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Brandon Jennings Happy With Trade to the Detroit Pistons

Though he doesn’t yet want to say too much about his move from Milwaukee to Detroit, point guard Brandon Jennings admits that he’s pleased with the change of scenery. Per the Toronto Sun: “The Compton, Cal. native was in (Toronto) at the behest of good friend and fellow L.A. NBAer Amir Johnson, of the Raptors for the OVO Bounce Tournament at Ryerson’s Kerr Hall. Jennings declined to say much, saying he wants to ‘stay under the radar for now,’ but did admit ‘I’m happy’ about the trade. Jennings was a restricted free agent. The OVO Bounce Tournament is an annual event held in conjunction with Drake’s OVO Fest. It pairs OVO with Toronto AAU Powerhouse CIA Bounce, the former summer squad of Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, Tyler Ennis, Xavier Rathan-Mayes and many more. Jennings and Johnson played on one pickup squad, former Marquette point guard and Canadian camp invitee Junior Cadougan on another and Cory and Devoe Joseph also were in the building. Up-and-comers like Montaque Gill-Caesar, Chris Egi and Thon Maker, a 7-foot-1 centre about to enter just his second year of high school, also competed and more significant players were expected to show up over the course of the week.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    yesterday he wanted $ 50 million and today he is happy after getting $ 24 million and moving to a new city

  • Shooting Guard

    that dude smdh

  • bike

    Which means he’s going to a new city, new team, and new coach where he can gun to his heart’s delight knowing the Bucks don’t have a clue where the mute button is on his shot happy mode.

  • i_ball

    And more so he is going to Detroit. Today I read some articles about the city – a really, really sad story

  • LLC#12

    Quote should be “Brandon Jennings happy that, somewhere, for some reason, somebody actually wanted him”

  • don

    bucks screwed jennings on this one.
    you want more money? here’s 26million less than what you wanted.
    you want to go to a major marker? here, we’ll ship you detroit.
    you want to be the star? We’ll make sure billups is ahead of you.

  • Max

    He wanted out he got out, he should be happy.

  • underdog

    I just have to root for the Pistons.

  • Interdico Scriptor


  • Interdico Scriptor


  • Interdico Scriptor

    Dude wasn’t getting minutes at Clipps anyway.

  • Mack

    I’d be ecstatic getting shipped out of Milwaukee; the Bucks have been stuck between not being a playoff team and never getting high draft picks (and please don’t try to argue about Andrew Bogut.) Also, Billups isn’t gonna be ahead of Jennings for very long considering he’s 36 years old, but Brandon is definitely going to get some valuable mentoring/ tutoring from him. This is probably the best possible situation for BJ.