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Kings Will Stay in Sacramento

Too bad, Maloof bros. Despite your desperate attempts to move the Kings to Seattle, thanks to a 22-8 vote today by the NBA’s Board of Governors, Sacramento will retain its basketball team. Per the Sac Bee: “While the proposed move by the team to Seattle was turned down, the issue of who will own the team has not been settled. In a press conference following the meeting of the league’s 30 owners, NBA Commissioner David Stern said the league would encourage the Maloofs, who own the Kings, to sell to an investor group led by Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur Vivek Ranadive. ‘We will talk to the Maloofs and seek in the next 24 to 48 hours whether we can help facilities a deal between the Ranadive group and the Maloofs for the sale of the franchise in Sacramento,’ Stern said. The commissioner acknowledged that the Maloofs could refuse to sell, but added, ‘It is my expectation that we will be able to make a deal with the Maloofs and the Ranadive group to transfer title in Sacramento.’ The Ranadive group has offered the Maloofs $341 million for their controlling 65 percent stake in the Kings, far less than the $406 million that the Seattle group led by hedge fund manager Chris Hansen had offered. Of Seattle’s prospects for getting an NBA expansion team, Stern said there was nothing to announce. ‘We look forward to continuing a dialogue of some type with the citizens and the (Seattle) investors,’ he said. The Maloofs had said they would seek league approval for an alternative deal with the Hansen group if the NBA owners rejected the relocation — and with it — the sale of the team. Alternatively, the Maloofs proposed to sell 20 percent of the team to Hansen. Stern said that deal was not signed, however. ‘The big winner here was Sacramento,’ Stern said.”

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  • Roy Blumenfeld

    Are we really going to act like a hedge fund manager and the Microsoft CEO can’t afford to re-start the Sonics themselves through a dispersal draft instead of buying a team? They were even vocal about their plan to buy a minority stake in an effort to bleed the Kings organization dry if the relocation fell through. That sort of behavior has no place here. I hope Seattle gets a team, but that they get it by restarting it instead of stealing another franchise and robbing a different city the same way they claim Clay Bennett robbed them.

  • LLC#12

    There’s already a lot of weak teams without much chance of competing in the NBA, adding a 31st team would just dilute the talent pool even more. Not to mention the imbalance of a 16 team conference and 6 team division. I too hope Seattle gets a team, and you’re right about it being wrong for the robbed to become the robber, but I can’t see them getting a team through expansion. It’s rob or nothing imo.

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    I don’t agree with that. A lot of people forget that the even the NBA’s best team, the Miami Heat, had a 15-67 record during the 2007-2008 season. The Thunder, who had Durant on the roster, started their first season in OKC 3-29 and finished with a 23-59 record. Between free agency and the draft, any team has the potential to get a winning roster if they have a combination of the willingness to spend in a smart manner (which also requires good management) and patience. Memphis is another team that is a testament to this as well. They were a loser for many years with only a brief winning period before they accumulated the talent to be the team they are today.
    Even the consistent “worst” NBA teams have very talented players. Charlotte has Kemba Walker, Cleveland has Kyrie Irving, New Orleans has Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon (the later probably wont be around for much longer), and Washington has John Wall. Orlando and Phoenix were both finals contenders in the past 5 years and are now at the bottom of their conferences. My point is the that the “talent disparity” isn’t as real as you’d think, and the “talent turnover” caused by drafting and free agency as well as trades isn’t properly being factored in. I think the Seattle group has shown they are willing to spend. Between Steve Balmer and Chris Hansen, I am sure they can find a smart executive to run a team as well. They should just restart the Sonics and cash in on the hype-ticket sales until they start winning games again.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    bring back the sonics

  • Scot Peirson

    The problem here…is that the L started this when Bennett bought the Sonics. He was blatantly dishonest when it came to stating his intentions to keep the team in Seattle, based on e-mails. Stern didn’t help this any by trashing the city and King County publically.
    In the long run…believe it or not, the Maloofs are going to win. They’ve stated that they aren’t selling to Ranadive/Mastrov. La Commish seems to believe that the Maloofs will eventually come to the table (Maybe he has pictures of Joe, Gavin, and Phil with farm animals…). Essentially, Stern is trying to force the Maloofs into a sale they have publically stated they want no part of. So, if the L wants this sale to go through then the Maloofs will probably jump the price–say, to $900 million. Unless, of course, Stern decides that the L will take control of the Kings the way that they did with the Hornets. THAT will be the point where this thing goes to court–the Maloofs will say that they had a deal in place, and the L wanted them to take a deal for less money, they declined, and the L then took over the franchise when they declined a deal that didn’t benefit them.
    I am not a fan of the Maloofs, and in my heart of hearts, I feel that the Kings should remain in Sacramento with an ownership and management that could recapture the Webber/Bibby/Stojakovic days at The Cowbell Palace. But Hansen/Ballmer/Nordstrom had the better deal on the table, and was willing to build a facility with private funds–which is what I really suspect bothered Bennett and the relocation committee. I give them credit for trying to right a wrong that the NBA did to Seattle and King County first, and look at the L and Stern as still not being willing to concede that the fix was in when Bennett did what he did five years ago.

  • Drig

    Without screwing up the rest of the teams, I’d like to see you put together a decent 10 man roster from FA before I’d support you…..

    As long as they can be on par with Charlotte, I’d be happy.

    The problem is that, so far, I haven’t managed to come close to doing that.

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    A dispersal draft plus giving the highest number of ping pong balls for the upcoming lottery would not “screw” anybody. How would any of the non-original franchises exist without a dispersal draft? Look at the ones founded since 1988: Miami, Orlando, Minnesota, New Orleans, Charlotte, Toronto, and Memphis. None of them destroyed any other team in order to exist. I am not going to do a mock draft because their are literally thousands of non-protected players (because teams get to protect their best players from eligibility in a dispersal), unsigned free agents, D-League players, and players currently overseas who you could take to fill a roster.

    It seems a whole lot less like screwing anyone over when you take a handful of players from a large pool compared to taking a team from a city. They could very easily be on par with Charlotte. Charlotte would be a lot better right now if they didn’t make so many stupid personnel decisions due to bad luck and bad front office management. Between the huge contracts they gave players like Okafor and Tyrus Thomas, stupid trades for garbage like Desegna Diop, the drafting of Adam Morrison/Sean May/Alexis Ajinca with first round picks, and hiring guys like Sam Vincent or Mike Dunlap as coach, it is no wonder why that team still isn’t winning. A reboot in Seattle could easily surpass the first 9 years of the Bobcats existence if they hire someone smart to run the team.

  • spit hot fiyah


  • AlbertBarr


    Seattle deserves a team. Just not Sacramento’s. Maloofs will deal and this will end the way it needed to—with Sacramento keeping the Kings. You don’t rob Peter to pay Paul. I think most Sacarmento fans will support any expansion or appropriate relocation bid to get bball back to Seattle now that our fight is over. I at least will.

    And there is an off-chance that the Maloofs drag this saga on and on but I doubt the league would have voted the way they did if they thought that would truly happen…the Maloof clowns are not good for business.

  • roscoe

    Now… the deal is done.

    good job stern & owners for decided on the behalf of the fans not $$$.

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