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Dwyane Wade Sued By Ex-Wife for $1 Million

Siohvaughn Wade is suing her ex-husband, Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade, for at least $1 million. She claims that she’s owed money from endorsements and other sources of income. Per the Chicago Tribune: “Siohvaughn Wade is suing her former husband, his attorney, his financial adviser and companies with which she believes he has endorsement deals for allegedly refusing to uphold an agreement that required the money to placed in a joint bank account. The suit alleges the ex-couple had a contract that required that all of the Miami Heat shooting guard’s income from endorsements and marketing contracts plus half of his July 2006 NBA contract income be deposited directly into a ‘mutual account.’ Instead, the lawsuit alleges, Wade and his agents and attorneys have made an ‘end run’ around the agreement by deciding ‘when and how much of those funds should be deposited into the mutually agreed upon account.’ Siohvaughn Wade complained in the lawsuit that she has been unable to pay her mortgage and insurance on her home and car. The two were childhood sweethearts and were married in 2002. Wade, a native of suburban Robbins who attended Richards High School in Oak Lawn, filed for divorce in 2008, according to the lawsuit.”

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  • OfftheWall87

    Family business. The kids are most important.

  • Love The Game

    Not this chick again! She pops up every few months with something else.

  • Feez_22

    Jeez… Wade can’t get this woman off of his back.

    She will be a permanent thorn in his side for presumably the rest of his life but hey… she is the mother of his pride and joy (his children) so he will just have to learn to deal with it.

    It’s life.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    You see this all the time with baby mama drama. It’s unfortunate but a lot of the time it has nothing to do with the children and everything to do with the money. I know it’s not the case with this particular situation BUT just saying sometimes the mom will use the kids for leverage for their own personal and financial gain.

  • Anthony

    It’s called a “JOB” Siohvaughn, & if I was D. Wade I’d have her in court requesting that she no longer be allowed to use the last name “Wade”…

  • Caboose

    So she married a college athlete, got used to the rich lifestyle, filed for divorce, realized she might actually have to get a job to support her ridiculous spending habits, doesn’t, runs out of money, and sues her ex-husband because she couldn’t manage her money. Stay classy, Siohvaughn.

  • Dfrance

    I don’t know the history behind these two, and I know its easy to call Wade’s ex a golddigger or whatever, but I do know she was his HS sweetheart, all the way through college and his first few years in the NBA.

    They got married and he had 2 kids with her. Then he became a star, Gab Union came calling and all of a sudden his wife and baby mother is a crazy b*tch and he needs a divorce?

    I think Wade should share the blame for the situation he’s in.

  • Dfrance

    Not saying she shouldn’t get a job or what have you, but I can see why she’d be bitter and spiteful.

    And if they have a legal agreement and he’s not honoring it, its her right to get what was agreed upon.

  • lights out

    pisses me off the way commenters assume they know everything about the situation and label her a gold digger and wade the victim. maybe that’s the case, or maybe she’s completely in the right; likely, it’s something more complicated than either of those scenarios. but to assume you have it all figured out is ridiculous, and probably sexist.

  • bike

    She should pursue a reality show titled ‘Basketball Xs’. The narrative would focus on the pain of divorce, children, heartbreak, lawyers, men bashing, and finances. Sad, but that’s the kind of crap that seems to be a hit these days.

  • The Philosopher

    They’ll be fine.
    Besides, it could be worse.

  • playa
  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray


  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    True. Stoop down your standards, act like a bafoon in the public eye, and make money.

  • t

    If you do your research, she actually took out loans and worked to help support him and their children financially while he was playing in college. Sure the money was paid back but, she sacrificed a lot. Considering that he could have fell into that 90 percent that don’t make it to the NBA.

  • Dfrance


  • callinit

    1 upvote for t’s research about what’s real, and multiple upvotes for cabooses’ drama story about unicorns….amairkuh

  • bill

    “I don’t know the history behind these two”…so, you’ll form an opinion based on that?

    Well, she WAS arrested for attempted child abduction.


  • Dfrance

    Nah, don’t tell them how her mom helped raise him while Wade’s mom was on drugs and he didn’t have a place to stay. He’s a saint.

  • callinit

    Siohvaughn Funches-Wade was charged with two counts of attempted child abduction, two counts of unlawful visitation interference and one count of resisting arrest, Cook County Sheriff’s spokesman Frank Bilecki told The AP on Tuesday. Another woman at the home at the time, Nadgee Alarcon, was charged with one count of resisting arrest, Bilecki said. All the charges are misdemeanors.


  • lights out

    you’re right, people who’ve had charges brought against them are always in the wrong. super simple. silly me.

  • robb

    besides a true golddigger would aim for a lot more money

  • Dfrance

    Don’t know where I said she was perfect, all I said is that they should SHARE the blame, since most of the times when these stories pop up on SLAM with our beloved basketball heros facing baby momma drama, we automatically blame the woman.

    For the record, all those charges were DROPPED.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Dwyane Wade has the craziest baby mama in the league straight psycho she is and as far as Gabrielle Union goes she is just like LALA a gold digging groupie rat that got lucky and hit the proverbial jackpot by hooking up with an NBA superstar possible she did it to compensate for her failure of an acting career she has had she stuck doing lame minstrel show Tyler Perry movies she aint done nothing good since “Bring it on” and that was 13 years ago

  • Max

    Reading signs.

  • civilman

    so your saying he should pay her his money because of what her mom did for him, i would do anything for my ex mom but not a dam thing for my ex

  • civilman

    dude, that chick is greedy and crazy

  • Dfrance

    No, he should pay her money because they were married, got a divorce and the judge told him thats what he has to do.

    I was just pointing out the fact that he owes her and her family some gratitude, because they ultimately helped him get to where he’s at today.

  • MathMixtape

    @DFrance21:disqus – You’re on point bro. I thought exactly the same thing.

  • Feez_22

    Yup for sure. It’s just a shame but hopefully they get it figured out before the kids start to accumulate emotional damage from this (if they haven’t already).

  • The Seed

    I remember watching him on draft night with her and you knew he was going to upgrade. I told my wife he would. She had his back when he was just a Marquette player. He made some money now he lets his once cherished boo go. He should to me give it to her especially since he spends 30,000 on jackets.

  • Yknot

    You wasn’t with me shooting jumpers in the gym.

  • Legendofwade

    Actually he’s sponsored by a suit company. Those jackets are free

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    She should pursue a reality show
    titled ‘Basketball Xs’. The narrative would focus on the pain of
    divorce, children, heartbreak, lawyers, men bashing, and finances. Sad,
    but that’s the kind of crap that seems to be a hit these days.

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