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Tim Duncan Says Game 7 Loss Will Always Haunt Him

Tim Duncan missed an absolutely wide open layup with a chance to tie Game 7 in the dying moments. The San Antonio Spurs would never get any closer, as they went down to the champion Miami Heat 95-88. A devastated Tim Duncan talked to the press afterwards about his frustrations. Per the Express-News: “They took an early lead, and weathered the best LeBron James had to offer to stay within two points inside the final minute. But the reigning MVP had one too many answers for the Spurs, hitting the clinching jumper — his ninth of the game, including a Finals record five 3-pointers — with 27.9 seconds left after Duncan missed two point-blank shots at the tying basket. ‘The obvious word is ‘disappointing,’ said Duncan, borderline catatonic at the interview podium. ‘Tough end to the game. Made some bad decisions, missed some shots. I don’t know what to say. We gave ourselves opportunities to win the game, we just couldn’t turn that corner. To be in a Game 6 … and two chances to win and NBA championship and not to do it, that’s tough to swallow. Probably for me, Game 7 is always going to haunt me.’”

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  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    This one has got to sting. He missed his bread and butter shot to knot it up at 90 all and then missed the putback over a smaller defender.

  • pposse

    he wasn’t wide open. I mean there was someone in between himself and the bucket. The guy is 37 years old and probably has a 5 inch vertical on a good day. This is a sensational piece of writing right here.
    But Lebron hit a record 5 three pointers in the finals? hmm but didn’t shane had 6? Whoever wrote this forgot to put out that the 5 3′s was a personal best record in the finals and not a finals record lol.

  • bike

    “absolutely wide open layup” WTF??? Are we talking about the same game? It was a running short hook shot followed by a missed putback.

  • Dagger

    While I was cheering for Lebron and the Heat, seeing the Spurs lose was really depressing. Duncan is one of the greatest ever, and a fifth title wouldn’t have changed that. But what a perfect ending to a career it might have been.

  • Dev

    Im kinda mad T-Mac aint get a ring, dude was nice back in the day

  • RayJr

    Duncan wasn’t wide open but 19 times out of 20 he makes that hook over Battier and 9 times out of 10 he makes the put back. That was as close to wide open as he could have been and you could tell Duncan knew it with his reaction by slapping the floor. Never seen the guy that frustrated ever.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Greatest player of my generation, the post-Jordan era. How can you not love TD? I felt so bad for the guy, seeing him slap the floor and then looking really depressed during the post-game interview. Spurs are an amazing franchise, give them a tonne of credit.

    As the great poet Rasheed Wallace once said: “Both teams played hard.”

  • Melvin flynt

    Tough break for Timmy. Gotta get those easy bunnies, hold your head high Timmy your 4 time nba champion and considered to be the greatest power forward of all time! It’s just lebrons league now!

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    What d0uche bag would thumb this comment down?

  • spit hot fiyah

    i think game 6 loss will haunt him more.

  • Junior Taylor

    Don’t think I have ever felt as bad/sad for a player as I was seeing TD’s reaction after missing that shot.

  • http://www.offthebackboard.wordpress.com/ Off The Backboard

    I think that has been the only time in all my years watching the league that Duncan has seemed emotionally vulnerable. As soon as he missed, he knew it was over and you could see it on his face. He just went to the bench and you could tell how disappointed he was.

  • danpowers

    he shouldnt feel too bad. that was just fatigue / age and that hook shot was not a wide open one, it was well contested by battier – same goes with the tip in attempt. we all know that duncan would normally eat battier alive on the low block. even the 37 year old duncan. just not in the last minutes of a game 7 in the nba finals.

    he got four good reasons to not feel too bad for too long anyway

  • smith, blocked, smith, stopped

    “absolutely wide open layup” guess we’re talking about patrick’s shot in another game 7 against indiana in ’95. jeje