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New Sixers GM Says Andrew Bynum is Just Another Free Agent

Sam Hinkie was introduced by the Philadelphia Sixers as their new general manager on Tuesday, and the new guy immediately jumped into the fray. Hinkie’s priorities will include finding a new head coach, and most importantly, figuring out what to do about Andrew Bynum’s impending free agency. Per CSN Philly: “Hinkie was asked about Bynum and whether the trade is officially over as far as the organization is concerned. The question had an obvious undertone: Is the franchise finished with Bynum? Hinkie paused for a while before answering. For five long seconds, actually. ‘I don’t think there’s anything else to be said about the trade except the way people think about it in hindsight,’ Hinkie said. ‘If your question is about Andrew in particular, which I suspect it is, which is fine, I suspect this makes me boring, I think of Andrew like the thousands of other young men walking around the world that are unrestricted free agents that have the potential to play NBA basketball. And he is one of those. And I am duty-bound to consider them, to look at them, all of them.’ You can read and re-read that quote and here’s what you’ll come away with: Not much. There are a lot of words in that response but not much information. If Hinkie knows what he wants to do about Bynum — or a head coach or Evan Turner or Thaddeus Young or Jrue Holiday or in free agency or the upcoming draft — he’s keeping it to himself, at least for now. ‘I started my career out of college in the business world in using data to help people make complicated decisions,’ Hinkie said. ‘It turns out it helps. It helps a lot.’ He’d better hope so.”

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  • LLC#12

    Despite this season, I’m sure some teams will offer him at least $10 mil a year, but can he contribute enough to warrant that?

  • roscoe

    7-footers always get paid… too many examples to list.

  • RayJr

    Translation: “He gone!”

  • i_ball

    Shaqs voice:”Javale McGeeeee”

  • spit hot fiyah

    tas melas voice

  • http://twitter.com/thursti_tyht Thurstian Tsui

    man if Javale wasn’t retarded I swear he could be an all star one day

  • bike

    All fodder for a hit country western song: “Bynum, walk out the door backwards and tell me your coming in”

  • bill

    Jon Koncak

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    he’s still getting paid. i wonder whos gonna shell out a big contract… bobcats? raptors? rockets? lakers? lol

  • LLC#12

    Yep, if you’re 7 foot tall and have enough co-ordination to pee stood up without falling over, you’re good for 10 mil a year in the NBA. Sadly.

  • Mars

    Goes back to the Lakers and makes this story all the more serendipitous.