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Charlotte Bobcats Reportedly Might Attempt to Trade For Chris Bosh This Offseason

The Bobcats, who will have some open cap space this summer, are reportedly looking to trade for an established star in the coming months, and the organization may be willing to move its first-round pick (No. 4) in order to make a deal for Heat forward Chris Bosh go down. Via the Boston Globe: “The Charlotte Bobcats are looking to make a splash this summer and are open to trading their first-round pick in a package for an All-Star-caliber player. There are rumors the Heat will be looking to deal Chris Bosh, and the Bobcats, who are under the salary cap and could accept Bosh’s near-maximum deal, could be a prime candidate. As much as Charlotte would love to build through the draft, team officials understand they have to start winning and need a player to be the face of the franchise. Bosh could serve that purpose.”

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  • toptop

    hahahhahahahahah…… what a joke

  • Mack

    What can they offer……. the 4th pick and Ramon Sessions? Byron Mullens? Josh McRoberts? Lol @ this news.

  • Max

    It would even be a bad move, they need to be crap for 1 more year, after next yeard draft, you can do this, not right now.

  • Allan

    Slow news day with Game 2 tonight?!

  • Mrpeanut

    i would do it in a heart beat…. bosh can’t rebound or play Defense…. And the heat can save a lot of money and still get a good player from the draft (ALEX LEN)….. I believe in in Pat Riley, he will know what do.

  • Mrpeanut

    it will be to late next year… you will not get a better pick than 4 after this year… specially if you have better prospects coming out next year… think about that..

  • Markus437

    This sounds like something straight out of 2K13

  • KingBenjamin

    I don’t see him ending up in Charlotte, if the Heat lose the Finals, Chris Bosh will get traded. Where do you guys see him ending up?

  • TimProvise

    Trade Chris Bosh for the 4th pick, Mullens and a bag of dorritos haha Charlotte has nothing, Kemba may be their only asset

  • Max

    You really think their rookiethat they will get this year is going to make them way better so they don’t have a top 5 pick again next year?

  • spit hot fiyah

    charlotte has absolutely nothing that will help the heat contend without bosh, a third team would be needed

  • Kev

    after all he did this far in the postseason the cats still want him?

  • Redd

    Guess maybe my Bulls can cash in on a #1 overall pick..

  • Mike Gilbert

    Hopefully this happens…the Bobcats will be average, only to become bad again 3 years from now…Just in time for the pick the owe the Bulls to become no. 1…

  • Faraan Akhtar

    I’ll be surprised on how they trade. Bobcats have no assets besides maybe Kemba or MKG(which i doubt they’ll trade).

  • Mike Gilbert

    Chris Bosh for the 4th…Ersan Illyasova for the 3rd….hmmmm…

  • Mike Gilbert

    I think the story is bullshit

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


  • McNeil1417

    hell no that would be bad move on Charlotte’s part Chris Bosh is a good player but his not the answer to the Bobcats problems…they need a inside player that can create his own shoot and play good defense…they already have Roberts and Mullens two bigs that can shoot…they need someone like a Rudy Gay or a Paul George that will open up the court for Kemba to work his magic then maybe that my get MKG more involved…

  • Nathan Shane Long

    everyone knows this is the weakest draft in a decade with no depth and few big names but yet Charlotte has only the 4th overall pick and if they want a low post scorer than they can draft Anthony Bennett from UNLV who is the second coming of Larry Johnson Chris bosh would not make an impact in Charlotte

  • Junior Taylor

    You know your franchise is f*cked when Chris Bosh is seen as a savior.

  • DJR84

    He will get traded regardless, Heat won’t beat Pacers again next year unless they move him on. If he goes to Charlotte I’d want Biyombo and Thomas in return.

  • Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    Why is everyone so surprised about this rumor?
    He and BJ Mullens could be revolutionary 3 point shooting twin towers!

    Chris Bosh and The Bobcats are the perfect match.
    Both of them are jokes.

  • makoface

    they should chase cousins

  • Ugh

    Agreed. Bosh has a player’s option at the end of next season. He’d leave, and Charlotte would have nothing to show for losing the #4 pick. Not that Miami is going to trade Bosh for the #4 pick anyway.


    biyombo & thomas for an 8 time all star. looool

  • danpowers
  • ATL dynamite

    Got your point, but what if bringing in mkg and put him at 3, LeBron at the four, letting alone the salary equivalence in trade?

  • JL

    Tyrus Thomas? LOLLLLl. wow. Anyone who wants to trade for Thomas… I’m not sure what to say.