id prefer a knicks spurs series. would be amazing to see nba finals with players in wheelchairs… on court

  • http://www.facebook.com/devin.williams1 Devin Williams

    He said “atleast” 3, and anything more is church money

  • dcthemvp

    Who said wade finishes as the 2nd best? If you ask me wade will always be better than Lebron not only for what he did in 2006 to make all of this possible, but also for letting the beast out of Lebron. Not many superstars would allow another to shine regardless the situation healthy or not. If you want my opinion wade’s saving all he’s got for when they need him most. Don’t be surprised if wade blows our mind again and takes home another finals MVP. Just because he doesn’t shoot 20 times a game anymore or doesn’t get to the free throw lines double digit attempts doesn’t mean he can’t anymore. Just because he doesn’t don’t mean he can’t. This is coming from a fan who betted on Miami while down 2-0 to Dallas in 2006. Don’t count wade out, ever.

  • KevinJohnsonFan

    That says more about Wade’s character than his basketball skill. He’s not better than LeBron because he let him take over his team. He’s just a good, unselfish guy. LeBron is clearly a better player and will always be known as a better player. Wade even admits that. It’s why he stepped aside in the first place because he knows LeBron is the best and if the Heat were going to win, LeBron was going to have to lead the team.

  • el mori

    well they are human not robot erick spoeltra like to force his player even playing the pistons he force his player to play over 30 minutes thats gonna get them sooner or later. and wade is knee has been in doubt,