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Steve Nash Calls the Los Angeles Lakers a ‘Coach’s Nightmare’

Mike D’Antoni has been dealt a very bad hand this season, argues Steve Nash. Ravaged by injuries to key players all season long, the Lakers haven’t been able to establish any sort of continuity, and are now in serious danger of missing the Playoffs despite their star-studded starting lineup. Per Fox Sports Radio (via SRI): “On Mike D’Antoni having a tough time this year: ‘I wouldn’t say he’s happy with where we are, just because it’s been a coach’s nightmare in a lot of ways. You’ve had a lot of guys either injured for great stretches, unfamiliar with one another, no training camp to really get the necessary hours in and finding our balance and who we are as a team. So I know it’s disappointing for him and frustrating because he hasn’t been able to really have a full shot at it.’ On injuries taking a toll on this team: ‘The team has been frustrated we’ve had so many guys injured. You forget, Jordan Hill’s been out basically the whole year. I missed seven weeks with a broken leg. Steve Blake missed a ton of time. … Dwight’s been in and out a little bit. … So it’s been frustrating.’ On why this team has lacked consistency: ‘We’re not without our flaws, for sure. Although it looks good on paper, there are some flaws to our team. We know we could be a little more athletic. We could be maybe a better shooting team. … I think the biggest problem for us this year has been all the injuries and change.’”

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  • JML-G

    Steve Nash is a hippie.

  • LakeShow

    Yeah…It’s been a interesting one that’s for sure.

  • robb

    Even without injuries, the Lakers would still be playing the same kind of inconsistent basketball and the same lack of D. D’Antoni’s a good coach but his style is better suited for young small market teams. Hiring him was a terrible decision.

  • biggieman

    boohoo Steve.

  • Jim

    Regardless even if the team is not injured their FG percentage sucks.. Not even Kobe can shoot great.. Bottom line get rid off Nash, Jamison, Meeks, Kobe, and the rest of the team. Build a roster around D12, Earl with young legs.

  • High44

    Phill could have done it with his system!! Nash

  • Conor

    Jackson would have helped this team transition more steadily, I think. He would have dealt with the injuries more readily because he would be able to adapt to his personnel more astutely than D’Antoni ever will. Seven-man rotation? Inexcusable…

    (Why do the Lakers average twenty-five (!) attempts from three-point range per game? It’s ludicrous)

    … While the onset of injuries is the catalyst for their circumstance, Artest, Kobe, and their “specialist” Meeks are all inconsistent from range. They shot 2/20 from range in the second half alone during yesterday’s game? After a competitive opening half, too. Why change their philosophy? They were tired. D’Antoni has to realize that other plays can take duties from Kobe to dribble upcourt and allow Gasol, Blake, Jamison, and Howard to initiate the offence together while he rests, deservedly.

  • j


    …be nice

  • LakeShow

    Hippie is derogatory?

    Not being a part of the consumerist life style – choosing not to abide to the standards of stupid societal restrictions – all while living free, questioning demeaning authority, and understanding that your mind is the greatest gift you have and NO ONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO TAKE THAT AWAY from you are not bad things. IMO

    Quite the opposite i’d argue. Oh, but if you don’t like the smell of patchouli…. then I understand.

  • Conor

    * “other players/Morris/Duhon”, for short bursts.

  • underdog

    The lack of team defense was the biggest problem. Of course, I’m not surprised at all, Nash forgot to mention this.

  • berkamore

    Yeah Steve, soon enough you will tell us that if we look at a “pro forma” sample of games (when all the Lakers are healthy and playing like you think they should play and and and ……bla bla), we would realize that the season was actually a…………..success. ROFL.

    I hope the Lakers are smart enough to understand they should revamp their roster in the offseason. If they buy the Nash line of thinking and believe that they will actually go somewhere with the same roster (even healthy) next season, it will be a fun season for the Lakers haters next year. (the regular season will be like death by a thousand cuts)

    Anyway, we shall see…………….

    P.S: I know Mike Brown must be one smiling fella right now. At least, this season shows that he wasn’t the problem (even though he is not the best coach around, he at least got the Lakers into the playoffs and quite easily)

  • j

    you seriously spend too much time on this website. lol.

  • berkamore

    Good point. That’s why the Bulls are still in it despite all the injuries and far less talent than the Lakers. Thibodeau is showing that it can be done but it takes hard work.

  • LakeShow

    I seriously spend to much time at work: So yes, your right….

  • pposse

    this sounds like Nash’s subliminal way of telling the organization he doesn’t want another coaching change before or during next year

  • Lakerfan

    It should say, D’Antoni is the Los Angeles Lakers’ ‘Nightmare’.

