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Gregg Popovich: Spurs Will Remain Consistent and Respond

San Antonio is a rock. They’ve won 50-plus games in 14 straight seasons and are fighting for their Playoff lives in their 16th consecutive appearance. Now, the Spurs need to showcase some of that consistency to get a win in Game 5 Sunday night in what seems like a series of perpetual must-win games.

In a conference call with members of the media earlier today, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich spoke about the mindsets of players and their ability to respond to a loss: “You like to be a little bit more on an even keel, and perform the same way each night. The only thing I can tell myself after all these years is you’re dealing with people with emotions, and not robots.”

Popovich continued, “They come out and they all play hard, but there’s that little intangible. That little spark of intensity. A little bit of fear that seems to kick in when you’ve lost the previous game, and when you find teams that can get over that, those are the Championship teams.”

It’s clear Popovich has had a hand in building the Spurs from the ground up to embody those characteristics. When describing his team’s approach to Game 5, it didn’t stray from the theme of consistency.

“After a game like last night, players are smart, they don’t need to be told how many turnovers they had,” said Popovich. “They feel it, and they’ll respond in that regard and they’ll play well enough—or they won’t. But it won’t be because of lack of effort. They’ll stay pretty consistent.” —Daniel Friedman

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  • Richard Narvaiza

    as long as the spurs have pop as coach, itl will always be the same. that said, im afraid game 4 was the ” it ends here ” game for miami. finally found the formula to get those three on the same page. stop passing the f-ing ball and go get some.

  • Lloyd

    Honestly, if the Big 3 plays like they did in game 4, there’s no defensive strategy currently known to man that can stop the Heat. On the other hand, Pop would be the coach that invents it.

  • Richard Narvaiza

    well i know its easier said than done, but a good formula would be to…
    a. make lebron a passer/jump shooter. not allow touches to close to the basket.
    b. take wade out by not letting him catch the ball on the strong side. only give him jup shots and foul him hard every time he tries to go to the hole.
    c. make bosh a 3 point shooter, push him as far out as possible and give him all the space he wants.
    couple that w pounding the ball inside on offense and make them work on d w great ball movement, limit turnovers and make the outside shot when its given.
    what im tryin to say is basically play a perfect game coz anythin less than thaat would not be enough w this heat team, haha

  • Ricky

    Spurs will bounce back. Not necessarily win of course. But I think Game 5 will be AMAZING. Two real championship teams. wow.

  • Zabbah

    You’re dealing with at least one robot, Pop.

  • spit hot fiyah

    it’s also the first time they all played that well in the same game the entire playoffs, if they do it again, then yes, can’t be stopped. but the odds say that they won’t



  • Zabbah