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Toronto Raptors Will Consider a Name Change

At Tuesday’s introductory press conference for new GM Masai Ujiri, MLSE’s new president and CEO Tim Leiweke said the Toronto Raptors organization will give changing the team’s name some consideration going forward. Per the National Post: “On potentially changing the Raptors’ name: ‘We’re definitely going to take a look at it. It doesn’t mean we’re committed to it. It means it’s a good conversation. I saw those generic uniforms today in the paper. … That won’t be the uniform, by the way. I can assure you of that. I think we need to have this conversation.’ [...] On whether he would have a problem with the Raptors ‘tanking’: ‘Nope. This is [Ujiri’s] decision and his direction and we are going to let our president and GM make those decisions and we will follow him religiously. At the same time — and let’s be clear here — if he walks in the door and says we have a trade to make and this trade will get us a major chip and by the way it’s going to put us in the luxury tax, our owners have made it very clear we will be OK with that too. He is in a unique position. As far as I can tell this is the deepest and the team with the most resources of any team in the NBA. I think that is one of the reasons … he’s here.’ On why Ujiri came to Toronto: ‘Quite frankly, he’s not the highest paid GM in the league. He’s not in the top five based on what I know about rest of the league. The financial thing we didn’t even talk about the first day. Not a word. We didn’t talk about it. We spent the day talking about philosophy. We talked about where we’ve come in our lives, what we would like to create here and we shared one common view. You recall the question from earlier today about you’ve seen the history of this organization. Why would you come here? That’s why you come here. Who wants to go — no offence — but who wants to follow Mitch Kupchak? … Am I OK with the fact that he is well compensated? Sure, he should be, it’s Toronto. We view ourselves as New York, Miami and L.A.’”

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  • Sean

    Toronto Huskies.

  • AlbertBarr

    Toronto Tar Sands

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Nah, don’t do it. It’s not like changing the name will change how many games won.

  • Ryan

    Huskies would be good. Raptors gear looks like it’s mad for kids. No adult wants to wear that stuff.

  • 23

    Well its not like some NBA players don’t dress like kids anyways

  • Redd

    I’ve begun to like the Raptors, but nothing will change the fact that Americans(at least) don’t care for the Raptors outside of true NBA fans who just like good basketball.

    Idk if you accredit that to Bieber & Drake but either way, nothing outside of Jay Z or someone popular buying the Raptors would change that the Raptors are just a random team to most Americans, it was that way even during playoff contention.

  • fruizm

    Actually I think that the name “Raptors” is the only cool thing about that team!

  • Andy

    Why bother? Considering how bad the Raps have been, they still draw pretty good attendance. So it’s not like they have to reinvigorate themselves in that sense. If anything, it’ll just annoy fans who like the name and have the gear. And a name change sure as hell ain’t gonna bring more wins.

  • bike

    Toronto Mounties.

  • BugEyes

    Toronto ice, short for icicles

  • Max

    Raptors is nice, them and the Hornets were so cool as a kid.

  • The Mauve Avenger

    The Toronto Parliament

  • RKJ92

    C’MON MAN.. this is BS!!

  • RKJ92

    Remember last time this happened? and wtf was the end result of that.. “The Pelicans” smfh -.-”

  • spit hot fiyah

    did he just call them the deepest team in the league?

  • Dagger

    Please no. We don’t need to appeal to more American stereotypes of the great white north.

  • Bryan

    HELLLLL NOOOOO! Pointless Move. Worry more about developing a winning team and culture and then players will want to come to TO.

  • Da-Meat-Hook


    The logo would be a conversation piece that would transcend generations!

  • Addam

    Only kids like the “Raptors” name. I hated the name in ’95 and I hate it today. I’ve been a devout fan since the 1st game vs the 76ers in Halifax, but I’ve never worn a thread of Raptor’s gear mainly because I would feel like a kid wearing a mighty ducks jersey.

  • aндрій базилевич

    the toronto jiggas ..short for jiggalos

  • Basketball Coach

    could be a fresh start for them, but nah. raptors will always be Carter dunking hard in my mind.


