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NBA Teams Can Put Ads on the Court Starting Next Season

All 30 teams have been given the green light by the NBA to start placing advertisements on the basketball court starting in the 2013-’14 season. Per ESPN: “The league sent a memo to its teams saying they will be permitted to sell space on what is referred to as the apron. The space covers the out-of-bounds area on the sideline between the baselines and the coaches’ box where teams currently advertise their website or Twitter handles. A team can place a company’s logo on the floor in front of both team benches, but it has to be a decal. That’s because teams can sell the space to a company only for games that are televised locally. Players will get a slice of the pie from any revenue generated from the new signage opportunity as it will be calculated into the league’s basketball related income. The idea, proposed by deputy commissioner Adam Silver, who will take over for David Stern next season, will be evaluated over a one-year period to determine whether the league wants to make it a permanent piece of space to sell in the future. It is in lieu of putting corporate logos on jerseys, a proposal that has somewhat stalled. At one point, Silver said he believed that giving teams the rights to have a company’s patch on jerseys would generate $100 million annually.”

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  • sauldreyes

    all about the benjamins

  • sauldreyes

    all about the benjamins

  • spit hot fiyah

    maybe chris andersen can just volunteer to get tattoos of the sponsors to cover ups the ones he has right now

  • ScrewT

    Soon, there will be ads all over the jerseys, court, and probably even the ball.. and there will still be commercials.

  • 1982

    Are there restrictions? Can Verizon put an ad on the floor at AT&T? Can Adidas buy a spot right in front of where LeBron sits?

  • Johnny

    Adam Silver is turning the NBA into FIFA.

  • robb

    Do whatever you want, just don’t mess up the uniforms.

  • Markus437

    primo pasta raptors court

  • i_ball

    To be exact there are no adds on the jerseys of the FIFA tournaments and the only adds on the field are on boards out the field.
    There is a huge difference between a football/soccer jersey and an NBA one. On the football/soccer jersey the team crest is a small badge on the left side of the jersey and it has been like this since they started putting the crest on the jersey. They only have a number at the back. So there is a huge empty space on the front of the jersey. Frankly if you remove the sponsor logo the football/soccer jerseys look worse. The NBA jersey have always had the team name/city with bug letters on the chest and under it the number of the player so there is no space for an add.
    I don’t get why people compare the two

  • Ugh

    No to the first, probably to the second. Naming rights are always exclusive.

  • Ugh

    As opposed the ‘Verizon’ and ‘American Airlines’ and etc advertisements that have been on the court for years.

  • RKJ92

    Sadly its true… we would have that..

  • bike

    Would love to see a Preparation H add right in front of the end of the bench.

  • Markus437

    That or peak

  • Slick ric

    Once they start putting adds on the jerseys, that’ll be the day I stop watching. They’ve already made the damn game soft.

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    People are really freaking out about this.

    I doubt I would have even noticed had I not read an article on here.


    no we wouldn’t. come on bro andrea and that stupid pasta commercial both need to go before the start of next season

  • ATL dynamite

    This is f*cked up