  • roscoe

    hippie is typically stinky too.

  • TV63

    Stand in line Nash. Majority of teams this year plagued with player injuries. Lakers no different.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509819249 Gaurav P.


  • jbix909

    In MY opinion…ha ha:
    Dwight Howard is a good center, not great, needs to be on a team with good athletic players, just do his job and don’t worry about being the star. Betty Davis was a big star in the movie business but later in her career was pretty irrelevant; enter the “star studded cast of the Lakers”; they really need to be playing wheel chair ball. Having said this; I would really like to see them win the championship; that would be something to see, good for B ball and they are not out of it yet.

  • LakeShow

    Name one team outside of the Timberwolves that had as many injuries and a coaching change… You can’t because there isn’t another.

  • LakeShow

    I take stinky people over sheeple every time, most the time.

  • hookedonnews

    The Bulls are in the East. They wouldn’t be faring as well if they were in the West.

  • Paul Robinson

    D. Antoni is a teams nitemare

  • hookedonnews

    Phil Jackson would have made very little difference with all the injuries on this team. It would have taken a long time to learn the Triangle offense, and with the continuing flood of injuries it would have been just as chaotic. They’ve got some great starters, but their bench is thin, and when Jordan Hill went down that really hurt them. Take a realistic look at all the time lost from injuries on a team that had major pieces who had never played together with a new system and you’ll know why they have the record they have. There are other factors, too, such as egos. If MWP and Nash were healthy, they would probably have made the playoffs and had a chance there. Jackson is a great coach, but you have to have healthy players on the floor.

  • RipCity

    yup… the 12th seed in the west is better than 8 in the east

  • Xena

    What about Utah. Their team is primarily based on defense and their front court in Millsap and Jefferson. They held Golden State to 90 points on the road. What about Memphis? That team is also based on defense.

  • Lauren Frank

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  • hookedonnews

    The point was not about focusing on defense. The point was about overcoming injuries. I don’t think Utah or Memphis have had to deal with the kind of injuries that the Lakers have had all season. They also haven’t had a coaching change after the season started or a change in offensive systems. The Bulls have had the loss of Rose and now Noah, but they haven’t had the other things to deal with and they are in a division with weaker teams.


    Should have gotten Phil Jackson.
    Nothing more to say.

  • The Seed

    Who cares and Steve Nash I did not want you on this team. There was no need for him. A coach is paid to coach the game. Phil would have this team at the 4th or 5th seed. I can’t stand this Sun’s mess, Mike and Steve, get them outta here.

  • GroverSage

    The story within the story……..”unfamiliar with one another, no training camp to really get the necessary hours in and finding our balance and who we are as a team”

    I can see how the front office for the big three sports in the US have ruined chemistry by pursuing ‘Sabermetrics’. Go ahead and make it look great on paper. Good luck convincing the fans they will like the team thrown together (And stop listening to them the second the twitter sphere explodes with crying). Don’t blink….because it will be ripped apart a few more time before next season……

  • TV63

    I’m so gald you asked about injuries. . RIght now Atlanta hawks lead in players out with 6. CAVS and Knicks have 5 out and Bulls 4 out.. Lakers only have 3. But here’s the list: Players out Derrick Rose, Devin Harris, Al Horford, Josh Smith, Zaza Pachulia, LOu Williams, Rondo, Sullinger, Humphries, Sessions, Haywood, Taj Gibson, Deng, Hamilton, Beaubois, Love, Lawson, Stone, Maxiell, Granger, Billiups, Thompkins, Metta Peace, Jordon Hill, Nash, Brandon Roy, Malcom Lee, Austin Rivers, Jason Smith, Camby, Martin, Staudemire, Kurt Thomas, Rasheed Wallace, Glen Davis, Affalo, Jason Richardson, Gortat, Fry, Ginobili, Bargnani, Kanter, Beal Barbosa, Varejao, Waiters, Walton, B.Gibson, Miles. So you see Nash can’t really complain because there are many more teams plagued with injuries more than the Lakers. No sympathy about your coach. As far as you trying to qualify this list by adding new coach ( like it’s a valid excuse) . Knicks has a fairly new coach with 5 out and Suns has a new coach with 3 out. There are some new coaches but don’t have the number of injuries.

  • berkamore

    But the Lakers have far more talent to begin with. And their best player has been healthy. The Lakers could have/should have done more. The fact that they are struggling to make the playoffs is just unbelievable. Injuries or no injuries……..

  • berkamore

    You have a point. He’s looking for excuses but he has been mediocre at best even when he was playing this year. (and gotten a pass, go figure………)

    As for Sabermetrics, I personally love them. But you have to remember that it is ONE MORE thing you look at. You just don’t look at Sabermetrics in isolation, makes no sense at all.

