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Stephen Jackson Says He Has No Regrets About Exit from Spurs

Both Stephen Jackson and the San Antonio Spurs are in Miami this week, but for vastly different reasons. Jackson, naturally, says he has no regrets about how acrimoniously things ended for him in San Antonio, and the missed opportunity to play in the NBA Finals once again. Per the Express-News: “Stephen Jackson flew commercial to Miami on Tuesday. He should have been on the Spurs’ charter. He should have been joking with Tim Duncan and listening to Gregg Popovich. He should have been preparing for his second Finals and hoping he would get a few minutes trying to defend LeBron James; the Spurs might have been better for that, too. Instead, Jackson sat in 3A, on United flight 1158, from Houston to Miami. Any regrets, he was asked? ‘Nope,’ he said. ‘Got my money.’ He smiled broadly, as if to convince himself. Jackson says he didn’t come to Miami to watch the Finals. He said he hasn’t watched any of the Spurs’ games this spring. He’s here to have fun, and he’s been having a lot since the Spurs released him. Jackson has been sharing his luxurious life online, from a trip to Jamaica to the occasional pedicure. The posts have also come about the time the Spurs have been playing games. [...] A year ago Jackson announced, in so many words, Gregg Popovich was the only coach who could handle him. Tuesday he said he refused this season to play Popovich’s ‘mind games.’ [...] Jackson insists Popovich wanted him to admit (Danny) Green and (Manu) Ginobili were better. More than likely, Popovich simply told Jackson they were better. That’s why they were playing instead of him. Pride wouldn’t let Jackson accept that, and he admitted as much Tuesday. After showing the initial flash of anger when talking about Popovich, he later said Popovich knows him well, and that the release ‘was best for me so I wouldn’t go crazy.’ Or, as Jackson said Tuesday, again smiling, ‘I wouldn’t want me on the team, either.’”

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  • tracy mcgrady

    thanks bro, good lookin’ out. i’m ’bout to get my riiiiing! u bout that life jax?

  • roscoe

    “Pride wouldn’t let Jackson accept that, and he admitted as much Tuesday.”

    don’t let pride keep you from achieving.

    everyone has to get inline, everyone.

  • Mike Mihalow

    Dude should be saving his money

  • Stepfan Raiford

    When T-mac takes your spot at this stage in his career, you have regrets.

  • dannyb

    3A is a good seat. He’s got nothing to complain about.

  • Rockwell

    That’s right. Jack is done. All the baggage caught up to even Allen Iverson. And Jackson is no AI. Maybe Jackson should ask T-Mac how to speak Mandarin, because Jackson sure as hell is not going to be balling in the League next year.

  • dennislippy

    Injuries and attitude cost Stephen Jackson a chance to play for a championship and finish his career in a city where he was appreciated…….There is Pop’s way and then there is the highway…….Stephen chose wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez


  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    pride is a m0therfucker