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Metta World Peace Says He Won’t Let Dwight Howard Go to Houston

Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace claims that he’s got a literal, and very painful hold on teammate Dwight Howard. MWP says he won’t allow Howard to bolt for the Houston Rockets once he becomes a free agent next month. Per CSN Houston (via Sportsradio 610): “When asked about the Lakers center who is about to be a free agent, World Peace said, ‘Well, he’s not going to Houston, I tell you that. You know how those horses have those little things, ties in a bullfight, you tie those things to their b—- and they go crazy? I’ve got two of those tied to Dwight Howard’s t——–, so he can’t move.’ [...] World Peace did give a somewhat more serious answer about Howard’s free agency later in the interview. ‘I’m not going to try to convince him,’ World Peace said. ‘But definitely, I enjoy him, no question about it. I’ll leave the convincing to the organization and to the fans. But for myself, I’m just working out and things like that, but I definitely enjoy him. He’s a great person. Whoever receives Dwight Howard, they’ll really enjoy their time with him. Hopefully, it’s with the Lakers, but whoever receives him will really enjoy their time.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    it’s like howard is a burger and i’m the lettuce. u just can’t have a burger with no lettuc , and i’m staying in LA. and they only like bbq in houston, they don’t need no burgers.

  • LLC#12

    People always seem so surprised when Metta says something odd. The guy changed his name to Metta World Peace, what are people expecting him to say?

  • BugEyes

    He is to sexy for his cat. he is a little odd but you can’t say he is not entertaining.

  • bike

    When asked whether MWP’s statement about tying something to Dwight’s nuts to keep him from leaving was true, Dwight giggled, averted eye contact, and said ‘we like to play around, sometimes.’

  • Max

    Next up: Pieces of Dwight’s body found in fastfood restaurant.

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Im dying lmao