    Anyway, should be an interesting off-season in Lakerland…….

  • GroverSage

    I wouldn’t confuse the current team with actual Sabermetrics. After the passing of Dr. Buss, the front office said that this was the fasting route they saw to a Championship. (I’ll leave THAT to the amateur GM’s) I do believe that.

    In that sense, Nash is old and will finish his career soon. Same with Kobe. Metta & Gasol have also seen their best years. These guys are pros…and can still rip anybody on a good day, but in the long run, they can no longer keep up with James, Durant, Griffin…etc.

    With Sabermetrics in mind….the ONLY thing the lakers have going for them is being in LA. They have access to a big market that will allow them to pay the luxury tax. My criticism stands. It’s the over reactive front office making too many panic moves. The Lakers shouldn’t have that problem…..remember they’re the ones who indirectly helped create this tactic. Let a team like the Warriors rip themselves apart trying to compete.

    PS The League, or David Stern specifically, torpedoed the season by blocking the Chris Paul acquisition. If they sue….they’d be poor sports….but something should be done…………………..

  • berkamore

    “The ONLY thing the Lakers have going for them is being in LA.” So true, the problem is that might not even be enough anymore with the passing of Jerry Buss. They may start looking like the Knicks, unlimited funds but bad bad decisions……..Time will tell.

    Your criticism makes sense. To me, it’s not so much the marquee players they got or didn’t get (Chris Paul) but how they managed to get rid, over the past 2-3 years, of all the decent role players they used to have. Jesus, that franchise is just going down the drain………….

  • LakeShow

    So, just so I understand, you think the Hawks, Cavs, Knicks and Bulls have all had more injury problems this year than the Lakers right? Say yes please…

  • http://twitter.com/NoKeysMusic ELV$FR$HLY

    You seriously going to say bringing in a new coach to a team consisting of 4 stars is no big deal? Yah. No idea what your talking about.

  • hookedonnews

    Their best player has been relatively healthy (sprained ankle, bone spurs), but one player no matter how good he is can’t beat a good team all by himself. You’ve got to keep in mind that for the first couple of months Chris Duhon and Darius Morris were the PGs, Dwight Howard was a shell of himself because of back surgery, Paul Gasol had tendinitis in his knees, plantar fasciitis, and a concussion (and eventually surgery on his foot), and their best bench player has been out most of the season. Blake was out even longer than Nash. Now Nash and MWP are out. When you bring new players into your starting 5, you’ve got to have some time together especially when you’re learning a new system. All the top teams have basically the same players they had last season in key positions. Plus you had a couple of egos clashing (Kobe & Howard) and some resistance to the system D’Antoni was trying to run. Howard & Kobe both expected to dominate the ball offensively (when it should have been Nash in D’Antoni’s system). All these things plus others (this post is too long already) have resulted in the disappointing season. I agree that they could have done better if everyone had bought into the system from the get-go and had put their egos aside, but the injuries have devastated the team. They just didn’t have the bench to handle them.

  • JL

    Being good at defense is a talent too (longer limbs, quicker reflexes, better timing for steals and blocks, having the restraint to make the right defensive play, etc). People just don’t value it as much.

  • JL

    Next year is the year (not saying they will win but their best chance). Jordan Hill will be back. Gasol and Howard will have better chemistry. Howard healthy and better at defense. Nash… I hope he won’t have broken down. Still good for his outside shooting. They need a Bledsoe type of player (not like those guys are just out there waiting to get picked). Kobe might hang on for another couple of years. They can keep D’Antoni if they want, but get Mike Brown back as the defensive coach. Their effort and rotations are just terrible. Artest probably needs to go as they need a 3 who will swing around on defense alot quicker. His 1 on 1 is good still, but team defense suffers. Right now only Howard and Kobe are good for team defense. Gasol is not mobile enough, and neither are Artest and Nash. Not a good combination. Need at least 3 out of 5 good defensive guys on the court at the same time.

  • zkush

    yup. “his” right.

  • Drig

    So……Hawks, Cavs and Knicks have had more devastating injury issues than the Lakers? Exactly how many games have the Lakers STARTERS played together with all of them relatively healthy? I ain’t even gonna ask for when the Lakers managed to play their ideal 9-man rotation in the regular season because it hasn’t happened. Even once.

  • Drig

    This season has been pretty humbling for me. The last time the Lakers had such bad luck was in the Finals vs Pistons when Magic took the floor.

    Still believe LAL is gonna make the POs and have a puncher’s chance of eliminating SAS IF Nash, Hill and MWP can return and contribute positively.

