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John Wall Says Wizards to Have Top-Five Back Court With Bradley Beal

Washington Wizards guards John Wall and Bradley Beal spent a lot of time in Las Vegas together this summer, and Wall — very confident, and nearly paid — thinks the duo can be one of the very best in the NBA. Per the WaPo: “Wall spent much of the past week in Las Vegas playing off the ball and working on perimeter jumpers to help open up more one-on-one opportunities for Beal. Beal plans to become a better playmaker and distributor to take some pressure off Wall. ‘Each year you want to bring something to your game that the coaches notice and other people are going to notice. That shows you’re working hard and dedicated to getting better,’ Beal said. ‘We both have things in our games that we need to work on — my ballhandling, his shooting — and we’re both working hard at it, and we’re both competing against each other. We take it seriously. At the end of the day, it’s going to make our team better as well.’ The Wizards went 16-9 in games with both Beal and Wall in the lineup and 13-44 without one of them on the floor. ‘I feel if both of us stay healthy, we’ll be top-five, top-six best back courts in the league,’ Wall said. ‘Him as a young player, he’s very mature. He knows how the game goes. He’s just like me, a competitive person.’ When Wall took breaks during Team USA practices, he often would huddle with Beal to exchange ideas and tips. They expect the experience of the past few weeks to help with their chemistry heading into next season, when they hope to end the Wizards’ five-year postseason drought. ‘We have to make the playoffs. That’s our ultimate goal,’ Beal said. ‘We definitely have the team be able to do it, the caliber of players and great character guys on top of that, so it’s up to us to just stay healthy and keep working hard and making each other better, and it starts with me and John.’”

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  • Feez_22

    I personally like where the wizards as a franchise are headed with a backcourt like this who are clearly confident and determined. I can do without some of the “guarantee” chatter because at the end of the day, you have to prove it. However, wizards fans have to be ecstatic about what is currently transpiring with the young talent on their franchise.

    Beal looks legitimate. Wall may be locked up to a future extension and by all accounts is working extremely hard to improve his game. The wiz drafted otto porter (did not have a good summer league but will benefit greatly by practicing and playing with the talent on the wizards). Otto looks like he could be a pretty good defender and is really versatile with playmaking as well. The only question i really have about this team as a playoff team/tough 1st rd out is health.

    Now, do i think wall/beal could be a top 5-6 backcourt in the nba? I think it is way too premature to say but they compliment each other really well. Beal gave wall a consistent shooter and a smart player wall never had at the starting 2 spot before (when wall and beal played together last yr, beal shot 46.8% from the field and 46.6% from 3 on 4.1 attempts per gm). Wall is a good playmaker and passer so that lets beal be a designated off ball shooter. If healthy, who knows. I think this backcourt could be really effective next year though.

    Again, it all comes down to health. People need to realize that before the wizards benched players 2-7 on the depth chart due to injuries and clear tanking, the wiz went 25-20(with wall) after going 5-28 without him. That would constitute the biggest midseason turnaround in nba history so this team definitely has potential. Health and continued growth of their young players is what is holding the team back.

  • BugEyes

    Go back to the bullets, and push the rock up the court every play, this team will be a problem

  • BCoops

    Being honest here, I literally laughed at this headline. Then took a step back and began trying to name better back courts pairs, I realised this claim is not incredibly stupid after all.

  • spit hot fiyah

    it’s a pretty humble and realistic statement.

  • LLC#12

    Pretty realistic, the top 5 isn’t clear cut at all, I don’t even know who I’d say the best is, Johnson & Williams? Curry/Thompson vs Wall/Beal will be a good contest for the future though

  • Nathan Shane Long

    John Wall has been running his mouth making alot of stupid statements this offseason

  • Max

    Gimme 5 better ones.

