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Sacramento Kings Players Not Happy With Coach Keith Smart’s Rotations

As if Sacramento fans need any more problems—what with their favorite franchise possibly moving to Seattle and all that—now they have one more: it sounds like multiple players on the team are unhappy with the job Coach Keith Smart has been doing. Via Cowbell Kingdom: “Smart came into this season with the high hopes of putting the pieces together and not only has he failed to accomplish that, but he has been exposed for his obsessive tinkering and irrational rotation patterns. Smart’s decision-making has been called into question, and we aren’t just talking about his choice to play DeMarcus Cousins nine minutes on Friday night. ‘It’s just tough as a player,’ starting point guard Isaiah Thomas said following Friday night’s loss to the Mavericks.  “I always say that when you have inconsistent minutes, you’re going to have inconsistent production.’ ‘It’s nothing we can control,’ Thomas continued. ’It’s how coach Smart likes to coach and you just got to go with it and always be ready at all times, because you never really know when you’re going to go in the game or come out.’ … Players come in and out of the rotation, never knowing exactly when they will play substantial minutes or who they may be paired with on the floor. For most, it is unnerving. ‘A little bit, it’s a little frustrating,’ Tyreke Evans said when asked if Smart’s rotations were wearing on him. ’Everybody’s frustrated.  This is the NBA and when the rotation don’t go right for us, we’ve got to be professional. We’ve got to learn to hear our coach. If he don’t make the right subs with somebody, you can’t be mad.  Whoever’s out there just got to work.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    the roster is a mess, but smart hasn’t been able to do anything with it all. time to go

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Starting line-up should be:
    1. Isaiah Thomas
    2. Marcus Thornton
    3. John Salmons
    4. Jason Thompson
    5. Demarcus Cousins

    They need to trade Tyreke Evans. That’d be best for both Reke and the Kings. Build around Cousins (obviously) and Isaiah Thomas. They’ve had the same players for like 3 years and still can’t figure out a consistent rotation.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Or trade Thornton and start Reke at the 2. The problem is that Reke can’t play off the ball… at all. And he’s not a point guard.

  • Caboose

    Isaiah Thomas: 28 minutes
    Tyreke Evans: 32 minutes
    John Salmons: 22 minutes
    Jason Thompson: 32 minutes
    DeMarcus Cousins: 35 minutes
    Marcus Thornton: 30 minutes
    Toney Douglas: 18 minutes
    Chuck Hayes: 15 minutes
    Patrick Patterson: 15 minutes
    James Johnson: 4 minutes
    Jimmer Fredette: 1 minute
    Travis Outlaw: 1 minute

    There’s your average rotation. Of the 4 guards/small forwards that are used regularly, all of them should play at least 20 minutes any given night. Simple. This is just your average fan’s point of view, but man, look at the talent thats wasted.

  • Karl

    What ‘rotation’ are the guys talking about? Keith Smart just does whatever he feels like and it’s not working. Time to go and its been long overdue..

  • roscoe

    Am I the only one that see’s this for what it is???!!!

    its the end of the season for a non-playoff team.

    WAKE UP u SAC schlumbs… you stink!

    You’re coach is follow orders from mgmt to determine who they want to keep…

    & who will be lucky enuf to be traded away from this dysfunctional team.

  • Adrian

    This is just a microcosm of the “problem”. Too many spoiled 14 year olds who are told to go to college for one year (gotta help dumb down the population you know – especially those who are going to be on TV and have a voice), then go to the NBA as quickly as possible. There are dudes in the NBA today who wouldn’t have played in the ACC in the 1980s. A lot of them. Look at this roster. I can honestly see 2 or 3 players who should be PROFESSIONAL basketball players. The other guys have no business in the NBA. But, expansion, shallow minded people going after a few bucks for 3-4 years before they head back to the hood, etc. is the reason for all these excuses. How about, it’s not coach’s fault that we just suck.

  • LeroyShonuff

    Everything you just said is true. This team would get beat by them North Carolina teams of the 80′s, UNLV, Fab Five and the early 90′s duke teams. Nobody on that team can make a 15ft jumper shoot or do other basic basketball related plays on a consistent bases.

    Blame Coach Smart, but when your best player is bad (Cousins) and you move a big point (Evans is a big point, not a SG) off the ball with a jumper, your team will suck. Also Marcus Thornton has thee worst shot selection ever!!! Like ever!!!!!!