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Mark Cuban Thinks Dirk Nowitzki Will Help Mavs Attract Free Agents

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will enlist Dirk Nowitzki’s help in drawing coveted free agents this summer. Cuban is convinced that Nowitzki has persuasive powers. Per the Dallas Morning News: “Yeah, obviously,’ Cuban said. ‘He hasn’t been shy to make calls in the past. He just hasn’t been in the country. He’s happy to text and make calls. He just hasn’t been here. Dirk will do anything. He’s a team player from top to bottom.’ Nowitzki has always been amenable to chatting with a peer about the virtues of the Mavericks. But he’s never actually gone on a trip to help Cuban or the coaches or president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson with the sales pitch. So is Nowitzki a persuasive sort of guy? ‘He got somebody much hotter than him to marry him,’ Cuban quipped.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    worked well last off season

  • Caboose

    “Hey young unrestricted star player! Who do YOU want to play with next season? Kyrie in Cleveland? Hibbert and George in Indiana? Get a fresh start in Seattle? Make all the highlight reels with Rubio in Minnesota? You can make a dynasty with whoever you want!”
    “I wanna play with DIRK!”

  • roscoe

    is ssmedium being sarcastic or genuine?

    he is such a calculated dude i wish i could hear the sound bite.

  • Max

    Lol, they should have someone tell you that in 2k when your player is a FA.

  • Caboose

    LeBron left me for Milwaukee…their lineup was Udrih, Ellis, LeBron, Henson, and Dalembert. “I wanna play with MONTA!”

  • Caboose

    I also love the end bit, that Dirk is a persuasive guy because he got a girl way hotter than him to marry him. Cuban is overlooking the influence of money…

  • Zabbah

    true, i know, but it’s a joke.

  • Darksaber

    Mismanaged the team two seasons in a row now after winning a championship. Mayo proved once and for all that he’s a 3rd scoring option at best (unless the first two are injured for a while, then it’s “Mayo bombs awayyyy”) and now making dumb jokes about his superstar’s persuasion skills and wife.
    Just stop talking about bball till next season, Cubes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/starkpwnsyou Joshua Maria Peter Bautista

    In 2k13, I basically tanked this season for the Mavs to land Dwight and CP3. Plus the vet role players made my team an instant contender. I won everything. But I’m not Cuban