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Dwyane Wade’s Mother Prays for His Injured Knee

The Miami Heat’s title chances this season and beyond, to a large degree, rest on the health and production of Dwyane Wade. So far in the NBA Finals, he has been mediocre, and the Heat find themselves down 2-1 to the San Antonio Spurs. Wade reveals to SI that his mother looks for divine intervention when it comes his injured right knee: “‘I can feel for him, but I can’t really understand what he’s going through. You appreciate when someone puts their body on the line each and every night when they’re not even close to 100 percent,’ says teammate LeBron James. The seemingly unstoppable and energetic Wade’s scoring average has plummeted since suffering a deep bone bruise against Orlando on March 6. His focus has shifted to hours of treatment before and after each game. Although uncertainty lingers about Wade’s performance, the player finds comfort from his mother, Jolinda Wade, praying for his knee. During the second-round playoff series against the Chicago Bulls, Wade yelled to his mom, ‘Ma! Come and touch my knee and pray on it’, which she continued to do throughout the Eastern Conference finals. ‘People don’t understand the pain that he’s experiencing… but he doesn’t let it stop him. He understands that the body he’s playing in now is not the body that he played in when he came to the league,’ says Wade’s mother Jolinda.”

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  • 1982

    I was about to post that his mother not praying for his knee would be a more surprising headline, until: ‘Ma! Come and touch my knee and pray on it’ Now I understand why this was important.

  • OfftheWall87

    Good story. Biggest part is still how Wade’s mom turned her life around and how close they are. We don’t know how hurt he is. But looking at him during the regular season especially during that 27 game winning streak and him now after the bone bruise, he’s nowhere near 100%. And guys don’t fall off that quickly in one season.

  • danpowers

    lol oh my…

  • shockexchange

    Big ups to D. Wade for playing through injury. One day he’s cryin’ for more touches and the next day he’s cryin’ bout his knee. Either you are okay or you’re hurt and need more rest. Pick one … as the theme from “Jeopardy” plays ad infinitum …


    She needs to pray for Lebron… This is like watching the Wizard of Oz. D-Wade needs a knee, Mike Miller needs a new back, Birdman needs some more room to tattoo, and Lebron needs a heart! Too bad the Wizard of Pop isnt going to grant any of their requests!

  • bike

    Jolinda can pray all she wants but meanwhile Pop continues to stick that pin into his D-Wade likeness voodoo doll with a look of mad intent on his face.

  • robb

    Kobe wouldn”t need his mom to pray for him, he’d play through it and find a way to be effective.
    Troll comment, I know, I know. Lots of thumbs down coming but I had to say it. Sorry.

  • Krishjot

    Prayer accepted

  • BBaller

    I can’t help but think Wade blames his knee every time he has a bad game. Today that same knee looked fine.Maybe it is divine intervention or just an excuse he uses

  • Basketball Coach

    wow, this actually helped!