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Chris Bosh Fined $5000 for Game 4 Flop

The NBA announced today that Chris Bosh’s epic Game 4 flop — which drew a foul on Tim Duncan in the second quarter — will cost the Miami Heat big man a cool $5,000: “MIA’s Chris Bosh fined $5K for violating the league’s anti-flopping rules during Game 4 of the Finals.”

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  • tsenguunb

    not a flop

  • The Mighty FV

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..*catches breath*…….HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Lloyd


  • Dfrance

    First offense.

  • Lloyd

    I know. I was implying that the fine should be a crap ton more for how blatant the offense was.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Well yea, it was embarassing to watch.

  • spit hot fiyah

    easier to to that fine when u win

  • JoeMaMa

    The league needs to allow several fans into the post-game conference and let them ask cool, calm, and evenly measured questions to floppers, such as:
    “At what point did you decide to make a complete mockery of the game?”
    “When’s the procedure to have your balls reattached?”
    “Do you enjoy making Baby Jesus cry?”
    I’m sure there are better questions. I’d like to see this. Either that, or make them wear dunce caps on for the following 5 pre-game warm ups.

  • Caboose

    Must be a soccer fan.

  • OfftheWall87

    Doesn’t matter. The 20 points, 13 rebounds and 2 blocks is easily the most important thing.

  • Max

    This is how the Heats practice must look like.

  • Rockwell

    Haha Bosh flew like he was Superman on that flop!

  • robb

    not a dumb comment

  • Richard Narvaiza

    for me floppin aint the issue. its not like thse guys woke up one day and decided to start doin it. its been around for ages. its just that the way the games are officiated and how the rules and the nba forced this upon players. its the evoluton of the game/player. also the availability of different camera angles super slow motion replays works against players. with that said it really was a crazy flop man. and jvg’s commentary was icing on the cake.

  • Max

    It has never been as big as it is right now.

  • Richard Narvaiza

    we fans only think that way coz we had the 80′s/90′s nba era to look at. we get a chance to watch every game now/ see replays and highlights/ bloopers. media plays a big prt in this too. mj was great at throwing his head back and hips when going to the rim and posting up. miller was well really good too, there were plenty of players that did it in their day. we just did not get to see as much of it.

  • MikeC.

    I think they should fine a percentage of the player’s salary. 5k doesn’t hurt Bosh nearly as much as it hurts a guy on vet min or rookie contract. 5k fine just means Bosh has one less giraffe at his next birthday party.

  • MikeC.

    I think it’s more scrutinized now than 20 yrs ago, for good or ill. More scrutiny means more players see it as a possible advantage, while fans are howling about the perception of cheating. I hate flopping. It cheapens the game and I think it’s cheating. If you flop, it’s because you’re not good enough to play otherwise, so go sit down.

  • Joey Jo Jo

    Steve Javie’s comments on the flop even made him sound so ridiculous on national TV.

  • Richard Narvaiza

    nah, its something that we just have to accept. it cannot be stopped. the only thing left to do is build rules around it. jeff van gundy i think has the solution. the nba should seriously consider his proposal of allowing a team 2 challenges per half. on anything. a foul, flop, shot, out of bounds play, anything. then the nba just needs to expand it. if a player is proven guilty of flopin on any given play thats challenged he should be automatically ejected.

  • MikeC.

    If the fine was something that actually impacted the star players, the fining system would have more traction. I like the challenge idea. Coach can challenge, and a tech goes to the player if it’s a flop, and the coach either loses a timeout, or a team tech (like the defensive 3 second tech) if the review shows no flop. Everyone hates flops. Guys known for their durability, respect and toughness are flopping. Paul Pierce’s head snap every time he rounds a screen is annoying. And I respect PP’s game. Dude is not soft, yet flops. Battier is a known flopper, but is nowhere near soft. Flopping is part of the game and needs to be removed.


    how so. a vet min for a pro is 1.3 million. if i pay taxes up to 400k and the regular season has 12 biweekly pay. that comes up to a whooping 75000 a paycheck. I don’t think the flopping fine of 5000$ can financially hurt a single NBA player bro. it’s a ruse from the commissioner to show he’s still running things

  • Richard Narvaiza

    im serious man, jeff van gundy has the funniest comments but when he getes really serious, his on air proposals are just solid. the man needs to be hired by the league office and do his thing. heck who knows one day be comish, man he’d be the best comish in all of pro sports.

  • Max

    Players didn’t do it that much back then, only Reggie and Divac. Now it’s even hard to come up with a top 10 floppers because there are so many.

  • Max

    It’s easy to stop it.
    After games NBA officials check the replays about some questionable falls (flops), and they start suspending players who do so.

  • Spurs go

    They should fine the refs for being so gull able to fall for this in the first place, cost the Spurs points.

  • Spurs go

    It was obvious the NBA wanted to help the Heat, spurs had to play against the Heat and the refs. Not surprised the officiating was so bad in this game.

  • Hursty

    NBA players will give up $5k every single time for flopping if it means they draw a key foul on the opposing team which may swing the game in the floppers favour.
    NBA should institute a rule where (something) like, 1 warning for flopping, then the $5K fine for every flop thereafter. After the 5th fine, it should be a technical foul. Then as with other tech fouls, after the cumulative 16th, it’s a 1 game suspension.
    Basis for the fine should be ‘bringing the game into disrepute” or some other reason.
    Fines wont stop the flopping. Players earn playoff bonuses. The bonus would more than cover the flopping fine.
    E.g, in 2011, the NBA FInals Champ got a team bonus of 2.1M. So.. the $5K penalty in the playoffs.. is really insignificant.

  • Lloyd

    It’s the Finals. If you want to send a message and give the game some integrity at it’s highest stage, go straight for the suspension, especially on incidents as blatant and disgraceful as this.

  • Bosh is innocent

    He didnt flop. He tripped on Duncan and Wades feet at the same time while trying to get out the of the way. Rewatch and pause the video from the right angle.