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NBA May Expand Instant Replay to Include Block and Charge Calls

The League’s Competition Committee is recommending an expansion of instant replay to include reviews of block/charge plays late in ballgames. This would be the first time the NBA would review referee’s judgement calls. Per the AP: “Current rules only allow officials to see if a player’s feet are in the restricted area under the basket or out of it in the final two minutes of the game or in overtime. The change would allow officials to get a closer, slow-motion look at a collision between two players to deem if it was a blocking foul on the defense or a charging foul on the offense, one of the most disputed and difficult-to-call plays in the game. ‘This is significant,’ NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson said at an NBA Cares event to celebrate a new learn and play center at Wheatley Middle School. ‘It’s our first foray into utilizing instant replay for a judgment call. It at least cracks the door open.’ When Commissioner David Stern addressed the media before the start the finals, he said that expanding replay and using the technology that was available was a priority. ‘We’ve always taken the stance that we want to look at ways to expand instant replay review, just because it makes sense,’ Jackson said. ‘The referees themselves have supported it because they just want to get the plays right. We’re constantly looking for ways to utilize review.’ The committee also is recommending to the NBA’s board of governors that replay be expanded to include off-the-ball fouls on inbounds plays and made free throws. The committee discussed an idea by Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle that would give each coach one challenge to in the last 2 minutes of playoff games to contest calls. If a coach has a timeout and the ball during that time, he could challenge a play. The play would then be reviewed off site by a group of league officials, similar to the way the NHL handles replays. But those ideas are still under discussion. ‘It’s not fleshed out enough to make a recommendation, but we’re going to continue to talk about it,’ Jackson said. The committee is also recommending that a new rule be put in place to prevent players from standing out of bounds on offense in halfcourt sets. [...] Under the proposed change, any player committing what would be a new infraction would be whistled for a violation, and the ball would change possession. Jackson said this wouldn’t apply to a player who runs out of bounds while curling around a screen or trying to separate from a defender, only when he is stationary and standing out of bounds during a halfcourt offensive set.”

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  • Erik

    The flow of the game is already ruined by using instant replay for determining flagrant fouls and such. Let’s hope they don’t take it this far.

  • Dfrance

    They stopped making it a “judgement call” when they created that stupid restricted area. All most refs do is look down at a players feet to see if they’re in front of the line or not to make the call.

    What they need to do is remove the line and retrain the refs as to what constitutes a block/charge.

  • The Mighty FV

    I am all for this, there was an awful charge missed on Lebron, I believe it was Green who got position and James just steamrolled through him out of control. I know it damages the flow but fair is fair.

  • OfftheWall87

    If it was the play where he had that assist on the fast break, that was a good no call as Van Gundy said right after it happened. Tired of seeing players try to take charges on those kinds of plays. Has nothing to do with the outcome of the play.

  • Dfrance

    Nah it was the play where he went 1 on 2 trying to score. Van Gundy actually thought that one should have been a charge. It was a tough call because Green anticipated the move and beat LBJ to the spot by a hair, but he was moving a little.

  • Dfrance

    Shane Battier gonna foul out of every game now.

  • bike

    One of these days they will have half a dozen or so drones circling the court overhead continually snapping high resolution imagery that can instantly be downloaded to a computer. The instant replay will consist of examining the output of a computer model that uses differential calculus to reliably predict whether a defensive player was in position or not.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i’m all for replays, but it takes the longest time. i can usually see it pretty clear on an out of bounds call after like 2-3 angles. but the refs are huddling up for ever. the challenge is nice though, isn’t that van gundy’s idea?

  • LP @ThisisEther

    every single game.