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Portland Wants to Host the NBA All-Star Weekend

According to Trail Blazers president Chris McGowan, the team is prepared to submit a bid to host the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. The most likely of dates for Portland to host the midseason event would be 2017. Per CSNNW: “Last week McGowan met with Drew Mahalic, Chief Executive Officer of the Oregon Sports Authority, and the two have developed a plan of attack in order to make this happen.The city of New Orleans is hosting the event in 2014 and it is between Brooklyn and New York for 2015. Word is Cleveland and Toronto have the upper hand for 2016, leaving door open for the year 2017. A high-ranking NBA source said that an announcement on who receives the event for 2015 and 2016 will be forthcoming, but added that the bidding process has not begun for 2017. ‘We’re definitely going to pursue it,’ McGowan said. ‘Doesn’t mean we’re going to get it, but if the opportunity presents itself, we’re going to go for it. If 2017 is available, we want to get in the mix for that year.’ He added: ‘We’ll get all the details in New York and learn about the bidding process and let them know that we’re very interested and go from there. If that 2017 year is available, that’s definitely the one we’ll aim for.’ Ever since the soon-to-be NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said at All-Star weekend in Houston that there was interest from the league in bringing All-Star Weekend to the city of Portland, McGowan has researched tirelessly the possibilities of that becoming a reality.”

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  • Anthony Dixon

    bring it to NJ

  • Slamson

    bring it to Seattle

  • KingBenjamin

    What location is worse than Cleveland and Toronto for an All-Star game? Portland.

  • Dubs

    Are you serious ? Toronto is one of the biggest nba cities and markets . All star game would be great there

  • Queen Benjamin

    My guess is you’re an American citizen who knows nothing about Canada, even worse Portland. Such a shame.

  • Redd

    Yes, because when you think of the NBA…u think Toronto.


  • Redd

    Should’ve been in Chicago a while ago but sadly our owner hates it.

    Heck the NBA even asked us cause they wanted it. But Portland isn’t bad, it’s pretty cool especially the show Portlandia lol.

  • Anthony Dixon

    nah allstars do not wanna go there.

  • LeroyShonuff

    I would LOVE to see all the RAPPERS, DOPEBOYS AND GROUPIES GO TO PORTLAND!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! That would be a sight to behold… dead serious. And so many visas will be denied with it maybe being in toronto

  • Cameron

    Because all the star free agents are looking to go to Toronto in the off season.

  • lorne

    No one wants to be in Chicago in the winter. It’s the reason you guys will never have another superstar besides Rose. It’s not a desirable location.

  • Redd

    Yes..because NY with it’s even worse weather is incredibly desirable? Oh wait..Boston too.

    You’re an idiot.

  • Lorne

    It’s actually well known that Chicago has harsher winter temperatures than those two cities. And yes Redd, obviously they are more desirable locations, hence their ability to attract players. Besides, night life in NY is infinitely better than in Chicago. You’re a kid so you wouldn’t know this, but for an All Star weekend this matters. Toronto is fun as hell too.

  • Redd

    We barely saw any winter..I can count on one hand how many times we’ve seen snow. Lol, winter was harsher in NY and Boston gets way worse as well.

    Chicago is the only city that trades directly with NY & it’s growing substantially as businesses are starting to move here. Did I mention that Canada is known to be mostly snow? Yeah. Chicago is 10x better & the home of the greatest team to ever play.

    Sorry old man.