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Dwight Howard Reportedly Intrigued By the Rockets and Mavericks

July 1 isn’t here yet, but the Dwightmare has begun anew. According to CBS Sports, Dwight Howard is going to give serious consideration to Houston and Dallas during free agency, and his return to the Los Angeles Lakers is by no means guaranteed: “Though Howard is adamant his free agency not be marred by the circus-like environment that surrounded his departure from Orlando last summer, word already has spread to multiple levels of his support staff that Howard re-signing with the Lakers is far from a done deal. With six weeks to go before Howard becomes an unrestricted free agent, the team that is said to intrigue him the most is the Houston Rockets, according to multiple people briefed on internal conversations surrounding Howard’s free-agent decision. The Rockets have a young star, James Harden, who has proved himself worthy of playing the leading role for the franchise; a budding 3-point shooting threat in Chandler Parsons; a defensive-minded coach in Kevin McHale; and Omer Asik, the kind of 7-footer Howard is believed to want next to him in the frontcourt. [...] The Mavericks represent another franchise that intrigues Howard, and Dallas is a minor transaction or two away from having enough room to sign Howard outright as an unrestricted free agent. Howard plans to explore all such options, and a person briefed on his plans said that there are ‘several’ teams the free-agent center is ‘going to take a hard look at.’ The clear advantage for the Lakers in their effort to re-sign Howard is the 2011 collective bargaining agreement, which allows LA to give Howard a five-year deal with annual increases based on 7.5 percent of his first-year salary in a new deal — which will be in excess of $20 million. Another team with cap room to sign Howard could only give him a four-year deal with 4.5 percent annual increases — the same arrangement Howard would be limited to if he agreed to leave via a sign-and-trade.”

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  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    him and James Harden will be lethal.

  • star

    the houston combination intrigues me

  • Max


  • LLC#12

    “Omer Asik, the kind of 7-footer Howard is believed to want next to him in the frontcourt.”
    What, one that will do all the hard work and not take away any shots from him?

  • iskemberlu

    DH12: I think I’ll sign w/ the Rockets oh wait no, The Mavs, wait, how bout I sign with the Hawks, or re-sign w/ the Lakers maybe? I’m confused.

  • hoodsnake

    This guy

  • RayJr

    He’ll never be the #1 offensive option in his career and he can’t handle the pressure in a huge market so he I see him leaving LA. Houston is ideal for him because Harden and Parsons will take the offensive load and also take the pressure to score off of him.
    But of course Dwight will lead everyone along until the last minute because he’s a punk.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Very Much….Houston would be perfect…….. I think everyone has forgotten what Dwight brings to the table on the court….forget the offcourt drama, this guy can play, and he’s 27…

  • patrick

    howard sucks…hibbert>howard. Pekovic>howard. imo

  • Max

    Your opinion is wrong.

  • Max

    Your opinion is wrong.

  • j

    f*ck dwight howard

  • Sean


  • Drig

    Shut up

  • RedRum

    When did McHale become a defensive minded coach??? Who the bleap is writing these articles?

  • http://www.facebook.com/starkpwnsyou Joshua Maria Peter Bautista

    Hmm, let’s see:
    Los Angeles: playing with two surefire Hall of Famers in Kobe and Nash and maybe one more in Pau; his best shot at a title right now (47 wins in a bad season? Are you kidding me?); will be handed the keys to the franchise once Kobe retires; media exposure and a huge market and fan base plus more money.

    Houston; playing with a superstar soon in Harden; marketability and intrigue playing with Lin and Harden; a good destination long-term; less money, probably bigger fan base once he gets there, okai market and fan base, not much media.

    Dallas; playing with an aging superstar and surefire Hall of Famer in Dirk; may attract another big name free agent whose last name rhymes with “Call”; a very good owner in Cuban(fan, rich, risk-taking. I would love to play for this guy); will be handed the keys to the franchise IF CP3 doesn’t sign there(which basically would mean that Howard won’t, either); okai market and fan base, not much media.

    All three are championship winning franchises, proven winners and well coached(D’Antoni is a great coach, but the personnel doesn’t fit).

    Being the punk Dwight is, I think if he can, he’ll sign with all three of ‘em, because a combination of all three is what Howard is looking for: long-term outlook, the keys to the franchise, money money money, media exposure and a chance to win now. In that order.