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Kyrie Irving Denies Rumors That He’s Unhappy in Cleveland

He initially did it through Twitter, and on Monday in Las Vegas for Team USA trials, Kyrie Irving re-iterated to the media that he’s happy to be playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and excited about their future. Per the Plain Dealer: “‘I’m a Cavalier right now, I’m happy to be a Cavalier,’ he said. With that, Irving effectively debunked a Twitter rumor that he was unhappy in Cleveland. He tweeted the same thing at the time the rumor surfaced, but talked about it more extensively on Monday. ‘I kind of had a sarcastic approach to it from what he said because it was a rumor starter,’ he said, referring to a tweet last week from @BrandonTierney that said Irving was not long for Cleveland. ‘I don’t think he knows anybody in my camp, and I don’t know who the guy is. That type of stuff I don’t pay any attention to. Right now I’m a Cleveland Cavalier and I’m happy to be here.” Asked if he had any intention of leaving, Irving said, ‘No, no intention.’ In fact, he said he was excited about new coach Mike Brown and all the other changes in Cleveland, from free agents Andrew Bynum, Earl Clark and Jarrett Jack to rookies Anthony Bennett, Sergey Karasev and Carrick Felix. He also said he has grown as a result of the team’s tough couple of years — even though Irving excelled individually, being named Rookie of the Year in 2011 and an All Star in 2012. ‘There’s certain things that I had to figure out for myself these last few years, a lot of growing up to do,” he said. ‘Now it’s my approach to the game, taking care of my body in the summer, doing the right things as a pro and just learning from the older guys in this league. I’m trying to be a great player and be known as a hard worker and a great player. I have to do the necessary things in order to do that.’ He took a step toward that by organizing some off-season workouts in Las Vegas with some of his old and new teammates.”

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  • Roy Blumenfeld

    “In fact, he said he was excited about new coach Mike Brown” -this will change after Kyrie experiences sitting through one full game coached by Mike Brown. Great defensive mind but no idea how to run an offense or control a locker room. Cleveland made a mistake by rehiring him.

  • pposse

    “I’m a Cavlier right now”….”Right now, I’m a Cleveland Cavalier”

    Earth to Kyrie..you are fueling this unhappiness in Cleveland with statements like those. Who are you trying to sell those comments to? A 5 year old?

    If you never have any intention to leave Cleveland then you would be a grown man about your comments and say just say “I’m a Cavalier” none of this “right now” bs

  • dys

    If he says something like “I have no intention of ever leaving” or “I am one for life” and eventually changes his mind, he will be called a liar. If he just says “I’m a Cavalier” and leaves out the “right now” part like you suggest it will be perceived by many as he is stressing that he is a member of that team and will do what he needs to while there, as opposed to him stressing that he actually wants to be there. If he says what he did say, it will be considered bad too. It is a no win situation.

  • BugEyes

    Kyrie is a stubborn spoiled rich kid, but boy does he play like a grown man

  • RayJr

    Newsflash! Cleveland is an NBA franchise that is a stepping stone to a bigger market! Of course he is leaving after his rookie deal.

  • The Seed

    Their is a rumor he is coming to the Lakers.

  • Basketball Coach

    no, the Lakers wants him in the future, not that he is coming or he likes to leave Cleveland for the Lakers.


  • shockexchange

    Crazy how media types make up unsubstantiated rumors on the Internet and they spread like wild fire.

  • bike

    Kyrie says stay, Uncle Drew says leave. Uncle Drew wants to take his talent to the Big Show.

  • cecicijywop

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    Newsflash! Cleveland is an NBA
    franchise that is a stepping stone to a bigger market! Of course he is
    leaving after his rookie deal.

  • JML-G

    nobodies happy in Cleveland in any way

  • hoodsnake

    Did’nt LaMarcus Aldridge say the same thing?

  • Clos1881

    Where did you get that scoop ?

  • BugEyes

    He is spoiled by the whole world lol he averaged 15 a game last year and like 4 assist and all of a sudden he is top 3 pg. but Jeremy pargo came in did his thing when he was injured and they cut him.

  • Clos1881

    You might wanna research them stats bro.

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