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Gregg Popovich ‘Very Concerned’ About Tony Parker’s Health

Tony Parker had himself a terrible game against the OKC Thunder last night — 2 points on 1/6 shooting, 4 assists and 1 rebound — and it was largely due to a shin injury. Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich admitted that his point guard’s injuries are weighing heavily on his mind. Per the Express-News: “It wasn’t exactly the All-Star point guard’s 1-of-6, two-point scoring night that was concerning the Spurs coach. It was the way Parker was hobbling up and down the court at Chesapeake Energy Arena, looking more like 38-year-old Thunder guard Derek Fisher than Fisher himself. ‘I saw him come across half court actually limping at one time, so that’s when we pulled him,’ Popovich said. ‘I said ‘Tony, you’ve got to stop, so we can figure out what it is.’ He just couldn’t go.’ Heading into the game, Parker was dealing with a laundry list of bumps, including a bone bruise in his left ankle leftover from a sprain suffered March 1. Popovich doesn’t believe what plagued Parker in OKC was necessarily that, but a previously unreported injury to his shin. ‘My feeling is tendonitis, something in his shins or whatever, from the way it looked on the court, but I don’t know,’ said Popovich, who described himself ‘very concerned’ about his star guard’s health. ‘We thought he had just kind of recovered from his ankle, so this was something new tonight with his leg,’ Popovich said. ‘I just don’t know what it is right now.’ [...] ‘I just have to get healthy,’ Parker said. ‘I’m not going to give you any other answers than that.’ Asked if he had a feeling whether he would be able to play Saturday at home against Atlanta, Parker said: ‘We’ll see.’”

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  • redrum

    i love pops but i have started to think that his rotations to rest players might actually not be great for them… SA has constant injuries of their big three. i just wonder whether the fact that their bodies are not used to the load, once they need to play extra minutes the cannot cope and get injured.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    when your offense grows dependent on one horse when he’s on the floor, his body will suffer the consequences.
    Tony Parker, in a sense, is this generations Allen Iverson. – just without all the attention grabbing attributes (behavior, style of play).

  • Max

    They haven’t played any extra minutes tho.

  • The Philosopher

    Parker has peaked…

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    that’s his point. which is the same thing i’ve been saying about them since January. if they aren’t in shape to play the extra minutes they will NEED to play in the playoffs, their bodies will not be prepared.

  • Max

    Oh yeah, I see it now, misread that.

  • Name

    Timmy and Manu love when they get to rest. I remember a couple of seasons ago Manu did a livestream and he was explaining how 82 games per season took a toll on his body and how he really needed that kind of rest in between key games. Rest is essential especially for a 35 y/o with the style of play that Manu has.

    If Pop wasn’t resting guys and they were still getting injured everyone would be criticizing him like they do with Thibs

  • RayJr

    Yeah looks to be backfiring on him now.

  • RedRum

    they generally play little than average. The initial stages of an injury might have happened in a game when they did play longer. Look, it is just a theory, but don’t you find it weird that the SA players that supposedly are “rested” and “fresh” because of Pop’s rotation are constantly injured? Maybe it is the medical team’s fault, Parker, Manu and TD do not seem like people who are not professional and take good care of their bodies.

  • RedRum

    I think Pop is the best coach in the game, top 5 all time. However, the past 6-7 years, he got it wrong with the resting. He did not use to do that when the three were younger. I am not sure who he listened to and started this rotation-rest schedule, but as an athlete and coach myself, I can feel it when intensity goes down. Your body adapts to the increased stimulus (ie lots of minutes) unless there is a structural reason (injury). I think Pops might have robbed his team of a couples of rings with his schedule. What was the pattern SA has been following since 07? Great regular season team, as due to great system, coaching and continuity the team just rolls. But come playoffs, the team collapses, as they cannot match the intensity needed. Your body though needs to have felt and sustained this intensity to develop muscle memory. I think Spo/Railey, Jax when in the league and other coaches have got it rightPlay your team lots of minutes for most of the regular season, secure a good playoff spot, rest your players for a couple of weeks and then use the 1st round of playoff to shake off any rust. Now, this might be a bit dangerous as you might get caught in the 1st round, but at least your teams is ready to go all out. The SA three have gone from playing less than 30 minutes in the regular season to more than 40, this is a more than 25% increase!!! Damn this got really long, is anyone is has kept reading so far, word to yo mama!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Lol 90% of that was great, kinda fell apart at the end there tho. Parker has been playing 35 minutes, so he’s in the minute sweet spot. The rest is really good.

  • Max


  • RedRum

    I am typing from phone so lots of errors, my apologies. Parker is playing 33 minutes per game, and not consistently, he usually plays less than 30 but there were a few games that played 45+ and bumped his mpg. Everyone one else plays 30 or less, maybe Leonard plays a bit more. @ab3315fd8be9ea70fbf4124a5df24137:disqus mate, I don’t care if TD and Manu like to rest. If that is the case they should prepare their bodies better. Look at kobe (who I quite dislike, but respect). They should be able to play 35+ minutes even at their age. I really like Pops and the Spurs, but what they are doing is ridiculous, Pops method has left them out of contention for 7 years. Now… I might be completely wrong, but this is how I perceive it. As you say they might got more injured if they played more. However, in my experience, if they put in the off-season work to prepare their bodies, they should be no reason why they could not play 35+ minutes at this day and age, with advanced training and nutrition knowledge. I love the Spurs, Duncan is my all time favourite player, but have to call it as I see it. The past 5 years TD got lazy, piled up 20 pounds, now he lost them and plays great again. There is no excuse. Bleaping hell, this got too long again. If anyone is still reading, pat yourself on the shoulder and pour a nice big glass of scotch.

  • Rockwell

    Injuries are a part of them game regardless of whether you play 20 minutes a game or 40 minutes a game, or whether you’re 25 years old or 35 years old. Look at the dude from Louisville. Ran out on a closeout. Totally routine play. Probably did it a million times, and he broke his leg almost as bad as Shaun Livingston. Pop can’t control whether Parker gets injured or not. No one can.

  • AndyK415

    Just did.

  • underdog

    I’d let him sit out the rest of the regular season.

  • i_ball

    You can really compare playing LeBron/Wade/Bosh for 40 minutes with playing Manu/TD/TP for so long. I mean how many games have the Heat players missed due to injury in their carriers so far. Only DWade is prone to that. Timmy has had bad knees for a long time and Manu has been banged up since the Olympics in Beijing. The only one who can handle that much load for 100 games is TP. Last season they were healthy and were on their way to the Finals until Harden went crazy.
    Maybe you are right though. But only Pop and his stuff know what the physical condition of the players.
    There is enough time to get everyone healthy. And giving up the 1st seed might be not so bad after all the Lakers are not the average 8th seed. And since Manu and TP will be rusty better to play the Rockets – for most of them this would be the first playoff birth in which they are the main players so I guess it would be hard for them.