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Chandler Parsons Credits Himself for Dwight Howard Choosing Houston

According to Chandler Parsons, Dwight Howard made the decision to sign with the Houston Rockets largely based on their friendship and the swingman’s persuasive abilities. Parsons isn’t joking. Per Yahoo! Sports: “I think I had a big impact,’ Parsons said at USA Basketball’s mini-camp. ‘The first thing he said at the press conference was that, ‘You guys should thank Chandler Parsons because he is a big reason why I am here.’ Obviously, he loves the team, [general manager] Daryl Morey, coach [Kevin] McHale and all that. But I think I just gave him that comfort that you got one of your boys here who is also a key part to the team, a young guy. And we can grow on this for a long time.’ Parsons is an Orlando native and former University of Florida basketball player who originally met Howard while Howard starred with the Orlando Magic. The two became closer after Parsons switched to Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan, in May. That connection sparked a fast friendship between Parsons and Howard, and eventually worked to the Rockets’ benefit during the free-agency recruitment. ‘I spent a lot of time during the summer in L.A.,’ Parsons said. ‘We kind of just hit it off. We literally would text every day. He’d call me at 8 p.m. with a question and then he’d call me at midnight with the same question. I respect the way he handled [his free agency]. He took his time and weighed all his options. I was just that guy trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible. We have very similar personalities. We are both outgoing. We’re always smiling. We like to have fun. I made him really comfortable that he was not only coming to a really good team, but a team with his friends on it.’ [...] ‘I told him how good I thought we could be,’ Parsons said. ‘If you add him with me, James and Jeremy [Lin], Omer Asik … [and] what better coach to play for than a top-50 NBA player of all time in McHale? With ‘Dream’ [Hakeem Olajuwon], Yao [Ming] and Ralph [Sampson] and all these centers that had success in Houston, I think it was a no-brainer for him.’ Parsons told Howard that playing for the Rockets was like playing for a ‘college team.’ And he told Howard that the Rockets would be a good playoff team without Howard, but great with him.”

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  • Sancheezie

    chandler batting his eye lashes help lure dwight.

  • Anthony

    “The two became closer”, “connection sparked a fast friendship”, “We kind of just hit it off”,”would text everyday”,”he’d call me at 8pm with a question and then he’d call me at midnight with the same question”, “I was that guy trying to make him feel comfortable”….THE RED FLAGS GO ON & ON PEOPLE….lol/smh

  • underdog

    Considering we’re talking about Dwight Howard, this could totally be the truth.

  • Kraken

    Chandler better have a hell of a season with the way he keeps thrusting himself into the spotlight. This kid needs to realize that he and his squad haven’t proved anything.

  • TR

    Probably the douchiest NBA player right now

  • spit hot fiyah’

    parsons is very smart, he makes less than 2 million combined over the next 2 years. howard is on a max contract. great buddy to have


    a second round pick who is starting in the NBA proved that he is pretty accomplished. Now his team on other hand, we can only wait and see how far Dwight brings them

  • abby725

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  • bike

    Just another human in a long line of suck-ups.

  • Dagger

    “He’d call me at 8 p.m. with a question and then he’d call me at midnight with the same question.”

    Sounds about right.

  • Saleem Rainman

    Sounds about right. telling him it was gonna be “like a college team” is about the best pitch imaginable to an immature diva like Dwight. Full of buddies, just like he likes it.

  • Armando

    Red flag? For what… How old are you? 13 people think gay jokes are funny?… I really think I and everybody else should be the ones shaking their heads.

  • Truth Teller

    Parsons is a glorified Brent Barry. Good luck with that scrawny body.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    I’m sure it was Slim Thug who go to Dwight =P

  • Leslie