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NBA Players React to Jason Kidd’s Retirement

A tweetcap.

Earlier today, the great Jason Kidd—a one-time NBA champion, 10-time All-Star and lock for the Basketball Hall of Fame—officially announced his retirement. See how a variety of NBAers reacted to the news in the gallery above.

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  • Max

    Matt Barnes has a weird picture.

  • spit hot fiyah

    just a weirdo hat and his kids. not as weird as guys having cartoons of themselves

  • Hambone

    wait a minute.. Jason Terry won a ship?

  • Max

    Well it’s not really the picture, it’s just that Matt Barner has that picture.

  • RedRum

    Kidd, together with Duncan are my favourite players of the last 20 years. They came so close playing together, it would have been an epic team. It always amazes me how Kidd never developed a mid-range like Parker. Had he done it, we would be talking about one of the top 15 players ever. Second all time in assists, third in triple doubles, wrecking havoc defensively while running the offense in neck breaking pace. All that while being a leader, literaly changing the ethos of teams the moment he stepped on the court. Write this down, Kidd will become one of the greatest coaches ever.

  • RedRum

    not only he did, he even embarrassed Lebron in the process…

  • jufu

    my favorite player of all time. nets are still my favorite team because of him.

  • roscoe

    jkidd was a pleasure to watch over the years.

  • Mars

    Makes Dallas’ title run even more sweeter considering Grant never got his, and Ray Ray working on number two. Still, JKidd never tried to be something he was not. And his jumper got slack cause thats the only thing people can criticize, and dude was a good shooter. This is what makes MWC outta Syracuse dangerous.