  • UncommonStats™

    In 1947 the Toronto Huskies played the first organized professional game in North America against the New York Knickerbockers. The KNICKS!!!! Toronto has an ORIGINAL team with history and a stamp date equal to that of the Knicks franchise. End this madness now.. bring back the HUSKIES. Canada is known for being cold, we have huskies & the name makes sense in respect to Canadian basketball history. We have some original NHL teams, shouldn’t we acknowledge our original NBA team?

    Anything other than “Huskies” is delusional & runs the risk of sounding like the New Orleans Pelicans.

  • Lloyd

    Keep the name, change the colours. Shades of brown, white, and black would look dope! I feel like any change would try to make the team “Canadian”. All our animals and other team-like concepts don’t sound intimidating.

  • DannyAingesBarber

    the Toronto Hats

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    How about they move to NJ?

  • Kid-Canada

    What about the Argonauts?

  • Guest

    They can mess with the logo/uniforms but leave the name as it is…

  • Redd

    With the biker gang logo..

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    well the Pelicans makes sense for New Orleans. Way more sense than the Hornets.

  • spit hot fiyah

    so you liked purple

  • danpowers

    not half as much as jazz wouldve made sense for new orleans. i wonder though what a mormon town has to do with jazz. could some us-american please explain to me what that is about? i mean… seriously

  • danpowers

    huskies would be cool tho

  • danpowers

    i think that was more about air canada and the mourning-grandma johnson- muggsy bogues trio

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    The team came from New Orleans and they didn’t have trouble marketing the team. Basic business, no reason to spend money on changing something that is not hurting income. .
    And Pelicans is just as relevant as Jazz. Do some research about Pelicans and New Orleans

  • danpowers

    that is alot of disillusional truth at the same time for me lol

  • D dot Sanchez

    uni’s gotta go.

  • D dot Sanchez

    nice, but can do better

  • D dot Sanchez

    pelicans seems too goofy to be real

  • D dot Sanchez

    you like the name??

  • D dot Sanchez

    that trio was fire

  • D dot Sanchez


  • price

    The Tar Sands are in completely different part of Canada. Thats like renaming Los Angeles the Knicks. Get Educated.

  • Lloyd

    What about them? The Argonauts are heroic mythological Greek sailors. It has nothing to do with Canada.

  • Lloyd

    Resource wise. MLSE’s pockets are deeeep.

  • Saleem Rainman

    a return to the huskies doesnt appeal to you? really?

  • danpowers

    oh yes. its such a pitty that johnson suffered that back injury and that they couldnt afford to keep that team together. but even the glen rice / anthony mason hornets were fun to watch. really one of the most entertaining teams to watch in the 90s and even though i hate purple – these jerseys were dope

  • D dot Sanchez

    plus LJ & mourning didnt get along either. since mournings rookie year

  • danpowers

    too much testosterone for one team lol

  • Max

    VC was big yeah, but I’m too young for that Hornets trio.
    I mean, a freaking Raptor (loved dinosaurs) with a basketball? Or a wasp with a basketball?

  • RunNGun

    I like them to switch their name to the Supersonics and move out west to Seattle. :)

  • Max

    More of a blue guy but yeah.

  • danpowers

    yeah, that must have been huge. which kid didnt love dinosaurs? im still able to name like every dinosaur species but none of my ex girls birthdays lol

  • Jimbo

    Bring back the dinosaur jerseys

  • kobesankle

    Toronto 81ers

  • Max

    Haha, dinosaurs are the shiiit.

  • AlbertBarr

    It was a joke price. Get relaxed please. And do you even know what the “Knicks” are named after?

  • AlbertBarr

    THey could keep the name but change the mascot to some sort of falcon or hawk. They are “raptors” and I am sure there are some bad, bad big birds up in them parts.

  • AlbertBarr

    I would rather they move to Vancouver.

  • TheUnspokenTruth

    Toronto Freeze vs Miami Heat.

  • S

    Or like having an LA team named after the Great Lakes. Haha, oh wait..

  • roscoe

    how about the syrup?

  • Mike

    Sorry Price, it’s hard for us Americans to remember every little thing about countries that don’t matter.