  • Drig

    So which franchise hasn’t had its fair share of highs and lows exactly???

    LAL didn’t willingly trade away all their best role players. Those role players either got too old ( Fisher ), started sucking more ( Sasha, Farmar ), had a mental breakdown ( Odom ) or simply asked for too much cash once they hit the free market ( Ariza and unfortunately, Earl Clark ).

    And believe it or not, the Lakers have actually done a stellar job of surrounding Kobe with enough top-tier talent to help him contend in the post-season at the tail end of his career. It’s injuries that have derailed the plan.

    The Lakers have also done a stellar job of ensuring the team has a clean slate and only Howard and Nash on the books after next season so that they can rebuild on the fly. As a Laker fan, I’m much more happier that way than getting stuck in purgatory with no end in sight after paying up tons of cash to mediocre players which is the norm.

    In Mitch, I trust.

  • LakeShow

    Hang in there fella haha…

  • LakeShow

    i don’t get it…

  • LakeShow

    Tonight’s injury list:

    Kobe Bryant
    (bone spur, ankle sprain, left foot) is probable.
    Pau Gasol
    (strained plantar fascia, right foot) is probable.
    Jordan Hill
    (torn labrum, left hip/herniated disc) is out.
    Dwight Howard
    (torn labrum, right shoulder) is probable.
    Antawn Jamison
    (sprained right wrist) is probable.
    Steve Nash
    (strained right hamstring) is doubtful.
    Metta World Peace
    (lateral meniscus tear, left knee) is questionable.

    I know those guys aren’t house hold names or anything, but their injuries still played a part in the season.

  • Richard Graham

    I agree with everything you said and the funny thing is you STILL forgot to mention a VERY important thing. The fact that they had a coach change MID season. Changing a COACH in the middle of a season is NEVER a smart move unless you KNOW that the coach is the RIGHT fit for the team. They originally pitched the offer to Phil and ended up picking D’Antoni whose system is foreign to the rest of the team outside of Nash. Now had Phil been the coach most of these issues they have would not exist. I am not saying he is a bad Coach but for him to truly be successful he would have needed to be with them BEFORE the season and got them adjusted to running his system of baskeball.

  • ha5hi

    3 words: we want phil

  • hookedonnews

    I agree that taking over after the season started was a major problem, but that would have been a problem for PJ as well. The Triangle is a much more complicated system than D’Antoni’s offense, and no one knows the D’Antoni system better than Steve Nash,. You saw the debacle that the Princeton offense was, and the Triangle is a similar system. I don’t think they ever intended to offer the job to Phil Jackson. They wanted D’Antoni from the get-go because they had Nash. They only offered the job to Jackson because of the fan reaction after Brown was fired. Mitch Kupchak has said as much. They wanted to go to a faster-paced offense and get away from Jackson’s half-court offense. The lack of a training camp plus all the injuries have made it almost impossible to establish the kind of chemistry you need to be a good team. I don’t think you can assume that Phil Jackson would have been any more successful in that situation.

  • TV63

    Well I gave you break on that list. The list above is players that are out. If you want the list of injured players still playing well that list is even longer. Way longer. Lakers aren’t anything special with the injuries. Practically every NBA team (like 98%) are plagued with injuries whether they are playing hurt or completely out for the season. Lakers didn’t have anyone that had a life threatening blot clot like Varejao had if you really want to play the who outsuffered who game. Old ladies do that at bingo. Devastating injuries. PSh… Numerous teams dealing with ACL injuries And come on when you have 6 out like the Hawks; the bench is depleted.

  • TV63

    @Lake Show I gave you a break on that list. List is out for the season based on that date. If you want the probables and doubtfuls; the list is twice as long. Lakers aren’t anything special with their injuries, The overwhelming majority of teams are either playing hurt and completely out for the season. Playing this Lakers outsuffering everyone else in the NBA is pathetic. Old ladies at bingo do that. By the way I did include Laker players that were out for the season and Nash was on that list too on that date. DIdn;t include Howard because many many players are playing hurt. Go to CBSSPORTs com and search daily NBA injuries and cry me a river. List is overwhelming throughout the NBA.

  • TV63

    Main focus was on injuries as Nash stated and the truth is there are other NBA teams with more injuries than Lakers and Laker Show wanted to know teams with new coaches and that was listed as well. (Which is a strawman’s argument) Bottom line everyone is plagued with injuries and the Lakers aren’t anything special with that.

  • TV63

    Check the facts out yourself on cbssports com and search daily NBA injuries and start counting! You’ll be counting a long time to see that there are numerous NBA teams plagued with injuries more than Lakers.