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Russell Westbrook Hosts Why Not? Celebrity Bowl (PHOTOS)

Russ, KD and Ibaka go bowling with the Boys & Girls Club.

Yesterday, Russ Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka and children from the Boys & Girls Club of Oklahoma City went bowling at AMF Boulevard Lanes in Edmond, OK, for Westbrook’s third annual celebrity bowl. All proceeds benefited the Russell Westbrook Scholarship Fund. “I grew up in the Boys and Girls Club,” said the SLAM 166 cover subject, “and I’m just trying to find a way to help give back the community.”

Photos by Layne Murdoch

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  • roscoe

    First great job to OKC and its players for doing a great thing.

    Second, take a closer look at those pics:

    - pic # 2 is indicative of the westbrook – kd relationship.

    - pic # 6 clearly shows kd’s body language as negative being next to westbrook.

    something ain’t right, believe it.

  • JL

    Let’s continue our psychoanalysis of the OKC daytime drama.

    pic 2 – I’d have to say this is mixed signals. KD is giving the tough look. Westbrook is leaning towards KD. But now we have a 3rd entry in Ibaka! He’s leaning towards Westbrook who is leaning away from him. I think we have a basketball triangle here.

    pic 6 – I don’t see how KD’s body language is negative other than him crossing his arms. He still has a good smile though compared to pic 2. But! Again there is Ibaka wedging himself between them. Maybe he’s taking the opportunity to say “hey Russell, let’s forget about KD, I think we can be the better tandem!” And Westbrook is just thinking stay away from me (derived from pic 2).

    Ibaka and KD not wearing his event t-shirt is a sign of them not willing to succumb to his leadership, even though they are attending his event.

  • Max

    Lol, forreal?

  • roscoe

    lol… good work JL. funny stuff.

    all in good fun.

  • roscoe

    i don’t have the credential to say.