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Carmelo Anthony Reportedly Wanted the Knicks to Attempt to Trade For Rajon Rondo

After locking up JR Smith and Pablo Prigioni, it appears the Knicks may be done making moves this off-season. That’s unfortunate news for Carmelo Anthony, who, according to the NY Post (via SB Nation), was hoping New York would try to swing a deal for Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo: “So far, the Knicks are one of a small handful of clubs who haven’t agreed to terms with an outside free agent. Boston is another one. Blame it on the new collective bargaining agreement. Anthony told friends after the Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce trade to the Nets, he figured the Knicks would make a play for point guard for Rajon Rondo. Anthony believes Rondo would be the perfect piece and would be super motivated in New York to attempt to knock off Garnett and Pierce. Instead, the Knicks will return two of their three primary free agents in J.R. Smith, who flopped in the playoffs, and Pablo Prigioni. They didn’t even have enough money in this new CBA to keep their young sniper, Chris Copeland. And they may not have enough to woo aging Elton Brand. Or the cash to get a commitment from competent but hardly scintillating backup point guard Sebastian Telfair. Another Knicks target, point guard Will Bynum, agreed to terms last night to remain in Detroit. The Knicks even were spurned by Houston small forward Francisco Garcia of The Bronx. He chose against signing with his hometown team, taking the same minimum offer from the Rockets to maintain his Bird rights — key in this new economic climate.”

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  • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIeIA3G2s5UPQfRPYFyFDw Hart26

    So did we Carmelo….so did we.

  • Dfrance

    When your team is done making moves after “locking up Pablo Prigioni” your team is in trouble.


    Sorry but no one wants to play for the Knicks right now with Melo Amare. 2 Pure offense ballhogs that rely on midrange jumpers too much. (2nd round fodder)

  • spit hot fiyah

    tell the clippers, who just got done locking up ryan hollians

  • Brandon

    Im sorry the Knicks are my team but it don’t matter who the Knicks get it wont work because Carmelo is a isolation player. Give him the ball and get out the way n I hate that even though Melo gets buckets, Its just how Melo plays he’s not no swing the ball around, scree, pass and shoot, he is the wait for me to get down the court get out the way n let me go to work. Get Josh Selby or someone for cheap to backup Felton.

  • Dagger

    Instead he got Bargnani. Hope he’s happy!

  • Dfrance

    The did also lock up Collison, Reddick, Dudley, Paul, and Rivers tho.

  • Clos1881


  • DjSkee

    i have no idea why they don’t amnesty Amar’e?? they havn’t used it yet anyway??

  • spit hot fiyah

    billups i believe

  • O

    Aaaaaand there goes any chemistry he would’ve had with Felton this upcoming season…

  • danpowers


  • LakeShow

    I know i’m not allowed to say this because he’s “the worse rebounder ever” and stuff, but Bargs is still a decent pick up for only losing Novak.

  • OfftheWall87

    Raymond Felton must have loved hearing this.

  • danpowers

    r u crazy? that are internal matters of the knicks fam lol

  • Evan Boland

    No he’s not, lol.

  • LakeShow


  • Caboose

    That efficiency thing.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Because Carmelo already does what Bargnani does, a thousand times better

  • Tyz’Hade Rowe

    Why don’t the Knicks just sign Samuel dalembert and resign kenyon martin and trade Tyson Chandler for Rondo if thats possible.

  • Lloyd

    The man can dream.

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    That is not possible. Why would Danny Ainge trade Rondo for Tyson Chandler?

  • RunNGun

    Make it happen, Walsh!

  • LakeShow

    You think he’ll never be able to shoot again?

  • LakeShow

    I think that # is a little steep.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    A tid bit

  • Mars

    Dudes on here hating on Melo, but his skill set is way better than Bronz. Felton is good, but he ain’t “fight a ninja or two” crazy like Rondo. Plus, Rondo, even without a jumper, can still score when at will to and is better than CP3, DWill, Parker, Westbrook & DRose soft a$$. Rondo is a once in generation type of point guard.