  • LakeShow

    Good numbers there thanks.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    We can Easily name 5 better… These guys have done nothing in their careers….you literally could take whoever’s backcourt has an all-star and place that backcourt above them…

    Heat, chi town,nets,rockets,Lakers, cavs, warriors, pacers, helllll maybe Minnesota….spurs with Kawhi… That’s Ten

    Until they actual show some worth, they shouldn’t even mention top 5….just go out and prove it, john…


    Think you could name 5 better backcourts, but it depends on health, lineups, etc.

  • OP

    Just get to the playoffs dude, then talk. So what? That’s a lame statement. Doesn’t mean jack when you team isn’t top half of NBA teams. Need some help down low but they wasted a draft pick. Zeller would have been perfect to run with them.

  • Nathan Shane Long






  • LP @ThisisEther

    Exactly, guys with their teams in the bottom half/playoffless players don’t even need to be even speaking about potential top 5, top 5, or nothing…get to .500 first..

  • ChosenOne

    Green n Parker
    Kobe n Nash
    Wade n Chalmers
    Curry n Klay
    Deron n Johnson
    Westbrook n Sefolosha
    I know I am missing some…

  • spit hot fiyah

    heat? chalmers and wade, no. nets, yes. chicago, with heathly rose and butler, yes. lakers, no. their pg sucks. cavs, kyrie and waiters? push warriors,yes. pacers, if we count george as a sg assuming that granger is at the 3, yes. rockets, no. minnesota, no. spurs, parker and green, yes. that’s 5

    i would add the pelicans with jrue and gordon

  • spit hot fiyah

    rose n butler
    jrue n gordon/evans
    hill n george (arguable, but assuming he goes back to the 2 when granger comes back)
    cp n crawford

    i would take wall b beal over kobe coming off surgery n a semi retired nash

  • Max

    I’ll give you the first 4, Cavs are about the same.

  • Max

    I have 5 that are better, but to call this a stupid statement is stupid.

  • Max

    Chicago, Nets, Warriors and Spurs.
    Just like the Wizards have to prove themselves, so do the Cavs and the Wolves.
    New Orleans’ back court should also be better but EG is a big question mark.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    really dummy kyrie is way above John Wall kyrie was an all-star at age 20 on a bad team nuff said and waiters is better than beal

  • Max


    JWall scored 4 points less and had 2 assists more. If he hadn’t been injured at the start of the season both would have gotten a shot I think.
    JWall also plays atleast some D as opposed to Kyrie.
    JWall also showed last year he could get the Wizards some W’s.

    And how is Waiters better than Beal?
    Because he scores .8 more points a game? haha

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Kyrie is elite John Wall ain’t and Waiters is a far more complete player he a slasher and a scorer Beal is just a spot up three point shooter that cant shoot off the dribble and yeah Wall got the Wizards wins against bad teams or team that were getting ready for the playoffs late last season there were no reason to play hard against the lowly Wizards in April

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Wall and Beal have to prove they are top 5, and I doubt Beal holds up his end of the deal this year…..

  • Max

    Put ‘on’ between ‘is’ and ‘elite’ and you have a point.


    I agree. I have 5 as well but a few depend on health and lineups; that’s what I was trying to say. Didn’t really come out clearly though. My bad

  • Max

    Fair enough haha/

  • Saleem Rainman

    “their pg sucks” are u high? lol

  • Batman

    They have something to say..

  • Shifty

    Can’t believe you said Kobe and Nash….

  • Ugh

    Can’t believe Chalmers is mentioned in any list of this sort. That’s the kind of thinking that made BJ Armstrong an All-Star.

  • Ugh

    God, do you not know what punctuation is or why it’s important? Reading your sentences is like trying to follow the plot of a Kenneth Anger film.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    shut the hell up GRAMMAR NAZI TROLL oh yeah by the way WTF IS Kenneth Anger

  • The Philosopher

    Are you Tarzan Cooper?

  • Ugh

    1) Punctuation and grammar are not the same thing.
    2) I’m not a Nazi.
    3) You don’t know how to use IMDB, Wikipedia or even Google?