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Andrea Bargnani Says He’s ‘Starving to Win’ for the Knicks

The New York Knicks have big expectations for their newest acquisition, forward Andrea Bargnani (recently acquired from the Toronto Raptors, via trade.) Bargs says he’s healthy and motivated to prove the doubters wrong. Per Newsday: “Glen Grunwald says the Knicks’ acquisition of Andrea Bargnani wasn’t to counter the splash the Nets made in getting Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Grunwald insists it was done to improve the Knicks’ chances of going deep in the playoffs. Getting out of the first round for the first time in 13 years was important, but the Knicks’ general manager says there’s much more to be done before this team can compete for a title. ‘We wanted to take another step forward this year and we felt Andrea was a step forward for us,’ Grunwald said during a conference call Thursday. ‘Notwithstanding what other teams do, we have to get better … We need to continue to move this organization forward.’ [...] Getting Bargnani could turn out to be a good move, especially if he can stay healthy. Bargnani, a career 15.2-point scorer, played in only 35 games last year because of wrist and elbow injuries. He said his elbow is fine and that he plans to put ‘a lot of focus’ into improving his defense and rebounding. ‘I’m 100 percent healthy,’ Bargnani said. ‘I’m going to play with the national team this summer and get back in shape so when I get back here, I’m going to be ready to go … It’s all about winning here. I want to do as much as possible, and what the coach asks me, to just to win games, because I’m really starving to win.’”

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  • TSmoove

    I hope he doesn’t get hurt playing with his national team…

  • Dagger

    You know, if he’s been so starved for wins he might have at least attempted to box out, defend, or just generally improve his game these past few years.

  • Redd

    Could be a Blatche to Nets thing for this guy.

  • RayJr

    Starvin like Marvin

  • ZOGS


  • RunNGun

    Good thing Eddy Curry isn’t there anymore… a few buffet lines and it’s over.

  • JoeMaMa

    He’s a great shooter and can get to the basket – it’s why Raptors fans hate hearing this. I always thought he could be a consistent 20/8 guy for the Raps, and on a really good team, 14/7. He can space the floor for Melo and create looks for others. Brutal defence, doesn’t like banging in the post, but truthfully, if he’s healthy and has this attitude, he’ll help the Knicks.

  • MikeC.

    Primo pasta and sauce.

  • Dagger

    “If he’s healthy and has this attitude, he’ll help . . .”

    How many times have I heard that before the start of yet another ill-fated Raptors season? About as many times as: “Chris Bosh put on 20 pounds this offseason!” or “Vince Carter will stop shooting so many jumpers.”

  • north

    who voted this down? Clearly never seen the boy play.


    no respect for bargnani what so ever. he is taller than bosh and weights a lot more. how come he was never able to match any of his stats? bosh got almost 5000 rebounds in 7 seasons with the raps. Mr ny knicks here has a total of about 2100. 10250 points to 6500. almost 600 blocks to 382. Toronto should’ve drafted Lamarcus Aldridge with the first overall pick

  • north

    Everyone THOUGHT he’d be a 20/8 guy hence him being drafted #1… that was wrong. He is not a 20/8 guy. He’s more like a 14/2 guy with not great %’s

  • RLW

    Everyone thought he would be Dirk 2.0 just like Darko

  • Habeeba Husain

    That’s what I was thinking too.

  • LLC#12

    Whenever a tall white player who can shoot gets drafted they’re expected to be Dirk 2.0. When they aren’t Dirk 2.0, they are classed as busts. I’m sure Bargnani can contribute to this Knicks team, putting him next to Chandler will shelter his poor rebounding and D somewhat.

  • LeroyShonuff

    No he’s not a great shooter. He barely shot 30% in the past two years. This will backfire on the knicks…

  • Joblo

    Don’t know what are the Knicks goals for this season. If they want to be a contender, I don’t get why they trade for the laziest Raptor ever. Bargnani and WIN doesn’t stick together. For those who watched him play, just compare his intensity to those playing for a contender. NY fans will miss Steve Novak. And I did not even mention the draft pick TO got from the trade.

  • Joblo

    Chandler will want to kill him before the ASG. AB will be watching him battling Hibbert and West by himself for the rebound. When you see a 7 footer moving away from his basket in defensive rebound situations, you’ll understand why Raptor fans were so frustrated. And every time he raised the his level of intensity, he got hurt.

  • LLC#12

    I can completely understand Raptor fans frustration, I’m just saying, if anyone would shelter his deficiencies somewhat, Chandler would. Hopefully playing in the Eurobasket this summer will raise his confidence/get him game ready.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Andrea Bargnani=EUROTRASH

  • Junior Taylor

    F*ck talking about, be about it.

  • JoeMaMa

    Gents, a question – I’ve posted on here, but sometimes my comments don’t show up.
    Help? You guys are missing out on GOLD!

  • Ron

    Knicks are retarded trading for this bum, and resigning that desert thirsty nigg@, 1st round exit

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Bargnani has played the 5, and moved to the 4, he’s played along side Bosh as the 2nd option, then Amir Johnson as the first option and then Valanciunas. He’s played under 3 coaches and was terrible under all of them. It’s not about what position he plays, or who plays along side of him, he is a selfish one-dimensional player who refuses to do anything even remotely related to defense or hustle.

    Players don’t wake up one day and decide to be hard workers/winners after 7 years of mediocrity. We know what Bargnani is about, and the few qualities he brings to the table are easily negated by the numerous holes in his game and attitude.

  • Kobe

    Quick and Nutritious, simply delicious, everyone knows its Primo!

  • RKJ92


  • RKJ92

    Not a chance.

  • MikeC.

    I knew Andrea was done in TO when the Primo commercial swapped out Bargs for that creepy family.

  • Dacre

    …eddy curry was more “hungry” to win for the knicks…

  • Redd

    Wouldn’t have expected much from Blatche either but good coaching made him effective.

  • RKJ92

    Blatche is Tony Allen compared to Bargnani — Bargnani also isn’t effective in any offense which is so sad.. as he has no post moves other then a turn around J, he cannot rebound, and isn’t a threat from anywhere in the field as long as a hand is in his face which is 85% of the time, where as Blatche could outplay Bargnani in all of these things, from defense, to post scoring, shooting the ball from anywhere in the field from inside the 3 point line. Trust me dude he really is an eyesore.

  • Feez_22


  • Fresh_Prints

    He’s one of those players who will take over the game for 5 minutes and you’re like”wow, what an amazing talent this guy is”. Then he disappears and floats about for the rest of the time he’s on the floor. As a hockey fan, he reminds me of Alexei Yashin, amazing skill but his heart was never in the game.

  • worstmayorever

    Bargnani:Raptors :: Ford:Toronto
    Can we trade with Calgary?

  • danpowers

    mr grundwald sir, cocaine is one hell of a drug