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Brandon Jennings Sign-and-Trade Discussed By Bucks and Hawks

Monta Ellis isn’t the only Milwaukee Bucks free agent that the Atlanta Hawks are interested in, according to reports. Word is that Brandon Jennings is also being chased by the Hawks, via sign-and-trade. Per ESPN: “Sources briefed on the situation said that the Hawks and Bucks have in recent days discussed a sign-and-trade deal to land Brandon Jennings in Atlanta and send fellow restricted free agent Jeff Teague to Milwaukee to reunite with former Hawks coach Larry Drew. [...] If those sign-and-talks progress to the serious stage, sources said, Atlanta would inevitably have to rescind its longstanding interest in Ellis, knowing he and Jennings realistically couldn’t play together again given how poorly they functioned as a backcourt duo in Milwaukee last season. Sources say that the Kings, meanwhile, have been shopping the likes of Jimmer Fredette and Chuck Hayes to the Cavaliers to create the requisite salary-cap room to try to sign Ellis comfortably. Hard to see Cleveland wanting Hayes, whose contract runs through 2014-15 and thus potentially cuts into Cleveland’s reserves earmarked for a free-agent run at LeBron James next summer. Fredette’s $2.4 million salary is a virtual expiring deal.”

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  • cflip

    Both teams are doing whatever they can to stay in NBA purgatory. Don’t know why the hawks just don’t resign Teague, he’s upgrade over Jennings.

  • brendon

    If I were the Bucks, I’d take that trade in a heartbeat. They have Sanders, and a chance to add some nice pieces in the next two years. They could have a point guard who plays more efficiently to compliment them.

  • spit hot fiyah

    son this will turn into milwaukee hawks and atlanta bucks

  • christianbullen

    why. why. Why would the Kings want Ellis?..

  • Guest

    I`m not buying the Hawks being interested in both Jennings and Ellis. I can make some sense out of Atlanta signing Ellis but trading Teague for Jennings isn`t a smart move no matter how you look at it. Teague has been improving every season although he doesn`t perform well in the postseason except for that one series against Chicago in 2010. In contrast, Jennings has not shown much improvement since his rookie season and he doesn`t do well in the postseason. He`s not an upgrade from Teague.

  • spit hot fiyah

    because they guards that like to shoot the ball and not pass. salmons, thornton, maclemore, jimmer, thomas

  • Mike From Spain

    I don’t get how Jennings talked people into believing he’s almost worth the 12 million that he’s asking for, in an age with a glut of great NBA PGs… Also, Monta Ellis gets a lot of people to think he is a superstar. He might be one game in each 10, but at the end he does not produce the way a superstar should. Kind of like Kevin Martin, sure great player, a star, but not a superstar

  • Jim

    He suck dick

  • Jim

    He was givin head