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Monty Williams Benched Eric Gordon After They Shouted at Each Other

Things got very testy between New Orleans Hornets head coach Monty Williams and guard Eric Gordon last night — Gordon was benched after getting into a shouting match with Williams during a third quarter timeout. The Hornets went on to lose to the Utah Jazz 95-83. Per NBA.com and the Times-Picayune: “Hornets coach Monty Williams and point guard Eric Gordon got into a screaming match during a timeout with 8:37 left in the third quarter. Paul Millsap had just scored on a putback to put Utah ahead 55-47 and New Orleans called a timeout. Williams was visibly agitated, yelling in Gordon’s direction. He had to be held back by assistant coach Randy Ayers after Gordon hollered back at him, and when the team went to the sidelines, Williams continued screaming at Gordon. Gordon, the team’s leading scorer, did not return to the game after the confrontation. [...] The Hornets declined to comment about the situation on Saturday morning. The Hornets went on to lose their eight consecutive road game, 95-83 to the Utah Jazz, with Gordon finishing with seven points.”

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  • thesage

    Raja Bell likes this article.

  • cbbfanatic

    They spent WAY too much money on EG. 40 mil for an “injury”-prone, average SG? They should have given him to Phoenix and drafted Jeremy Lamb at the 10th spot.

  • spit hot fiyah

    according to this article Eric Gordon is a point guard. who knew?

  • KingBenjamin


  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni Sanchez

    EG aint worth the hassle

  • Anthony Dixon

    Remember, he didn’t want to play there.

  • roscoe

    that is the lesson here.

  • the_unknown

    he didn’t wanna be there to begin with. he was pissed about getting traded by the clips then when he tried to get the hell outta town and go to phoenix they didn’t let him leave… now the poor guy has to be a pelican next year… i’d be angry too

  • plaugh_dk

    benching your leading scorer for arguing with you ….. poor decision as a coach ….. u gotta let that go and try to win the game

  • AndyK415

    haha exactly what I was thinking

  • JL

    Agree. Nobody else wanted him and his bum knee. Now they are stuck with him. Jeremy Lamb would have fit in well at the SG position (instead of Austin “I can’t hit the side of a barn” Rivers).

  • Lupe

    Right! Uhhh, except for Jeremy Lamb has about 8 seconds of playing time left in his NBA career before everyone who didn’t already know realizes he has no business being in the NBA. Dude should be a UCONN right now in the weight room, class room, gym, track, pool, etc. becoming a young man and developing his skills before trying to hit the NBA. Instead he was like, “wait…I’m young, tall, skinny, and about to be exposed even more…I better go now since I’m not tough enough to earn my way there. Gotta sneak in as a fraud.” The NBA is at an all time low on the “watchability” scale, and it’s b/c of players such as Jeremy Lamb

  • LP

    Bruh, Jeremy Lamb will be a good 2nd/3rd option…i want him on my team…He won a Championship his FRESHMAN year, but still stayed in school for his sophomore year (rare these days)…Also played on the FIBA under-19 team……His was ready to come out…no reason to stay, plus UCONN had that controversy brewing…………you’ll see, though…He’ll be a good 2 in the league.