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Kenyon Martin Never Got Close To Deal With Celtics

It’s still a wonder why Kenyon Martin sat on the free-agent market for so long this season. Why the Celtics, a team lacking a gritty big outside of the ailing KG, remains a mystery. K-Mart told the Daily News that he didn’t come close to signing a contract with Boston: “The Celtics could use a player like Martin but never made an legitimate offer. ‘I didn’t come close at all,’ Martin said. ‘They didn’t offer me anything, so it wasn’t close. I didn’t talk to them per se; my agent did. It didn’t happen, so it doesn’t matter at this point.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    rumors of locker room cancer made him be on the outside looking in all season. it’s no coincidence that the knicks have 3 players that played with him before that could both recommend him and talk to him privately before signing

  • http://twitter.com/AdonKay Ado

    Don’t buy that generic media bs bro…. that was the media talk because Martin disliked Vinny Del Negro and had issues with him while with the Clips…. everyone knows Vinny is the wrong coach including the Clippers players themselves, a few of them have openly questioned Vinny numerous times, so it’s not like Martin was acting out like in his younger days, they were legitimate issues….. so the media picked it up and threw the word “locker room cancer” around when talking about K Mart… it’s garbage and true hoop heads shouldn’t fall for it…

    Besides for a team riddled with injuries desperate for certain positions to be filled heading to the playoffs…. you think that would have mattered ? teams will always find a way for a player and work it out as long as that player produces on the court, this has been proven over and over again in every single pro sports league EVER..
    especially to the Celtics where they got guys like Garnett, Rondo and Pierce to put anyone in check if they step outta line? Martin would have not been a problem, the deal broke down because if you read his own words they lowballed him, plain and simple

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