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John Wall Thinks Derrick Rose Should Sit Out the Entire Season

The way John Wall sees it, there’s no point for Derrick Rose to try and suit up for the Chicago Bulls this season. Wall thinks it’d be best for DRose to return in 2013-’14 when he’ll be completely healthy. Per ESPN: “Washington Wizards guard John Wall, who missed more than two months with a knee injury, believes Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose would be better off sitting out the rest of the season as he recovers from May 12 ACL surgery. ‘I think the organization and the team understands how hard [Rose plays] and what he does for the city and the team, how hard he works and what he wants to bring back to that city,’ said Wall, whose Wizards defeated the Bulls 90-86 Tuesday night. ‘So I think [based off] what he has already done, they would understand if he didn’t come back. I feel like [if] I were in the situation I wouldn’t really [come back this year] because you don’t have enough time to get into a rhythm. Then you get to the playoffs, D-Rose wouldn’t be good for that team just playing 20 minutes a game. They’re already a good team and good defensively, but to be even better he would have to play more minutes.’ Rose said last week that he wouldn’t rule out making his season debut in the playoffs rather than getting up to speed with a few regular-season games. [...] ‘It took me until March to really find my rhythm of getting into game shape,’ Wall said. ‘It took so long because the first month, month and a half I was playing 20 minutes. You play five minutes a quarter, you can’t really find yourself, so it’s very tough. But when you get to start starting and playing more minutes you start to find yourself again, so it was pretty tough at the beginning.’”

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  • Feez_22

    Ok guys… don’t flame john wall for his comments. If you read into it, he is saying it wouldn’t be optimal for rose to return now because he personally knows the process of coming back from a knee injury (although he had precondition to a stress fracture and not an acl tear). However, rubio took like 2 months to get back to normal. Shumpert as well. It took 3 of these players 10-20mins playing per game for a month or 2 before they could really take off again. This is the perspective wall is speaking of.

    Just a heads up guys!

  • zogs19994



  • LP

    Did you just rebuttal to an imaginary post?

  • bike

    Hope someone asks Rose what he thinks of Wall’s opinion of what he thinks Rose should do.

  • Max

    IMo Shumpert isn’t even back to normal yet.

  • Max

    And than ask Wall what he thinks about Rose thinking about Wall’s opinion of what he thinks Rose should do.

  • Feez_22

    No i read the entire story at espn.

  • Datkid

    incredible wisdom from the mouth of idiots. but still incredible wisdom.

  • Feez_22

    Shumpert is back. You can truly tell a player is back from an injury like this when they aren’t fatigued to where they can’t shoot or even function late in games. His mins have increased and his shooting numbers have increased drastically (went from 26.4% shooting from the field and 27% shooting from 3 in feb with 3.9ppg (18 mins per) to now 7.7ppg on 47.1% from the field and 49% from 3 in march (27 mins per) ).

    Now he isn’t all the way back defensively but he has def improved on that side of the ball since jan easily.

    BTW i gauge it by their jumper bc usually when players aren’t in game shape, they can’t get their legs under them and are short on a bunch of jumpers (sign of fatigue)

  • Max

    I’d say he’s about 80%
    I expect atleast double digits, while driving to the lane and playing stellar D.
    Not a 100% yet is what I meant.

  • spit hot fiyah

    agreed, rubio has looked good though. probably has something to with shump’s game being more based on athleticism. there was video floating around of him dunking between the legs in warm ups though, for whatever that is Worth. maybe it’s a confidence thing

  • spit hot fiyah

    and then ask rose what….forget it. it’s like that painting of Jeremy evans dunking over a painting of Jeremy evans dunking over a painting..

  • vaze7789

    The real question is what does Waka Floka think about all this? Waka we need you!

  • Jacob Nelson

    Rose would be one hell of a 6th man during the playoffs though. They should at least activate him so they can use him if he decides to play.

  • Feez_22

    alright cool. I agree with 80%

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Destin-Banks/100001590163663 Destin Banks

    wall was probally asked and he answered im pretty sure he did not jus walk up to a reporter and give his opinion of roses situation..

  • Max

    Probably still a little scared for contact.

  • pposse

    did you see the video of the between the legs dunk?

  • spit hot fiyah

    yeah, i can’t remember where. it was pregame where the two commentators are talking and he dunked it in the background


    Do you think that DRose will come off the bench. The public will want him to start. If DRose was to come back, it should have been about 15 games ago in order to get his rhythm back.

    Best to come back next season fresh. Also you have to factor in as well is how well can Rose mesh with the team. The current Bulls have built an identity that you can say is new so does Rose fit in to the new look Bulls.

    I know everyone will gripe about it yet Hinrich, Nate, Deng and Noah have had an awesome year. I reckon Rose’s ego will allow the Bulls to play their game so he can come back bigger, badder and more complete as a player

  • Amber Collier

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  • BULL’S for the ring!

    If d rose has half a brain he would miss this season(pull a blake) and come back when the whole team is healththy:taj is out, noah is day to day,deng playing with that wrist,rip out why risk it.He is the face of the franchise 1st since jordon get everyone healthy,let thibs know he is safe(he has got them to the playoffs without rose that tells you how good he is) keep the team as is except either make the call on the sg-do keep starting rip or do you make him your bench sg and get a new one and bring in a back up center to spell noah.If all this happens the bulls will be back in the championship mix next year…

  • http://twitter.com/vannshy vannshy

    what about Ja Rule ?

  • Denzo

    MJ came back for the playoffs.. lost to the Magic.. then we all know what happened after that.. playoff experience is a blessing and not to be undervalued.. even if they lose, another playoff game under your belt is always good.